Ecologists Intensify ‘Global Warming’ Deceptions

CNN recently ran a shock headline 2014 Was Earth’s Hottest Year on Record. And we are all supposed to run for cover from ‘global warming’ without even considering reality. Here is what reported:

The year 2014 was Earth’s warmest on record, a U.S. weather agency announced Friday, with average temperatures 0.07 degrees Fahrenheit above the previous high. The National Climatic Data Center, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, noted the average temperatures over land and oceans were higher in 2014 than any year since 1880, when record-keeping began. This past December also had the third-highest average global land temperature — out of any December in the past 135 years — at 2.45 degrees Fahrenheit above average, according to the same agency. (end of story)

OK, let’s look at this closely. First, the Northern US had the coldest winter in 100 years in January-April 2014 and then a cool summer. Even Hawaii had snow at Christmas 2014. Stories about record cold all over the globe have appeared repeatedly over the last decade.

Friends, there is no “global warming”. Temperature records show that the world has been in a cooling trend since 1998. Here is an excerpt from the Christian Science Monitor of September 17, 2014 about the growing ice sheet at the South Pole:

For an unprecedented third year in a row, Antarctica’s sea ice is poised to smash a new record this month. The Southern Hemisphere’s unrelenting winds and frigid air froze ocean water into 7.6 million square miles (19.7 million square kilometers) of Antarctic sea ice this southern winter, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) said… (end of Christian Science Monitor excerpt.)

Now look at the source for the dire CNN report – the National Climatic Data Center, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, i.e., the US government. We know that virtually all of these government agencies (excluding military, CIA, national security etc.) have been taken over by the hard socialist left, and will report anything to promote their agenda.

Environmentalists even have generally stopped using the term “global warming” in favor of the term “climate change”. They now tend to use “warming” only in the Summer… when it’s warm. Because ‘warming’ was debunked and so they quietly altered the name to “climate change” beginning around 2009. This came after Al Gore swore over and over again in 2006 and 2007 after he won the Ignoble Prize that ‘warming’ was “settled science”.

So why should we believe anything that environmentalists say when they were fundamentally wrong about their trademark issue of “warming”? We should not. But now this climate center is suddenly reporting ‘warming’ again. So what is going on here?

It is simple: We know that these eco-activists will say anything for their cause. In the famous “Climate-gate” e-mail scandal top ‘warming’ scientists even were caught discussing ways to fudge the numbers that they were giving out. Because once you tell one lie you will tell 100 lies. Environmentalists have been lying and exaggerating like crazy since the first earth day in 1970. The dire predictions made in 1970 by the top environmentalists are laughably inaccurate.

Notice that the CNN headline says that 2014 was the hottest year “on record”. First notice that this “hottest” year was alleged to be only .07 degrees above the previous hottest. Statistically this number is nothing; it even could be an error. Then notice that the records only go back to 1880 when the first records were kept. So even if it were true it would only be the hottest year since 1880. Big deal. These ‘warming’ alarmists conveniently ignore recurring periods of very hot weather throughout the 20th century and then they totally avoid any discussion of the much hotter temperatures during the 400 years(!) of the Medieval Warm Period in Europe from 900 AD to 1300 AD, long before the burning of oil or coal or natural gas which they now blame for “warming”. Amazing.

The biggest threat to our stable civilization is not from ‘global warming’; it is from people who intentionally deceive us over and over.

Why do ecologists lie pathologically? Here is the psychology: Environmentalism is a radical religion that worships trees, rocks, rivers, mountains, birds, etc. Its “god” is ‘climate change’ around which the religion revolves. Environmentalists see themselves as the high priests and protectors of their world. They believe that only they are saving the natural world, and all of us, from destruction. They believe that they are superior to the rest of us. Therefore they believe that they can say anything and that that then is the truth. It is a messiah complex and is very dangerous.

Worse they have seen their theories and ideas repeatedly being disproven and debunked and so like true religious fanatics they are becoming more desperate and even more extreme. It is shocking. Even Obama makes radical ‘climate’ pronouncements on a regular basis.

Here’s another example of the myriad ways that environmentalists deceive us: Millions of people in rural America have wood-burning stoves for heat. They buy wood by the truckload or in what are called ‘cords’ which is a stack of wood 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet long. Only problem is that you have absolutely no idea how much heat energy is contained in the wood. That figure could vary widely based on the actual usable volume of wood in the cord or in the truckload, the type of wood, the moisture content of the wood, how efficiently the wood burns in the stove etc.

On the other hand a gallon of heating oil or gasoline sold by ExxonMobil has every micro-molecule of energy content accurately measured under federal law. Yet these measurements have been mandated by the same environmentalists who say nothing about the unmeasurable energy value of wood. See their gargantuan double standard?

Meanwhile if you install solar panels on your house you have only a rough idea of how much energy they are going to produce. The output depends on the weather and particularly on the snow which blocks energy production altogether even for days after a storm when the panels remain covered. The energy output of solar panels can fluctuate substantially from one year to the next and from region to region. If gasoline fluctuated like that these ecologists would go berserk.

Windmills are the same story. There is no way to determine how much energy you will get from a windmill because it depends on the wind. Therefore it would be very dangerous to rely on either windmills or solar panels for our energy supply. Yet environmentalists continue to promote both.

By the way, wood-burning stoves start house fires that damage or destroy thousands of homes per year in the US. But the national toll from those fires is covered up by the ‘greenies’ and their media friends in order to keep the focus on the oil companies and “global warming” and all of the rest of their propaganda.

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