New Form of Media Bias Flourished in Election

The American Liberal Media have reached new lows. Not only do they report everything that the Democrat left wants them to, and not only have they swung many elections to Democrats since the 1960s, but they have perfected yet another fraudulent way to twist our perceptions that seems to have intensified in the November 4 contests.

It involves the widespread manipulation of political polls. For instance, certain “polls” showed that Republican US senator Pat Roberts of Kansas was locked in a very close race with his ultra-liberal opponent, and the Liberal Media slavishly reported it nationwide. Even Kansas, the media declared gleefully, is about to turn Democrat! But then Roberts won by a whopping 11 points, 53% to 42%. In political terms that is a mini-landslide.

Then here are three headlines that came up in a google search even after the election: “Sen. Pat Roberts Wins Tight Senate Kansas Race” and “Pat Roberts Hangs on for Win in Kansas” and “Republican Senator Hangs on in Kansas”

Look at the wording… “tight” race… “hangs on”… Even after Roberts won by a big margin the media would not let go of their original narrative that the race was a cliffhanger.

In Wisconsin Republican governor Scott Walker was said to be in a nail-biter race with his opponent. But Walker won by 5 points, or 125,000 votes, in a state that we often think of as liberal and Democrat. Walker’s easy re-election is extremely disturbing to the Liberal Media particularly after Democrats lost a treasured Wisconsin US Senate seat to Republican Ron Johnson in 2010.

Worse, governor Walker, who also was first elected in the Republican rout of 2010, was forced into a recall in 2012 and won it easily by 7 points. The Democrats hated him for taking on the public-employee unions and the unions poured a ton of money and effort into the recall. Before the recall, however, the election was projected as a dead heat.

In Kentucky, the media breathlessly reported throughout August, September and October that a major Republican, US Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, was threatened in his bid for his re-election. Yet McConnell trounced his opponent by 15 points, or 220,000 votes, on November 4.

In Iowa, Republican US Senate candidate Joni Ernst was treated by the Liberal Media like a nobody to replace long-serving and retiring Democrat demigod Tom Harkin. The media narrative was that Iowa is turning deep blue (Democrat) and that Iowans could never want a dangerous right-winger like Ernst (she is a military veteran) in the US Senate. But then Ernst won by 8 points, or almost 100,000 votes.

Yet here are two months’ worth of pre-election projections about Ernst and her Democrat challenger Bruce Braley from the allegedly authoritative

11/3/14 — The Quinnipiac poll puts a damper on the Republican celebration following the Des Moines Register poll. We should still expect a close race, but Ernst does have an edge.
10/17/14 — Ernst has trailed in only a single poll since mid-September. Her lead is narrow, however, and Braley still has time.
10/7/14 — Seven of the last eight polls have shown either a tie or an Ernst lead. It’s safe to say that Braley no longer holds a lead. In addition, one of those ties (the Loras College poll) previously had Braley up four. Ernst probably has an edge at this point.
9/29/14 — Two polls have now shown Ernst with a substantial lead, including the well-regarded Des Moines Register poll. There are still a lot of undecided voters and plenty of time on the clock, so Braley is very much still in this game.
9/23/14 — Democrats cheered when Loras College showed Braley up four points, while Republicans celebrated when Quinnipiac found Ernst ahead by six. Everyone else sees a very tight race, which is probably where things stand.
9/8/14 — This race remains tight, with neither candidate having led by more than two points since early June. It goes without saying that this one could go either way right now. (end of excerpt)

Look at the repetitive bias on behalf of Braley…. “very tight race” and “Braley is very much still in this game” and “Braley still has time” and “Everyone else sees a very tight race, which is probably where things stand.” This type of cheerleading, from blatant to subtle, is all over the Liberal Media all over America. So always remember the Golden Rule: Take the Liberal Media narrative and add at least 5 points for Republicans.

In Vermont Democrat Peter Shumlin barely held onto his governor’s post, winning by only 1 point, or just 2,000 votes. Yet if you had asked any Liberal Media pundit anywhere in America he/she would have dismissed a Republican victory and insisted that liberal Vermont loves only liberals.

No, friends Americans don’t love liberals. This election proved it. Again. And if the media in America weren’t 150% biased against Republicans, and even were just neutral, our nation would be overwhelmingly Republican. It is only through massive media propaganda that Democrats have the power that they do. This is also a global phenomenon, with far-left newspapers dominating virtually every nation.

In the November 4 election Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie came very close to unseating Democrat incumbent Mark Warner in the US Senate race. The talking heads on election night TV coverage were flabbergasted. Here is why. The Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch newspaper noted:

A Wason Center poll from Christopher Newport University taken a week before the election predicted Warner would win with 51 percent to Gillespie’s 44 percent.

A Sept. 25 Quinnipiac University poll had Warner, a former Virginia governor, leading Gillespie, the former Republican National Committee chairman, 48 percent to 39 percent.

Even the vaunted “Crystal Ball” political analysis by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics had cast the race as “likely” for a Democratic win — a measure of certainty beyond the “leans” designation applied to closer contests. (end of Times-Dispatch excerpt)

Typical. Yet you never see pre-election polls tilting falsely to Republicans. Meanwhile any organization can get its poll to say anything it wants. Just call certain people in certain areas at certain times and ask certain questions and you are guaranteed to get a certain result. So liberals have the whole game rigged ahead of time.

Obviously this polling bias is intended to energize Democrats by artificially inflating their electability, but it actually is backfiring in two significant ways. First, it is alarming and energizing Republicans to be more aggressive and work harder and not to expect an easy victory. Second it leads liberals to dump money, time and energy into lost causes. So keep up the good work, fraudster pollsters!

It was interesting to listen to the election returns on Tuesday evening. Even after Republicans had been projected to win five straight races in the early hours, several by big margins like Tom Cotton winning by 18 points in Arkansas, the liberals still would not admit that it even appeared to be a Republican “wave”. Grudgingly they admitted it after midnight, in somber tones, when proof of the “wave” had become utterly undeniable.

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