Electric Car Fraud/ Vermont Nixes Govt. Health Care

A well-known all-electric automobile is called the Tesla. The Tesla Motors website says that the car weighs 4,647 lbs. while a Toyota Camry weighs 3,190 to 3,420 lbs., according to buyatoyota.com.

Thus the Tesla is heavier by as much as 1,457 lbs. more than a Camry. That extra weight is largely because the Tesla has a 1,300 lb. battery for power. So instead of a 450 lb. gasoline engine like the Camry the Tesla’s battery weighs three times as much. Driving a Tesla would be like driving a Camry around with three extra engines in the back seat.

So how can the Tesla be a “green” vehicle, as it is alleged to be, when it is always dragging around ¾ of a ton of extra dead weight? It can’t. The Tesla is a total “green” fraud like everything “green” is a fraud. It is massively inefficient. That is why the Tesla Roadster model only has sold about 2,500 cars over 4 years at almost $100,000 a pop. It survives only on taxpayer subsidies, like everything “green”. Those Teslas have been sold largely to wealthy ‘environmentalists’ who want to make a statement about how much they “care” about the environment.

What a hoax by the Top 1%. It sure is great to be part of the honest 99% like Nikitas3.com is! I drive a Camry! Now here is a second editorial:

Vermont Cancels Govt. Health Care Plan

Vermont governor Peter Shumlin has canceled his plan to create a “single-payer” (government) health care system in his state. Tax hikes to pay for the plan would have included an 11.5% payroll tax and an additional income tax up to 9.5%. Shumlin said that the tax hikes would harm the state’s faltering economy.

This, friends, is just delicious. One of the most liberal states in the nation is shelving “single payer” health care. But what the heck does “single payer” mean anyway?

Answer: It actually means nothing. It is simply a nonsensical term that Democrats have dreamed up to avoid saying “socialized medicine” or “government health care”. It is a classic diversionary tactic because liberals are master manipulators of everything from language to ledger sheets. Yet even with the rhetorical sleight they still are balking.

Here’s the crux of the issue: Democrat Shumlin almost lost the November 2014 election to Republican Scott Milne and so he suddenly has cooled on socialized medicine. It also is interesting to note that the arrogant Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber was involved in planning the Vermont system and he damaged it greatly with his big mouth, by repeatedly calling Americans stupid over Obamacare.

The other big issue at play is Vermont’s decades-long decline into socialism which has produced a stagnant or contracting economy just as we conservatives warned it would. This is leading to an exodus of young people from the Green Mountain state, and Shumlin knows that a huge tax increase would only make matters worse, which he cannot allow on his watch.

I, Nikitas, know all about this. I lived in Vermont for just three years. In 1978 I moved to a rural Vermont town during a time when young socialists from all over the Northeast from Boston to New York to Philadelphia had been flocking by the thousands to Vermont since the 1960s. These college-educated baby-boomers had a “back to the land” mentality. They brought skills, education, professional training, money (many came from wealthy families), youthful energy, and outside connections to Vermont which had long been an isolated, rural, Republican farming state.

Unfortunately they also brought radical Democrat politics. Living among these newcomers, I was the only conservative around besides the native Vermonters. The newcomers had solar houses and windmills and all the other stuff that did not work. They imposed the strictest ‘green’ laws in America. They regulated everything. All of their ideas centered on utopian socialism.

They took over every institution they could, like turning the annual Vermont Town Meetings into platforms for their lectures about everything from nuclear weapons to air pollution. They opposed every economic development project that came down the pike. They recently shut down the state’s lone nuclear power reactor, a major regional energy producer. In short they slowly strangled the Vermont economy yet now they wonder why so many of the young people, including their own children and grandchildren, are leaving. As if it is some big mystery.

I left Vermont in 1981 because I predicted way back then that Vermont eventually would have an economic crisis because of all of the obstruction. And lo and behold Vermont today is in a tailspin that started decades ago. Of course the socialists are still looking for any scapegoat like the oil companies, Bush, Monsanto, tax cuts for the rich, the Tea Party, the Koch Brothers, Dick Cheney GMOs, etc. Like good Democrats they never look into their own policies. This is classic liberal thinking – blame everyone but yourself.

I recently visited Vermont and noticed that the state is continuing to drive full-speed into the socialism that is consuming it. I saw a new taxpayer-funded mass transit line with buses traveling 35 miles between the city of Burlington and the college town of Middlebury. I knew immediately that this was more economy-killing socialism. It is part of a regional transit system centering around Burlington, the state’s largest city, that few will ride because Vermont is a car culture. You simply have to have a car to get around Vermont.

This system is just another way for Vermont Democrats to implement the Golden Rule of Socialism which is to spend, spend, spend taxpayer money in any way possible. In this case they surely justified it by claiming that some tiny percentage of the Vermont population does not have adequate transportation and so they set up this behemoth, expensive bureaucracy that burns up boatloads of taxpayer money on fuel, labor and maintenance to serve a miniscule number of Vermonters.

Much worse, however, is that there already are Burlington-to-Middlebury buses running several times every day on the intercity bus line Vermont Transit which has operated for 90 years in the private sector connecting many Vermont cities and towns to each other, and also connecting Vermont to the outside world. Thus this public bus system is socialist redundancy, and very expensive to boot. This explains volumes about why Vermont is in the state that it is in, and why socialism always collapses.

The public bus system is going to have the pernicious effect of drawing passengers away from Vermont Transit. Thus Vermont Transit buses, operating with no taxpayer subsidy, may run fewer buses or suspend operations because they cannot compete with the taxpayer-funded system. This is yet another of the trap doors of socialism.

The Golden Rule of Today’s Public Mass Transit also certainly applies here: It would be cheaper to buy every rider a new car than to keep this system running. The cars also would use much LESS fuel. Because these buses use fuel every minute of every day, even without passengers or with few passengers, while cars use fuel only when somebody needs to go somewhere.

If you want to know more about the false mythology around these expensive public mass transit systems you can read great studies by Randall O’Toole on the Cato Institute website. He is a fascinating writer and researcher who debunks the myths of these increasingly expensive and increasingly less-used publicly-funded transit systems.

Here’s one more reason to oppose public transit. A study published in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epistemology reports that people involved in public transit like bus drivers are more depressed than those in any other job.

All aboard!

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