Conservatives, Republicans on a Political Roll

Since 2008, with Obama elected and re-elected, many conservatives and Republicans have been unduly fearful of Democrat political strength. That fear has been way overblown. In fact Republicans and conservatives, after the recent November 4 elections, appear to be holding a historic 249 seats in the US House of Representatives with only 186 for Democrats.

Today Republicans also hold 23 states where they have both the governorship and control of both houses of the state legislature, while Democrats have only 5 states like that. Meanwhile Republican-controlled states are succeeding economically and so Americans are moving to these states by the millions. Thus these states are gaining in their political power. believes that we are in a new era of conservative ascendancy. Republicans are on an electoral roll, and we conservatives can build on this success by boldly running for office when we formerly thought that we did not have a good shot at winning. Even in Democrat-leaning districts we must put up candidates because that is one of the best ways to put out our message. And rest assured that victories in these districts will terrorize the Democrats because these victories are entirely possible.

Now look at this from a New York Times articled called ‘The Enduring Republican Grip on the House’ in which Nate Cohn wrote (with sentence italicized for emphasis):

Whatever doubts existed about the Republican grip on the (US House of Representatives) should now be gone. By picking up at least a dozen House seats in the (November 4) elections, the Republicans cemented a nearly unassailable majority that could last for a generation, or as long as today’s political divides between North and South, urban and rural, young and old, and white and nonwhite endure.

Democrats might well reclaim (majority control of the US) Senate (that they lost on November 4) and hold the presidency in 2016. But any Democratic hopes of enacting progressive policies on issues like climate change and inequality will face the reality of a House dominated by conservative Republicans. The odds that the Republicans will hold the Senate and seize the presidency are better than the odds that Democrats will win the House, giving the Republicans a better chance than Democrats of enacting their agenda.

After all of the remaining races (from Election Day 2014) are resolved, the GOP will finish with about 249 seats. The Democrats would need to flip 32 seats to reclaim the chamber, but just 10 Republicans hail from districts (that lean Democrat). Because so many Republicans represent conservative districts, the GOP might even retain the House in a (Democrat-leaning) “wave” election, like the ones that swept Democrats to power in 2006 and brought Republicans back to power in 2010. (end of Cohn excerpt)

OK, folks, so there you go. This comes from a very liberal publication finally admitting the truth. So we conservatives must keep hammering home our message because it finally is sinking in. We must write letters to our local paper, speak boldly in support of our cause, and promote our agenda everywhere. The much-vaunted independent vote is trending our way. Even many liberals are voting Republican after recognizing reality.

The reason is simple: The strong American economy used to be able to offer cover to Democrats for their failed policies. Now Americans can see these policies failing in every way. They also see liberal states floundering economically and conservative states thriving, even in these hard times.

Look at the recent 64% re-election victory by Republican governor John Kasich in what has been called the “swing state” of Ohio. Kasich was first elected in 2010 as a Republican reformer and he made substantial changes in the state budget. He inherited an $8 billion deficit from his Democrat predecessor and eliminated it without raising taxes. Ohio now is thriving beyond what anyone thought possible for many decades, and the people of Ohio now know what success is. We can assume that Republicans and conservatives now will do much better in the presidential election in Ohio, in US Senate and House races in Ohio, and in elections to the Ohio state legislature.

This is precisely what conservatives need – successful elected leaders like Kasich to show that our principles work. Even if the leaders are Republicans who are not conservative enough, their presence in office and their success as Republicans redounds to “our” benefit. Because we conservatives are the people who are holding fast to the agenda that is working well, just as we always have. In fact all of America, including the Republican party, is just now catching up with us. We are the ones who are “ahead of the curve”.

Even younger voters in the 18-to-29 age bracket swung significantly away from the Democrats in the recent election. Because they now are experiencing liberalism in the real world and it does not comport at all with what they were taught. Quite the opposite.

This is why the US House of Representatives will likely remain in the Republican/conservative camp for many years to come. Because the 435-member House is called “the people’s legislative chamber” as opposed to the more elite 100-member US Senate. The House is closer to us all in the more localized districts – about 724,000 voters per average congressional district, and at least one congressperson per small state like Vermont (population 626,000). Thus the House reflects more of what ‘We the people’ are feeling and thinking. And ‘We the people’ are feeling the terrible effects of Democrat policies. also believes that Republicans will continue to do well in governorships, in state legislatures and in the US Senate, and will win the White House in 2016. also believes that we could see as many as 260 Republicans in the US House, and maybe more, over the next few election cycles, including more conservatives to stop and reverse Obama socialism. Even the ultra-liberal state of Vermont almost elected a Republican governor on November 4, and that reflected not only dissatisfaction with Obama but the fact that the Democrat governor simply is failing. Vermont is in bad shape economically from decades of hard-left policies and even many liberals are now realizing it.

Even in Massachusetts we not only elected a Republican governor but we easily defeated automatic gasoline tax increases and a new bottle deposit law. The ultra-liberal state of Maryland also just elected a Republican governor, as did Illinois. So indeed the tide is turning.

Don’t forget another dimension of the political equation: Democrats live only for their own political power and for the power of socialism, and not for the common good. And as they lose power in the US Congress in Washington more and more of them will retire because they don’t want to serve in the increasingly powerless minority. This will open up more opportunities for conservatives to increase strength.

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