War on Men Thriving/Obama Passes the Buck on Terror

Foxnews.com recently reported:

The CEO of a $2 trillion investment fund said he made the decision to resign from his post after his young daughter wrote him a note listing 22 milestones he had missed in her life.

California-based Mohamed El-Erian left his job as chief executive of PIMCO in mid-March. The 56-year-old El-Erian, who made $100 million in 2011 alone, chose to leave his post after his 10-year-old daughter wrote about all the special moments he was absent for in her life. …The list contained 22 items, from her first day at school and first soccer match of the season to a parent-teacher meeting and a Halloween parade. (end of foxnews.com excerpt)

OK, folks, so here we go again with more feminist baloney. This is just another assault on men who are out making a living to support their families. It is part of the ongoing War on Men since the 1960s from the socialist left and the feminists. If my father were earning $100 million a year I would say, “Great job, pop! Call me if you need anything! I’ll be out driving my new Lamborghini!”

So here is a question for the feminists. How about millions of feminists who rush back to work two seconds after their child is born? Aren’t they permanently robbing their child of his/her most important emotional comfort – a mother’s care and love? How about all of these single mothers who abandon their children all day for years on end to go out and work? Yet this child abandonment and single motherhood is relentlessly promoted and tolerated by the same Democrat left and feminists who are waging this War on Men.

Then when a man goes out and works hard to take care of his family, as he historically has done, so that the mother can take care of their children and have economic security – like $100 million worth – that man comes under attack from today’s Liberal Media and the feminists. This guy El-Arian was shamed into quitting his job. Amazing. Now his wife can go nuts over that.

Then feminists never admit that decent women recall their years as a mother as joyful and fulfilling. These feminists are typical socialists; they are never happy. Even when the husband is filthy rich and they have great kids and an ultra-comfortable life they find a reason to complain. Because feminists are nags, whiners and shrews. This is why liberal men so often have affairs – to get away from their wives.

God created men to do the hard work – which they do, often suffering greatly for it – while God made woman to help men in the other parts of life that men cannot do. Together they complement each other and work to sustain humankind and to create a better world. It is an ideal and heavenly arrangement. And conservative couples get along infinitely better than liberals. Because conservative women are rational and level-headed and cooperate with their husbands. They do not see men, including their husbands, as their rivals, adversaries or enemies as feminists do.

Meanwhile American men live on average 4 years less than women and men suffer the overwhelming majority of workplace injuries and deaths. Because men work hard and take hard jobs and risks that women will not take and cannot do. Yet do you hear men caterwauling about their shorter lives and harder jobs, as if they are being robbed?

No. Because men by nature are not nags, whiners and shrews. Yet feminists are claiming that they have been robbed of all of the good things for thousands of years. So how about if these feminists today, in return for their political and economic power, also do the hard things that men have done historically like work in construction or on the power lines or on the railroads or on the oil derricks or in the coal mines. Go ahead, feminists! Try it! See how you like it. You will last about ten minutes. In short, feminists want all of the easy jobs that our modern economy offers but they don’t want to do the hard things. It’s the same with all liberals. This is typical socialism. Because liberals are at heart lazy people.

In fact we conservatives support women in all of their ambitions including the workplace and in political office but also ask them to recognize their crucial roles as mothers and wives, as conservative women do. Republicans were the most ardent supporters of women’s suffrage. The first women in the US House of Representatives (Jeanette Rankin of Montana) and US Senate (Margaret Chase Smith of Maine) were Republicans. The first and only woman prime minister of England was conservative Margaret Thatcher. So we support women. We just don’t want them maligning men for doing what men do naturally.

Consider Andrew Carnegie, the steel baron who immigrated as a poor youth from Scotland to the US. He worked at lowly jobs on the Pennsylvania Railroad before slowly and surely starting his steel companies. He was given nothing; he worked his way up from zero and earned it all by being smart and convincing the right people that he had significant ideas.

Meanwhile feminists today like Michelle Obama are ushered into our best universities like Princeton free of charge. Has she started a computer company or a global steel firm? Has Hillary Clinton? Nancy Pelosi? No. Michelle Obama has produced nothing, like her husband has produced nothing and like Bill Clinton has produced nothing. And then the guy who earns $100 million a year is savaged by his daughter for missing her soccer games. What a travesty. This little girl should recognize what she has and enjoy life. But she does not know any better. She obviously was put up to this protest by her feminist mother, or by some other feminist force.

Then women howl about how they earn only 77 cents per hour of what men earn. This is fake. Here is why the “wage gap” and the “wealth gap” between men and women exist:

A) Men in general have higher and more valuable educational skills like an electrical engineer or petroleum geologist.
B) Men often are successful independent businessman like a construction contractor, or they own a computer software company or a manufacturing firm. Women rarely if ever own such companies.
C) Men have always made the big fortunes in the world even after 40 years of feminism. Women have been free to make fortunes but have not been able to do so on the scale of men.
D) Men take harder and more valuable and higher-paid everyday jobs than women like truck driver, heavy equipment operator, railroad engineer or track worker, electrical power lineman, pipeline worker, coal miner etc. These jobs often require long and arduous apprenticeships and special skills. In fact women simply cannot physically do these jobs. Often these jobs require men to travel widely and spend much time away from home.
E) Men work more hours than women so their cumulative income is automatically higher.
F) Women often choose lower-paying jobs so that they can have lives with less risk and stress and with regular schedules, for instance so that they can be home every night, often to take care of the kids, which is a good thing. Kids rule!
G) Women usually do most of the care for their children, cutting into their lifetime earnings potential and bringing down the average of women’s earnings.
H) And remember that in many cases where all other factors are equal, women today earn more than men (they sure do)!

But then the feminists ignore all of this reality and complain even when their husband/father is making $100 million a year. The average woman throughout history would look at this situation and say, “These feminists are insane!” And she would be absolutely correct. Now here is a second editorial:

Barack Obama said in a recent interview that “our head of the intelligence community Jim Clapper has acknowledged that I think they (intel experts) underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.”

Oh, so now it is somebody else who did the underestimating about these terrorists? Not Barack Obama? Unreal. We conservatives have been warning since the beginning of Obama’s presidency that he is first incompetent and second has been conducting a pro-Islam Middle East policy by pulling our troops out of Iraq prematurely, to cheering on the Arab Spring uprising, to ignoring the rout of millions of Christians in Iraq and Syria.

This is a shameful president whose foreign policy is in shambles as terrorists rebuild their strength. Our government apparently has known about the ISIS terrorists and their allies for more than a year while Obama apparently only noticed them a few weeks ago. This shows how profoundly out of touch this president is.

In addition the US and Afghanistan now are signing a pact to keep US troops in that country past the 2014 deadline. This is a sham. We should pull all US troops out of that country immediately. We should have pulled them out long ago. We can never win in Afghanistan and we are losing many troops and tens of billions of dollars there every year.

But this pact is typical Obama policy to do maximum damage to American interests – leave our troops twisting in the wind in Afghanistan after withdrawing from Iraq where our hard-fought victory now is in jeopardy.

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