More Proof that Conservatism is Winning

First, here is a quick word about earthquakes. The eco-nuts have been blaming a swarm of earthquakes in Oklahoma on “fracking” or the practice of fracturing underground rock to get oil and natural gas. We conservatives have dismissed this fearmongering as more of the usual hysteria from the enviro left. There is no way that “fracking” can cause earthquakes because earthquakes are caused by the shifting of underground rock formations weighing trillions of tons, not 20 tons like the amount of rock displaced in “fracking”.

Now eastern Connecticut has reported a dozen small earthquakes. But there is no “fracking” anywhere near eastern Connecticut. Enough said. Enviro fraud exposed… again. Now here is today’s editorial: has said many times that the conservative ideology is winning the political war in America. Many Republicans and conservatives have been skeptical and glum. But a look at reality and at the numbers reveals the truth. A recent Associated Press story called Diminished in Congress and many states, Dems weigh future reported about the political situation. Here are excerpts from that story with a comment after each.

Associated Press reported: Congressional Democrats are in retreat in more ways than one this week. As Democratic senators gather in Baltimore to talk strategy and lick election wounds, their party faces diminished powers in Congress, GOP dominance in many states and a shrinking pool of potential candidates for future elections. comment: Yes, indeed. And don’t forget that the most successful economic states are Republican-dominated states and that the failing states are liberal. The younger, productive, skilled and educated population is shifting towards conservative states. This will provide a huge voting bloc for conservatism for decades to come as people see in their own lives what works and what does not.

Associated Press reports: In the November elections, Democrats lost their eight-year Senate majority, and saw their House numbers fall to the lowest level in seven decades. In the states, Republicans will hold 31 governorships, and more state legislative seats than they’ve had since 1928. It especially vexes Democrats to see Republicans dominate the U.S. House delegations and the state governments in several states that President Barack Obama won, including huge legislative majorities in Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. comment: These are the actual numbers, friends. That is why we conservatives must always stick to our agenda. Because we are winning. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

Associated Press reports: “I think there’s a lot of frustration,” said Rep. John Yarmuth, a Kentucky Democrat who said the party has “failed to do something that I think represents an opportunity for us. We really haven’t talked to the American people about what government does for them.” comment: Look at this typical socialist arrogance. In fact productive Americans know precisely “what government does for them”. It takes their money and gives them little or nothing in return. This is why millions of Americans are fleeing the liberal states. Of course ‘the poor’ love government because they pay little and get much. Poor, dependent people keep the Democrats in power. Without their votes the Democrats would go extinct overnight.

Associated Press reports: Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia said he hopes both parties will move beyond campaign rhetoric and “get to a point where we can actually move the ball on some issues.” He pointed to a series of events this year “that could actually see breakthroughs or another breakdown, from the debt ceiling to Social Security disability to infrastructure.” comment: On these three issues the conservative view is the proper view. There is no debate. We don’t need “breakthroughs” or “bipartisanship”. We must stop raising the debt ceiling constantly, and we must reform all of Social Security and particularly the fraud-ridden disability part. Then there’s “infrastructure”, one of the buzzwords of the socialist left. Yet Obama spent $800 billion in the 2009 ‘stimulus’ and virtually all of the money was stolen by Obama’s cronies. That money could have gone to fixing much of our infrastructure.

Associated Press reports: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California announced a new messaging team led by Steve Israel, D-N.Y. “We need a message,” Israel said. “An effective message doesn’t tell voters what to think. It builds on what they feel.” comment: This approach shows why socialism always fails. It is neither the message nor what people feel that is important. What is important is what policies work and what is right. Americans understand the Democrat message loud and clear. They have heard it for 100 years and they are rejecting it.

Associated Press reports: Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia said Democrats must do a better job of highlighting economic improvements and a dramatic increase in energy production under Obama’s watch. comment: This is typical Democrat arrogance. That increase in energy came despite Obama. It is a result of “fracking” for oil and natural gas which Obama and the Democrats oppose. This increase in energy production is what is fueling our good economic numbers. Meanwhile Obama and his “green” cronies keep promoting windmills and solar panels, which actually harm our economy and increase energy prices.

Associated Press reports: (Democrats) should talk about initiatives, such as a higher minimum wage, and better training for workers, not as government programs but as common-sense ways to help workers, he said. “We’re not battling to increase government,” (senator) Kaine said, “we’re battling to help everyday people.” comment: Baloney. They have been battling to increase government for the last 100 years. And wages will rise naturally, including the minimum, when the economy improves, not when Democrats decree it artificially through government.

Associated Press reports: Some Democrats note that their congressional leaders have been around for decades, and don’t personify fresh ideas. The House’s top three Democratic leaders —Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn — are in their mid-70s. So is Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid. comment: Of course. Dinosaurs. Then when young Republican/conservative candidates come along with fresh ideas to challenge the dinosaurs, like governor Walker in Wisconsin, the Democrats and their media friends trash youth and the new ideas that actually work.

Associated Press reports: More troubling to Democrats is Republican dominance of local politics in states that are competitive in presidential and Senate races. Obama carried Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia twice, and North Carolina once. Yet Republicans hold big majorities in these states’ legislative chambers, except Virginia, where their Senate majority is narrow. Of the 99 U.S House seats in these six states, Democrats hold 30. comment: See the picture? And the main reason that Obama won in 2012 is because of the illegal muzzling of the Tea Parties by the IRS. The Democrat party is scandalous from top to bottom. It is hanging onto power only through fraud, stolen elections and corruption like this IRS scandal.

Associated Press reports: Steve Schale, a top Florida Democratic strategist … said, “we’ve done a lousy job of recruiting candidates” at all levels. Strong candidate recruitment — starting with mayors and state legislatures — builds a farm team of potential candidates for governor and Congress, Schale said. comment: Schale is full of nonsense. Americans are not voting for “candidates”. This is a classic Democrat delusion of style over substance. Americans are voting for “ideas”. And conservative ideas work and Democrat ideas don’t. Period. End of story.

Associated Press reports: Presidential politics remain the Democrats’ brightest spot. They’ve won the popular vote in five of the last six presidential races, and they have high hopes for a 2016 field that could feature Hillary Rodham Clinton. comment: has said repeatedly that Hillary Clinton is a classic Democrat dinosaur. She will not be elected president in 2016. She already has said too many stupid things. There are at least 10 Republicans who can beat her on policy alone, who have been good governors with proven results. Americans are not as shallow as Democrats believe. They will see through Hillary and her left-wing agenda. And they will reflect their complete and total exhaustion with Bill Clinton by not voting for Hillary.

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