Only Fiscal Restraint Will Solve our Economic Woes

First here is a word about the month of October. Not only is it Breast Cancer Awareness Month but now the feminists have turned it into Domestic Violence Awareness Month too. So they have two issues to browbeat us over for 31 days.

Gee, when do we men get a whole month to focus on ourselves? Never. And we don’t want it anyway and don’t have time to plan it. We are not like liberals who have to think about ourselves day in and day out. We men are too busy working hard to keep the economy moving. Now here is today’s commentary:

Those of us who are older fondly remember the 1950s and 1960s. It was a time of great peace and prosperity. Almost anyone who wanted a job had a job, and good jobs were readily available. Families were big and strong in those days, home ownership was high and there was a general feeling of happiness and optimism in the air during that conservative period. Any American today would want conditions like that.

Yet even though our country was at the height of prosperity Democrats in the 1960s acted as though America was at the bottom. They harped on “the poor” and insisted on more and more government programs. Most of those programs were not necessary but got implemented because the tax money from the booming economy was flowing into the government, and liberals took and spent every penny that they could get.

When times are good Democrats will do all they can to make things appear bad in order to manipulate the economy to give them maximum power. Because spending money not only enriches Democrats through bigger and bigger government, but gives them political power. They control the vast majority of government jobs in America, particularly Welfare State jobs.

Now that things are genuinely bad under Obama Democrats are doubling down, expanding and expanding every program even though the money is no longer there to pay for them and they are being financed by debt. That is because Democrats have only one answer to every single problem – spend, spend, spend more and more government money. It is a counterproductive approach that ultimately destroys economies and creates more poor and dependent people. Because we always get more of what the government subsidizes.

Then in a state like Ohio, which was believed to be in irreversible Rust Belt decline, strong Republican fiscal policies under governor John Kasich have revitalized the economy. Because reform and rebirth are always possible with capitalist, conservative policies that preserve wealth instead of squandering it. Our national economy can be easily transformed with a good Republican president.

Here is a news item that illuminates the subject. This is from about the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania:

Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty cut everyone’s pay — including his own — on Friday, saying the state’s sixth-largest city is broke because the City Council blocked his proposed tax increase. Doherty, a Democrat, warned nearly 400 police officers, firefighters and public works employees about his doomsday plan, prompting a Lackawanna County judge to order the city to pay full wages to all employees, citing that it is a violation of their contracts. Hours later, the payday envelopes went out, and, despite the judge’s order, they were light.

…The city of Scranton has battled budget woes for years, but the problems reached a boiling point after the City Council blocked Doherty’s plan to raise taxes to cover a $16.8 million shortfall, opting instead to borrow money to cover the budget gap. (end of excerpt)

For more than 150 years Scranton was a prosperous place because Pennsylvania was prosperous. But then the labor unions killed the US steel industry in the 1970s, and Scranton now is in fiscal trouble like many aging cities in the Northeastern US at the hands of the unions. So this mayor is pulling what is called The Washington Monument Ploy.

It works like this: Imagine that the city of Washington, DC has a budget shortfall. So rather than throw all of the no-show deadbeats off of the city payroll, scaling back the outrageous pay/benefit/pension packages of unionized city employees, tossing the freeloaders off of the city dole or cutting the corruption in every phase of city spending the first thing that the politicians do to address the crisis is to close an important attraction like the Washington Monument.

In Scranton the mayor did this by cutting all the paychecks to minimum wage to create a shocking and controversial story to induce voters to do what the Democrats always want to do and that is to raise taxes. This scam is everywhere. It is like the ploy in my Democrat-controlled city in Massachusetts where a short stretch of a heavily-traveled street was left in terrible condition for several years to make us all think that the city did not have the money to fix it, that the city certainly needed to raise taxes. Yet it finally was fixed quickly and only required a truck-full of asphalt to repair it, and an hour of labor.

Here is what a Scranton union leader said about the potemkin ‘pay cuts’: “(City workers) are now going to have to throw their bills in a hat and randomly pick what gets paid on time.”

Oh, boo-hoo… This is the emotional play-acting that goes along with The Washington Monument Ploy. Because this is all fake; most city workers across America (i.e., Democrats) have been making exorbitant salaries/benefits/pensions for decades. And then when their bloated salaries are threatened, they start crying. These people are so shameless in their greed and have so much money stuffed away in bank accounts and pension accounts that it isn’t funny.

The reason that such cities are suffering is because labor costs are generally one of the biggest costs, if not the biggest, for any business, public or private. And the Scranton public employees – along with the no-show employees, welfare deadbeats and the corrupt bureaucrats – are living like kings while the rest of the Scrantonites suffer and pay the piper.

Thus through higher and higher taxes any potential investment capital for new or modernized businesses and jobs for the people of Scranton has been siphoned off, just as it has been slowly and incrementally siphoned off for decades nationwide by Democrat tax-and-spend policies. This is why our national economy is in the terrible condition that it is in.

This started the minute that America ended World War II and began prospering. The labor unions, who made up 40% of the private sector labor force back then, started demanding every penny that they could get. And despite the fact that everyone was already living very well, the unions wanted more and more and eventually ruined hundreds of companies, millions of jobs and even entire industries like railroads, steel and automobiles with their outrageous demands. They destroyed my hometown in Massachusetts, driving the biggest employer out with decades of strikes and labor actions.

Today labor unions only comprise 7% of the private sector. Because when they killed the companies that they worked for, their unions lost members and power. That is why we conservatives oppose these unions – because they are economic destroyers. We believe in reasonable and sustainable, free-market wages determined by the employer and the market, not artificially-high wages set by the unions.

General Motors and Chrysler needed to be bailed out because their unionized labor costs were sky-high and unsustainable. In 2009 when the bailouts happened unionized assembly-line workers with just a high-school education at GM/Chrysler were making $73 an hour in pay, benefits and pensions while these companies were making lousy cars anyway. Obama simply bailed out the unions while the two companies should have been subject to market forces, not taxpayer subsidy.

Meanwhile for the last 70 years the Democrats have been piling on program after program after program at the local, state and federal level. Because the money was there, and anyone who objected was called stingy. But today, now that times are bad, we are seeing the chickens coming home to the economic roost. Since the end of World War II tens of trillions of dollars of potential investment capital has been stolen by the unions through artificially high wages, and by the Democrats in tax money for endless programs. This has led to a collapse in our productive economy just as we conservatives warned would happen.

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