Why Hillary Won’t Be President/ Liberals Politicize Ebola

Hillary Clinton recently made some comments at a political rally in Massachusetts that show why she cannot be elected president. She is a terrible extemporaneous speaker who says things off the cuff that are simply absurd. Here is what she said in a speech supporting a Democrat candidate:

“Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, they always say that. …My husband gave working families a raise in (the minimum wage) in the 1990s… millions of jobs were created or paid better, and more families were secure.” Then she added: “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. …You know that old theory — trickle-down economics. That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.” (end of Hillary quotes)

These comments are stunning, particularly the second part where she said, “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs…” Nikitas3.com did not believe that she actually said this, but it is on videotape on the internet and so there is proof that she did in fact say it.

Who does Hillary think has created the jobs in America over the last 233 years, the jobs that have made the United States the most powerful economic entity in world history? Has it been government jobs? Social workers? Paper shufflers in the federal bureaucracy in Washington?

Hillary amazingly ignores Union Pacific Railroad and Caterpillar and Boeing and Apple Computer and Intel and General Electric and millions of other private corporations and businesses large and small. This statement is so crazy as to be unbelievable. What is most frightening is that this is what a socialist like Hillary truly believes.

Rest assured that this comment has terrified the Democrats because they know that they are stuck with Hillary as their probable nominee for 2016. And they know that if she makes a gaffe like this two days before the presidential election – and she will – that she will throw the whole election away.

Because today the Democrats are unpopular under Obama so they cannot afford to say stupid things, and Hillary is famous for saying stupid things. That is why she is generally kept away from situations where she could offer unrehearsed comments, and from press conferences where she would have to directly respond to questions, and why she generally only makes scripted appearances. Her handlers well know that she is prone to making dumb statements. She is not the “brilliant” Hillary that her adoring media cronies make her out to be. Quite the opposite.

Even Hillary’s scripted statements as secretary of state were slow and plodding, as if she were talking to children or to old people. This is because she cannot think on her feet and talk fluidly like a good politician can. And there is a certain point after which the media won’t be able to cover up for Hillary’s gaffes, particularly in a presidential campaign when she will be forced to speak directly.

These recent comments come on top of an outrageous statement that Hillary made in an interview in June 2014 in which she said: “They don’t see me as part of the (economic) problem because (Bill Clinton and I) pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off…”

In other words Hillary was claiming that she somehow is not “truly well off” even though she and her husband are reported to have earned more than $150 million since leaving the White House in January 2001. This comment sent shock waves through the Democrat party and through the elite American media, although the Liberal Media made sure that the story was not disseminated to the wider public.

Then Hillary said in her recent Massachusetts speech that “trickle-down economics … has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.”

This is specifically disingenuous. Because the “wonderful economy” that president Bill Clinton had in the 1990s, that Hillary and Bill and the Democrats are always crowing about, was not created by Bill Clinton. Indeed the US economy in the 1990s was still flying high on the momentum from the big Reagan tax cuts of the 1980s, also known as ‘trickle-down economics’.

Now look at the other part of Hillary’s recent statement: “Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs…”

First, raising the minimum wage through government fiat always kills jobs. It is a proven historical fact. And raising it by a significant amount always leads to big job losses and Democrats now want the federal minimum wage to be more than doubled nationwide, to $15 an hour.

This huge increase will kill millions of jobs right away, guaranteed, and/or will have other pernicious long-term effects. In a Seattle, Washington suburb called SeaTac where the minimum wage went up to $15 an hour earlier in 2014 the effects already have been disturbing, and they are just beginning. Most significantly, employee benefits are being cut sharply in order to compensate for the higher minimum, while new entry-level workers are not being hired because of the added cost.

Some SeaTac businesses say that they may leave SeaTac, or will not expand there. Other businesses will avoid moving into SeaTac. This is typical of what happens when the government artificially sets wages or otherwise intervenes in the private economy. This is why economic growth, optimism and prosperity in America have moved to the Southern states, which are much more conservative, and have less regulation.

Now here in a brief Nikitas3.com commentary about ebola:

Not only are we Americans at risk of a contagious African disease, but the disease itself is being politicized. Think about it: Who now is potentially bringing ebola back to the United States from Black Africa?

Answer: It is do-gooder American health professionals who have willingly gone to Africa and exposed themselves to the disease. And these do-gooders are mostly liberals, like those in left-wing groups like Doctors Without Borders. Some are even said to be “Christian” aid workers, but then again there are many liberal Christians.

Question: Instead of going to Africa, why don’t these do-gooders stay here in the United States, as Nikitas3.com has recommended, in order to serve rural, white Americans who often lack access to health care?

Answer: Because liberals hate rural white Americans, who are largely conservatives. They care about disease when it affects poor people in foreign nations.

Now we have the case of a nurse who went to Africa, worked with ebola patients, and then complained about her New Jersey quarantine when she got back to the US, claiming that her liberties had been violated. She even hired a lawyer. In other words she is concerned enough about the disease to go all the way to Africa, but not concerned enough about America to quietly accept a quarantine in order to calm perfectly natural fears about ebola.

This sounds like classic liberal behavior. She also apparently wants to create a big legal and political case out of this disease, and to make publicity for herself as a do-gooder and as an activist.

Now she has been released from her New Jersey quarantine but is supposed to stay in her Maine apartment for the remainder of the quarantine time. Her lawyer has said she will not do so. If she were a decent human being, however, she would stay home out of respect for her town and for the natural fears of her neighbors.

We shall see if she is a decent human being. If I lived in her town in Maine I would seek to have her arrested if she goes out. After all the state of Maine wants her to stay quarantined. And she could infect the whole town if she goes out.

Meanwhile our military troops have been ordered to go to ebola-stricken areas of Africa and then forced to sit in a 21-day quarantine. They should not even have been sent to Africa in the first place. No decent American president would send our troops into a situation like that. But Obama did, because he is a radical and an abuser of our military.

So, as expected, the liberals are even politicizing a disease. But this is no surprise because liberals politicize EVERYTHING.

Friends, we do not really even know how ebola is spread. It could have different rates of incubation in different people. Nikitas3.com recommends at least 60 days quarantine – in Africa – for those Americans who deliberately and willingly have gone to Africa and exposed themselves to the disease. And in the meantime, let’s get our troops completely out of those infected nations.

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