Gasoline Prices Sink/ Dem Governor Engaged to Wacko

The nationwide average price for gasoline is expected to dip below $3 a gallon soon. This decrease is a direct result of “fracking”, an advanced oil drilling technology which is significantly expanding American crude oil supplies. By expanding the supply the price comes down. It’s that simple.

Obama, the Democrats and the environmentalists oppose “fracking” while has said over and over and over that we easily can bring down energy prices, and thus spur our economy, through modern technology like “fracking”. has been proven right once again but rest assured that Obama will take credit for the better economy.

By the way, windmills have never brought gasoline prices down by one penny. Nor solar panels. Nor ethanol.

Now here is today’s main editorial:

Cylvia Hayes is the fiancee of Democrat Oregon governor John Kitzhaber and she has admitted that in her past that she was involved in a fraudulent “green card” marriage to an African male to get him status to work in the US. In addition she has been exposed for having been involved in the purchase of property in Washington state that was going to be used for marijuana cultivation. This happened in 1997, long before marijuana was made legal in the Evergreen State.

This female is obviously a wacko. Who knows what else she has been involved in. We can only guess because where there’s smoke (criminal activity) there’s fire (more criminal activity). This, friends, is today’s Democrat party. Morals, decency and normalcy are out the window. The screwball vote is assured for the Democrats and it is more and more of the total vote across the USA.

Hayes is claiming that she was involved in an “abusive relationship” at the time of the marijuana land deal, which is the usual liberal fallback, i.e., blame it on someone else. But then again it could be true; most liberals are in toxic relationships like Bill Clinton is and like Obama is and like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was… until his wife committed suicide. That is why so many liberals are demented. Their interactions with the world, and with the opposite sex, are twisted because they themselves are twisted.

Yet the broker who sold the land noted that Hayes was the leader in the transaction, saying, “There was somewhat of a leader-follower (dynamic) there, and (Hayes) was leading … She did all the talking, all the negotiating. I remember her saying, ‘Oh this is just the perfect place, we’re so happy to have it.’”

So there you go. Amazing. But wait. There’s even more. In recent years Crazy Hayes has been promoting “green energy” which fits in well with her past. Because windmills and solar panels are another crackpot idea from the Democrats.

On the other hand, when Mitt Romney ran for president in 2012 Republicans praised his long, stable and happy marriage to his first and only wife, and his five law-abiding sons and 18 grandchildren. But Democrats impugned him as a throwback to the 1950s. One lesbian feminist named Hilary Rosen even groused that Mrs. Romney had “never worked a day in her life”. After bearing and raising five sons!

Democrats also defamed Romney as a predatory capitalist when that was patently false. Mitt Romney created 130,000 private-sector jobs through his Bain Capital investment firm even before he entered public life. He helped to fund and guide the startup of the office supply chain Staples, the steelmaking firm Steel Dynamics, and several other companies. Meanwhile Barack Obama created zero jobs in his private life, and he and his Democrat party and his friends in the labor unions and in the environmental movement have destroyed many, many millions of jobs over the years.

Thus Romney was smeared because socialism always vilifies normalcy and success while it rewards failure like Cylvia Hayes and Barack Obama. Indeed conservatives represent decency, hard work, stability and honesty while liberals increasingly represent mental instability, insolvency and lies. Who could forget the 2012 Democrat candidate for US Congress who dropped out of the race because she was found to have voted in both Maryland and Florida.

If you are astronomically dumb the liberals love you even more. One of the stupidest quotes in American political history came from one of the most prominent Democrats in history, California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who said this when she was speaker of the House: “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it …” In short today’s Democrats usually don’t even know, and don’t even care, what is in the bills that they are passing. This clearly shows what socialism is all about. It is a bizarre world unto itself.

While liberals malign rational Republicans and conservatives relentlessly about their ideas and their intelligence they celebrate a dunce like black Democrat US congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. Here are two of her many gems from the House floor:

“We have martial law. What that means – and my colleagues know what it means – is that you can put a bill on in just minutes.” Or this: “Maybe I should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the Republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years, operating under a Constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not.”

Remember when Americans had a sense of wisdom and decency? When people like Cylvia Hayes or Sheila Jackson Lee would have been laughed out of town? That is now gone on the political left. Obama even has used foul and incendiary language on several occasions yet a frighteningly large number of Americans just accept it. Because the whole nation has veered to the disrespectful and anti-American left where the Democrat party is thriving today.

There is always a double standard. Republican Bob Packwood of Oregon was run out of the US Senate for making drunken passes at female staffers while Democrat Ted Kennedy served 40 years in the Senate after allowing Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in 1969. Because Kennedy is a liberal and the feminists could never be angry with a liberal no matter his behavior towards “women”. Because Democrats are too busy looking for law-abiding, productive, happy people to trash, like the Romneys.

The Democrat governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe, a Bill Clinton crony, has never been prosecuted even though he has long been believed to have profited by as much as $18 million in the collapse of a company called Global Crossing in which $50 billion went up in smoke and 10,000 people lost their jobs. Yet the Democrats in 2008 launched a fake legal prosecution against sitting Republican Alaska US senator Ted Stevens that eventually was thrown out of court. But only after Stevens had lost his re-election bid because of that case.

Christopher Lee was a Republican US congressman from upstate New York who was forced to resign after he had posted pictures of himself shirtless on the internet. But Gerry Studds, a Democrat from Massachusetts, had a homosexual affair with a young intern working in the Congress, was cheered by his constituents when the affair was revealed, was censured by the Congress but continued to serve in Washington for 14 more years. Amazing.

In July 2008 homosexual Democrat congressman Barney Frank, also of Massachusetts, assured us all publicly, as chairman of the House Banking Committee, that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in fine shape. Yet in September 2008 both companies collapsed. Frank never was taken to task by the media and his blatantly incompetent political leadership was never questioned. If he had been a Republican he would have been kicked out of Washington.

When sitting Democrat president Bill Clinton was accused of having raped a lady named Juanita Broaddrick many years previous the feminists and the media just yawned. After all the statute of limitations had passed. When Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign was found to have received a substantial amount of money indirectly from communist China some people were prosecuted and went to jail, while many fled the country in an obvious scandal but Clinton was easily re-elected. After all Democrats and their media friends believe that communist China has every right to participate in our presidential elections.

But when George W. Bush ran for president in 2000 a scurrilous book was published that accused him, with no supporting evidence, of having been heavily involved with cocaine. Then just a few crucial days before the November 2000 election it was revealed by a Democrat operative that Bush had gotten a ticket for drunk driving… 24 years before! The Liberal Media actually turned this into a major story that almost derailed Bush’s candidacy even though it was a non-story and Bush had long admitted that he had had problems with alcohol but had overcome them. But then Democrat vice president Joe Biden’s son was thrown out of the Naval Reserve for testing positive for cocaine in 2013!

Too bad Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was not able to overcome her problems. Or Mary Jo Kopechne. Or Juanita Broaddrick.

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