2016 GOP Presidential Candidates are Off and Running

The 2016 presidential race has started. The Iowa Freedom Summit this past weekend attracted major Republicans including New Jersey governor Chris Christie, former Texas governor Rick Perry, Texas US senator Ted Cruz, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and former Pennsylvania US senator Rick Santorum.

Any one of these candidates would be a vastly better president than Hillary Clinton who will be the likely Democrat nominee. Her major ‘qualification’ appears to be that she would be “the first woman president of the United States”. But when you consider what our “first (half) black president” has given us we should altogether reject affirmative action presidents who are chosen on the basis of gender, race etc. Here are Nikitas3.com comments about the Republicans at the Freedom Summit and others who might run in 2016:

Former governor Rick Perry of Texas: A favorite of Nikitas3.com, he has the best proven economic track record in America. Texas is #1 in so many ways and Perry was governor for 14 years(!) so he can take full credit. Perry would be a great US president. He’s a nice guy, a tough guy, a straight shooter and honest. He currently is the target of trumped-up legal charges that even top Democrats have dismissed as ludicrous. But with Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney likely running Perry would probably be at least #3 in the fundraising which is generally dominated by Establishment Republicans like Romney and Bush. Perry talked about tax reform in his Iowa speech. We need more of this. Our tax system indeed is badly broken. We can easily eliminate the IRS and lower rates for all.

Governor John Kasich of Ohio is another Nikitas3.com favorite. This former US congressman was first elected governor in 2010 and has made major reforms that have revitalized a state long considered a Rust Belt failure. He was re-elected in November 2014 with 68% of the vote. He even wants to eliminate the Ohio state income tax. Kasich is a relatively conservative Republican succeeding wildly in a state that is considered a “swing” state in presidential electoral counts. He could win the Ohio electoral vote in 2016 which is crucial to winning the presidency. But Kasich is not a vain, sexy or self-obsessed politician. He is a diligent, hard-working, soft-spoken leader, all traits that can work against you in a national campaign. Nikitas3.com has suggested Kasich as a vice presidential candidate in order to get the Ohio electoral vote in the GOP column, although I believe that Kasich could be and should be president. But perhaps as VP he could be deployed as a top economic strategist to get the United States economy moving again, as he has done in Ohio.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin: A huge thumbs up. He took on the Wisconsin state public-employee labor unions and reined them in after they had undermined the state’s budget with their demands. Walker, who was first elected in 2010, easily survived a union-sponsored recall election in 2012 and was handily re-elected in 2014. This all happened in “liberal” Wisconsin where the unions have waged a political war against him since Day One. Now the Democrats are savaging Walker for not having a college degree, you know, like George Washington didn’t. To Nikitas3.com that is a plus. Just look at what the Harvard egghead Obama has done to America. Egghead Hillary will continue to do bad things. Walker is courageous, smart and well-spoken. He has not made any public gaffes like Obama saying that he had campaigned in “57 states”.

New Jersey governor Christie: He is a tough-talking Jersey guy who has said bad things about those of us who are opposed to the NSA domestic spying program. This is troubling but he generally has decent Republican credentials, is a patriotic leader who wants to get tough on crime and terrorism, and has made major reforms in New Jersey, a Democrat state. Christie is moderately liberal on some issues. Christie is a great speaker, and funny; he showed that in Iowa. He would cream Hillary Clinton in a debate. And he’s seems to have gotten his weight under control. Good for him. Watch this guy. He is a tiger.

US senator Cruz of Texas: Ted Cruz is the real deal. He is a superstar to us American conservatives and if you have read the Nikitas3.com commentary about the bright future for Republicans and conservatives across the country as proven by the numbers, you can see that Cruz has many great years ahead. But Nikitas3.com believes that he should sit out 2016 and then run for president further down the road. After all he only was elected to the US Senate in 2012 and is only 44 years old.

Michigan governor Rick Snyder: This guy is a red-hot ticket. First elected in the Republican Rout of November 2010 Snyder recently was re-elected by a good margin. He has made major economic reforms to help Michigan come out of its deep union-made economic slump. He even has turned Michigan into a “right to work” state which angered many in union-heavy Michigan. He pushed Detroit into bankruptcy court which has forced the city to make needed reforms. Snyder is a former Gateway computer company executive. He eliminated the Michigan corporate tax in order to attract business. Few Americans know much about Snyder but he is tough as nails and competent as can be. He would be an excellent president. On Snyder’s watch Michigan is reported to have created a whopping 300,000 private-sector jobs in a state that was considered lost for decades.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin: She would be a great president, which is why the liberals hate her. Because they know how appealing she is. She is full of common sense and made it politically on her own, unlike Hillary. If you remember she gave a wonderful speech at the 2008 Republican convention (“What’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick…”) and the Leftist Media have not stopped trashing her since. Because they know that she is smart and beautiful and that she has great personal appeal and strong opinions that resonate. One of the things they hate most is that, as Alaska governor, Palin succeeded in implementing a plan for a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the Lower 48 through Canada that had been stalled for 30 years. Democrats HATE pipelines which are the new eco-bogeyman for liberals.

New York businessman Donald Trump: This guy is awesome. He would be a fantastic president, which is why the Leftist Media constantly ridicule him – because they really fear him. Trump is the only potential candidate for 2016 who actually has built things like skyscrapers, which is what America needs, not a do-nothing intellectual like Obama or Hillary. Trump knows how to manage a business and keep the books. He is very outspoken and leaves political correctness at the door. He also would be by far the richest candidate in 2016 (net worth is $4 billion).

Former Pennsylvania US senator Rick Santorum: He is very conservative, but quite religious in his convictions, which might not go over with some independent voters. He also was a US senator and so does not have an economic track record like Kasich or Perry. Santorum probably would not do well in a general election because he is a low-key guy who seems too “Christian” for many in today’s secularized America, which is a great tragedy. After all we are a Christian nation.

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana: A good conservative who has led one of the economically resurgent states in what was called The Rust Belt. Pence has rarely even been discussed as a potential presidential candidate. Indiana is doing great under years of a Republican/conservative ethos. Pence is a big supporter of school choice and school vouchers which more and more Americans are seeing as necessary to counter the dreadful state of public education.

Former governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas: He is a moderate Republican who ran in the 2008 primaries but who sometimes comes off as sanctimonious. He has a major strike against him, however, that will disqualify him from the White House. As Arkansas governor he commuted the sentence of a black criminal named Maurice Clemmons for crimes committed in Arkansas. Clemmons then went on to kill four police officers in Lakewood, Washington on November 29, 2009. This would come back to haunt Huckabee.

Florida US senator Marco Rubio: He is a handsome, well-spoken hispanic of Cuban descent who surged in one recent poll. But these polls should be ignored. It is far too early to even be paying them any mind because they are very volatile. Rubio is said to be a favorite for Republicans who want to attract hispanic voters, but he doesn’t have an economic track record as governors like Perry and Kasich do. US senators do not make good presidents. Just look at Obama. Rubio also should wait to seek the presidency further down the road. He is young.

Here are just a few other potential candidates who might be considered in 2016 and who will be discussed in future columns by Nikitas3.com: Florida governor Rick Scott; South Carolina governor Nikki Haley; Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal; governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico; and former Vermont governor Jim Douglas (yes, indeed, Vermont had a Republican governor for 8 years).

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