Like Ebola, Enterovirus D-68 is Also Spreading

This ebola outbreak shows once again that Obama and the federal government are corrupt, incompetent and unable to respond to a crisis. This comes from the fact that the government has become mired in bureaucracy, is focused on a political agenda, and is full of stupid Democrats who are nothing more than political hacks.

One of the stupidest people is Thomas Frieden, director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This guy is absolutely tongue-tied when it comes to explaining anything about ebola that does not fit the Obama template. He even said that we cannot defeat ebola by isolating the nations that have it. Yet isolating patients is precisely what we do to deal with ebola. Even un-infected African nations are isolating themselves from the infected nations and have found it to be a successful strategy.

Meanwhile, after just two weeks in the news ebola is becoming yet another juicy target for leftist American activist Jesse Jackson. Here’s the scenario:

After an ebola-infected black male with no health insurance came from Africa to Dallas, that male got sick. He was taken to the hospital and got very expensive treatment, which he did not pay for, but died. In the process he infected at least two nurses, and possibly many more. Now his relatives and Jesse Jackson are denouncing the hospital for not giving the proper treatment.

See how selfish these black people are? How they complain about everything? How they want everything for free? This is stunning. They take a negative for America and turn it into a positive for themselves. Where is their apology to America for this guy bringing ebola to the US?

There is none. Amazing, isn’t it? These people have no conscience. All they ever think about is themselves. They will probably sue the hospital over their dead relative.

Here is the proposal for ebola in the US: Ebola patients must stay in their homes, which are already infected. Let them be treated by family members whenever possible and by professionals when necessary. Otherwise they are infecting our hospitals and our health-care workers and spreading the disease.

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Then when Americans demand that direct flights into the US be banned from ebola-infected African nations, Obama refuses. This will increase the chances of ebola spreading to the US, which Obama knows will happen. That is the same reason that Obama wants as many poor, unskilled, sick and uneducated illegal aliens as possible to come into America despite the fact that we already have 50 million poor people in this country. It is to overwhelm our economy with demands for free handouts, free health care, free housing etc.

We conservatives have warned that sick illegals are coming into the US in large numbers and now we see more proof. And while the focus today is on ebola there is another health crisis out there, that of enterovirus D-68, a respiratory disease that is spreading among American children, that appears to be coming from illegal aliens., the website of World Net Daily, reports:

NEW YORK – The CDC denies a causal link between the surge of illegal-alien children from Latin America and the enterovirus D-68 outbreak in the United States, but government data show the virus was rare in the U.S. before this year. … evidence buried in peer-reviewed medical journals provides support for the argument enterovirus D-68, or EV-D68, in the United States was a relatively rare disease. The EV-D68 epidemic occurred only after the surge this year of unaccompanied alien children illegally crossing the border from Latin America, a region where the virus is more prevalent among young children. (end of excerpt)

Indeed, our American kids are being infected thanks to Obama and the Democrats for their open-borders policies. As expected. Here is more from

As WND reported Tuesday EV-D68, believed to cause polio-like paralysis in addition to flu symptoms, is widely suspected to have a direct connection to the Obama administration policy of placing across the U.S. tens of thousands of minors who have been allowed to enter without a health screening. The surge in EV D-68 in the U.S. became evident in mid-September when the CDC first reported it had reached epidemic levels in six US states. The surge in unaccompanied minors was also evident in September… (end of excerpt)

Yet when asked for a statement by World Net Daily, CDC e-mailed: “There is no evidence that unaccompanied children (from Central America) brought EV-D68 into the United States; we are not aware of any of these children testing positive for the virus.”

Amazing. Any real scientist would have investigated this glaringly obvious link but there are fewer and fewer real scientists in America anymore. Today’s “scientists” are largely ‘junk scientists’ who promote not science but a left-wing political agenda like ‘global warming’ in order to get government jobs, taxpayer money, university money and jobs, and adoring media coverage.

Indeed CDC, which was once dedicated to “disease control and prevention”, now is a political outfit dedicated to a radical Democrat agenda, i.e., cover up enterovirus D-68, minimize the seriousness of ebola, ignore the gay epidemic of AIDS, but harp insistently on cigarettes as an evil product made by ‘conservatives’.

This is the same CDC that told a nurse with a fever who had had contact with the African ebola patient in Dallas that it was OK to fly in planes crowded with hundreds of other people. Any rational conservative would have told her not to fly. She did not call a conservative for advice, however. She called a government agency run by Thomas Frieden.

Who is Frieden? He used to work for New York City mayor Bloomberg and helped to institute bans there on sugared drinks, cigarettes and trans-fats. But when a direct link is found to a serious and known killer like ebola he and his agency are clueless.

Now Obama wants to send National Guard troops to Africa to set up ebola treatment centers after thousands of US military personnel already have gone to do the same thing. This is obviously going put more Americans at risk to spread the disease in the United States. Otherwise any rational person would say that the best way to treat ebola is to isolate it in Africa, not put more healthy Americans in contact with it.

Here is one other thought: Don’t think that the Muslim terrorists are not going to seek to exploit ebola. If they will blow themselves up to kill people then they will infect themselves and then travel to Europe and the US to spread the disease.

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