Onto the 2016 Presidential Election

The 2014 election is over and the Liberal Media now want us to forget about the Republican tsunami and to start thinking about more important things like getting Hillary Clinton into the White House in 2016.

Some liberal commentators amazingly are claiming that the 2014 result strengthened Hillary’s hand. Nonsense. It wounded her badly. Because the results of November 4 should be giving a giant pause to all Democrats. In light of another Republican tidal wave, on top of the 2010 GOP typhoon, Democrats now must realize that even all of their media bias, deceptions, lies and slanted polling cannot prevent a majority of Americans from seeing the truth.

And the truth is that Hillary Clinton has two big problems: First, she is a clone of the increasingly unpopular Obama, and from the same party and will pursue the same policies. Worse, Hillary just isn’t that smart. Indeed she just keeps saying stupid things. Take her recent quote that, “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” This was all over the elite media and the internet, but did not leak into the mainstream Liberal Media nationwide. It would have been too damaging.

But rest assured that it will come up if she is the nominee in 2016, just like her eye-popping quote that she and her husband are not “truly well off” with their $100+ million fortune. In a one-party state where the Dear Leader can say anything and get away with it these gaffes could be minimized, ignored or airbushed off the internet. But in America today, when tens of millions of citizens are literally frightened about the future and have access to computers, such statements no longer can be ignored.

Friends, November 4 showed that we are in a new era in American politics, but only if Republicans play their cards well. All of the hand-wringing by conservatives and Republicans that the Democrats would be in control of the country for the next 25 years was completely overblown, and downright false. On the other hand we saw a prediction of a long reign for Republicans for a few years until George W. Bush got us involved in a war in Iraq that blew the GOP to pieces. Republicans must avoid a repeat of that.

Of course there are a few headlines popping up here and there that the Republicans again are headed for 25 years of unbroken rule after the euphoria of November 4. That too is suspect, but there may be some truth in it because there is a new factor in the air. It is this:

For decades the Democrats have been able to hide behind a strong economy. But now, through Obama, they are being exposed as economic obstructionists, incompetents and destroyers, with Republicans and conservatives coming to the rescue over and over and over.

Consider conservative president Ronald Reagan who entered the White House in 1981 after a sharp decline in the American economy. Reagan fixed the economy, restored American confidence, built up the US military and, at the same time, defeated the communist Soviet Union without firing a shot. Amazing.

Think of Rudy Giuliani, the Republican who was elected mayor of New York City in 1993. His election was a last-ditch effort by liberal New Yorkers to save their city after 50 years of Democrat policies had ruined it. Tough-guy Giuliani made major reforms and indeed is credited with “saving” the city. Even the liberals happily re-elected him in 1997.

Republican governor John Kasich in Ohio, first elected in 2010 and re-elected in a landslide in 2014, has “saved” a state that was considered an irredeemable Rust Belt failure for decades.

On the Democrat side we have one candidate, 67-year-old Hillary Clinton, who has zero executive experience and no track record of economic success. And what do Republicans and conservatives have to offer for 2016?

We have eternal wisdom and common sense and a pantheon of younger governors with proven track records making significant and successful reforms in running their states like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Rick Perry in Texas, Mike Pence in Indiana, Rick Snyder in Michigan, Rick Scott in Florida, Nikki Haley in South Carolina, Bobby Jindal in Louisiana, Sam Brownback in Kansas, and others. Hey, even Rudy Giuliani. They all would make a great president.

The economy is going to be the defining issue in the 2016 election, with foreign policy also running strong. Americans are not only insecure and frightened about job security, but also about the threats from outside our borders. Obama has bungled both issues very, very badly. This opens the door for a strong, confident Reaganesque Republican. History is beckoning.

Once that Americans think about the successes of these Republican governors, and then about tough conservative values in regards to national security and terrorism, Hillary Clinton will shrink into oblivion.

A final note: Congratulations to 18-year-old Republican Saira Blair who was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates to become the youngest state lawmaker in the United States. Keep your eye on this young lady. She has a lifetime ahead of her to show us her conservative credentials and to demonstrate whose ideas really are best for young people, and people of all ages for that matter.

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