GOP Gov for Massachusetts!/ Is Tom Brokaw Lying?

Republican Charlie Baker was elected governor of Massachusetts on November 4. Massachusetts has had Republican governors before, like Mitt Romney, but has generally remained a very liberal place with 90% of the state legislature now Democrat. The whole 9-member US congressional delegation is Democrat, as are both US senators. believes that Baker is going to transform the state by reforming the economy, bringing honest and competent Republicans into government, and injecting new energy into a moribund GOP.

It’s called The Giuliani Effect. In 1993, Republican Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York City. The people of the city were desperate. After 50 years of liberal policies in the post-World War II period the city was in a shambles. Giuliani fixed it all quickly by being tough and implementing hard-headed policies. The city embraced him and re-elected him in 1997. Many New Yorkers still admire Giuliani, and he did elevate Republicans and conservatives even in the minds of the liberals.

Charlie Baker came out of the private sector, in the field of health care. He also worked in two previous Republican gubernatorial administrations, and is a good manager. He is an honest and dedicated person and will certainly make many needed reforms that the people really want. And in the age of Obama, believes that his tenure will be watched closely and that more and more Democrats, even in Massachusetts, will see that those of us on the “right” really are “right” after we have been smeared for so many decades.

Following repeated scandals of corruption, mismanagement, economic decline and incompetence in the 8-year administration of Democrat governor Deval Patrick, along with the convictions of three former Democrat speakers of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Baker has the potential to be a white knight for a sad state of affairs. We wish him well.

Now here is a word about retired TV newsman Tom Brokaw:

In analyzing the Democrats’ midterm election fiasco Tom Brokaw, former host of the NBC nightly news program, said this: “I was in the Midwest the other day listening to talk radio, I don’t know who the guy was, but he’s saying Obama’s voters are people who live in excrement. That was his phrase… That was the kind of language that was going on.”

OK then, here is a challenge to Brokaw: wants to hear the audio tape of that comment. Because knowing liberals I believe that this is a lie, or that it was information that Brokaw was fed by an activist or read about on the internet. So let’s find out precisely who said it, when and where. Notice how Brokaw says “I don’t know who the guy was.” So now conservatives conveniently have been smeared yet again. And rest assured that the charge has reverberated all over the nation.

This might be called a case of Proving the Negative. In other words, Brokaw can claim that he heard it and nobody can disagree with him. After all, he is Mr. Liberal Tom Brokaw! Then we conservatives have no way to prove that the tape does not exist. The only way that the case can be proven one way or another is to hear the actual tape.

This is the type of smear that people like Brokaw have used for decades against talk radio and against us conservatives. Liberals are constantly lying about Rush Limbaugh. There was a rumor flying around a few years ago that Limbaugh said that slavery was a good idea. No proof was ever presented because he never said it, but the charge was circulated nationwide and was enough to make millions of people think even today that it is true.

Under this type of regime you can destroy anyone. This is what they do in police states. They point to someone they don’t like and say, “He insulted our Glorious Leader.” And that person is dragged off to prison.

Perhaps you remember when Bill Clinton and TIME magazine claimed that conservative talk radio had inspired Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Or the immediate linking of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh to the shooting of Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. It turns out that the Giffords shooter was a crazy drug addict who hated George Bush and was said by acquaintances to be “radical” and “left wing”.

How about the nationwide Liberal Media crusade during the Clinton years that said that white supremacists were burning black churches across the South. It turned out to be a complete hoax but its effect was monumental. Everyone heard the original charge, but few heard more than a year later that it had been disproven by careful study of the cases involved.

Then recall the Big One, when Tom Brokaw’s buddy Dan Rather claimed on the CBS Evening News in 2004, just before the presidential election, that George W. Bush had skipped out on his National Guard duties. Rather then presented “documents” to prove it but the documents were fake. Rather ended up disgraced permanently, for all time.

So, Mr. Brokaw, let’s hear the tape of the “Midwestern talk radio host” who allegedly made the comment. We’ll give you the opportunity to prove your statement, and if it is true will apologize to you for this commentary. But until we hear it is going to call you a liar. Because we know how people like you have operated time and time and time again. There is no reason to think that it will not continue.

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