Secret Service Disgrace Evokes School Sex Scandal

Here’s a quick thought before today’s editorial: For 6 years Mexico was wracked by drug cartel violence. It happened because the Mexican president elected in 2006 was Felipe Calderon, a conservative who opposed the drug trade. So the cartels waged violent war on the whole country to “punish” Calderon and to punish conservatism in general. But you don’t hear about the violence anymore because in 2012 a leftist president from the PRI party was elected. And presto! Drug violence gone! Because leftist governments often cooperate with drug cartels and take cuts of the profits and then look the other way as drug lords funnel truckloads of illicit drugs into the United States.

It therefore is self-explanatory why American Democrats now are openly pursuing marijuana legalization nationwide. It is first to degrade our society with more behavioral license, and second to get a cut of the profits when they start coming in. Now here is today’s commentary:

If you’ve ever wondered why we conservatives warn over and over about government incompetence look no further than the multiple scandals now rocking Obama’s personal Secret Service security detail.

Historically the Secret Service has been a professional outfit that is miles above the average clown at the Department of Education or any of the other Washington agencies. But now even the Secret Service is in the abyss. This coincides with the breakdown of the American military under decades of multiculturalism, for example with a Muslim US Army major killing 13 military personnel at Fort Hood in 2009 even though he was well known as an extremist.

The latest Secret Service breach came September 19 when an intruder with a knife jumped over the White House fence and made it to the East Room before being caught. Just three days before that a security contractor with a concealed gun in his possession who previously had been arrested for assault rode in an elevator with Obama and his detail at a presidential appearance in Atlanta. Stunning. It would be deliciously ironic if Obama ended up being harmed by the very government stupidity that is flourishing all across his administration.

Three days after the September 19 breach it was described by one official as “events on the North Lawn of the White House.” Huh?! Secret Service director Julia Pearson has resigned after some Democrats implied that she should be given a chance to explain her side of the story.

Friends, this is the difference between the private sector and the incompetent government sector. In the private sector this woman would have been fired immediately. But her failure is typical of the government bureaucracy where incompetence is covered up, ignored or even rewarded as it often is in our terrible public schools or at Amtrak or in the myriad other wasteful and stupid things that go on every day in Washington.

At the bottom of this commentary is a compilation of Secret Service scandals in the Obama administration. Nothing like this ever has happened before and it all speaks volumes about this dysfunctional bunch in Washington. We conservatives have been warning about people like them for millennia.

Meanwhile a teacher at an elite New York City high school is facing 36 counts alleging that he sexually victimized students. The school is Brooklyn Technical High School, one of the city’s best. The teacher is 44 year old Sean Shaynak. The charges in the Shaynak indictment include kidnapping, forcible touching, sexual abuse and criminal sexual act. Shaynak even sent a picture of his genitals to a female student in August.

Our educational system is yet another place where bad behavior and social degeneracy are running wild. Beyond widespread teacher incompetence schools all over America are facing a wave of sexual exploitation of students with most of it being covered up by our Liberal Media and by the schools themselves.

So here is a question: Who controls almost all of our schools, both public and private? Answer: The liberal Democrat left does, that’s who. The gun controllers. The environmentalists. The feminists. The gays. The lesbians. The anti-Christians. The pacifists. You know, the usual crowd. But then liberals always point out the sexual abuse scandal in the “conservative” Catholic church. Wrong again. That scandal was perpetrated by hundreds of homosexual priests who were allowed into the church under lenient liberal social policy starting in the 1960s. Today much of the Catholic church is very left-wing and we conservatives have warned the Catholics over and over not to go down that road. But they did, and they got hurt badly, along with thousands of young boys.

Indeed this is all part of the incompetent, pleasure-seeking political left at work, just like two of the Secret Service scandals under Obama involved prostitution as did another scandal at the State Department under Hillary Clinton. And these are just the scandals that we know about. Just imagine what we don’t know. Look at this from about Shaynak:

“These alleged actions are completely unacceptable and have no place in, or outside of, our schools,” City Department of Education spokeswoman Devora Kaye said. “The DOE took swift action to immediately reassign Mr. Shaynak following his initial arrest. He is not, and will not be, in contact with students. Student safety remains our top priority.” (end of excerpt)

Notice that Shaynak was reassigned, not fired. The dirty photo in and of itself was grounds enough for termination, never mind prosecution. And reassignment is typical because socialists always protect their own kind, just like many of these Catholic priests were shifted around for decades. Because rest assured that many of the higher-ups in the Catholic church who protected the perverts also are or were homosexuals and leftists.

One of the most grotesque sexual abuse scandals in the history of Britain was perpetrated by an “entertainer” named Jimmy Savile, who is now dead. He worked for BBC for 40 years committing his dirty deeds over and over and over with hundreds of children, sick children and even mentally-ill adults. But the snot-bags at the ultra-liberal BBC were too busy telling us all how brilliant they are to detect a slimeball right in their midst. These people demonstrate once again how clueless socialists destroy entire nations.

Here is the excerpt from reporting on the various Secret Service scandals since the beginning of the Obama administration:

March 22-31, 2014: Three agents in the Netherlands ahead of a presidential visit were sent home after allegedly having a night of heavy drinking. One of them reportedly was found the next morning in the hallway of his Amsterdam hotel. The agents were placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation.

March 7, 2014: A Secret Service agent suspected of drinking was involved in a late-night traffic accident in Miami, hours before the president’s arrival. The counter-sniper reportedly had the odor of alcohol on his breath. He passed a field-sobriety test but was charged with failing to yield the right of way.

May 2013: Secret Service supervisor Ignacio Zamora allegedly left a bullet from his service revolver in the hotel room of women he met earlier in a downstairs bar. The women refused to let Zamora retrieve the bullet from her room at the Hay-Adams Hotel. The incident resulted in Zamora, who was off duty, and fellow officer Timothy Barraclough, both assigned to presidential protective detail, being investigated for sending sexually suggestive emails to a female subordinate. Both agents were reassigned, according to The Washington Post.

April 2012: Secret Service agents who were in Cartagena, Colombia, ahead of a summit attended by President Obama were recalled after being accused of misconduct — in an embarrassing incident involving a night of drinking and carousing with prostitutes. A total of 13 of Secret Service officials were implicated. Three employees returned to duty, six either resigned or retired and four had their clearances revoked and were removed, according to an inspector general report.

Nov. 11, 2011: Secret Service officers at the White House responded to shots fired from beyond the South Lawn. But within minutes, a supervisor reportedly told them over a radio: “No shots have been fired …. Stand down.”
It later emerged that at least seven bullets had struck the White House living quarters. President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were away, but daughter Sasha was home. The shooter, Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, was arrested five days after the incident.

August 2011: Secret Service agents assigned to protect the first family during one of their Martha’s Vineyard vacations rented a cluster of homes in the Oak Bluff community where they held late-night, “Animal House”-type parties that infuriated residents and resulted in police responses. The bad behavior also included barroom fights and a party on Aug. 18, 2011 — the day Obama arrived for a nine-day vacation — that went past 4 a.m.

2009-2010: Vice President Biden’s motorcade was involved in a string of accidents, one of them fatal, over a period of three months. In one incident in Vancouver, figure skating legend Peggy Fleming and former bobsled champion Vonetta Flowers, who were riding in the vice president’s motorcade, suffered minor injuries when the van they were riding in apparently was rear-ended en route to a hockey game. Biden was in a different vehicle at the time.

Earlier, on Nov. 11, two Secret Service vehicles hit and killed a pedestrian on a Maryland parkway outside Washington. A few days after that, a police car driving ahead of Biden’s motorcade in New York City struck a cab at an intersection as the vice president traveled through Manhattan on his way to an appearance on “The Daily Show.” The cab driver was checked out at a hospital and released. The Secret Service said at the time that the incidents were “separate” and Secret Service personnel were only driving during the Nov. 11 accident.

Nov. 24, 2009: Three uninvited White House guests got past two security check points and attended a state dinner in which they met Obama. Carlos Allen (a D.C. resident who claimed he had been invited) arrived alone and the other two — Virginia couple Michaele and Tareq Salahi, since divorced — arrived together.

Then-Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan suggested the couple, auditioning for a Bravo TV reality series, had been screened for weapons but issued an apology that in part said the agency was “deeply concerned and embarrassed by the circumstances” and that preliminary findings of an internal investigation found “established protocols were not followed at an initial checkpoint.”

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