Bad Effects of Marijuana Spill Out of Colorado has been a vocal critic of marijuana legalization. Marijuana is just another vice that indeed is a “gateway” drug that leads to involvement with more serious drugs like cocaine. On the other hand, liberals support marijuana and have supported it since the 1960s as another way to undermine our society through more and more permissiveness. Now has reported:

DENVER – Colorado’s top law enforcement official promises to vigorously defend the state’s historic law legalizing marijuana after Nebraska and Oklahoma asked the U.S. Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional, saying the drug is freely flowing into neighboring states. …The complaint says the measure runs afoul of federal law and therefore violates the Constitution’s supremacy clause, which says federal laws trump state laws. (end of excerpt)

OK, so we have yet another problem with legal marijuana. This is on top of the many other problems beginning with the fact that the average pot-head is a spaced-out moron without a clue about anything except his own pleasure. Believe me, I know. I grew up around these people. They are narcissists who are totally out for themselves.

Now Colorado is earning $60 million a year by taxing marijuana precisely as neighboring states are seeing a spike in their own costs related to people taking marijuana over state borders, leading to higher costs in police, court and jail time and for traffic stops, searches, arrests, trials and incarcerations.

This comes on top of the many other “prices” being paid within Colorado, for instance that parents and their kids are smelling marijuana from nearby smokers coming into their yards. One Colorado barber even said that he would refuse customers who smelled of marijuana because he did not want children in his shop to be exposed to it. Good for him. His shop then was vandalized.

This is all happening because Obama is declining to use federal power to enforce the federal law against marijuana. That is why we need a Republican president, to reverse this situation. Here’s more on Colorado from Associated Press:

DENVER (AP) — Chris Easterling … is among a growing number of homeless people who have recently come to Colorado seeking its legal marijuana, and who now remain in the state and occupy beds in shelters, according to service providers. While no state agency records how many homeless people were drawn by legal (marijuana), officials at homeless centers say the influx they are seeing is straining their ability to meet the needs of the increasing population. “The older ones are coming for medical (marijuana), the younger ones are coming just because it’s legal,” said Brett Van Sickle, director of Denver’s Salvation Army Crossroads Shelter, which has more than doubled its staff to accommodate the increase. (end of AP excerpt)

So there you go. Marijuana simply attracts trouble and it actually creates its own trouble. Now here is an excerpt from to add to the list of objectionable factors about marijuana:

In this new study, researchers compared marijuana smoke to tobacco smoke, using smoking machines to simulate the smoking habits of users. The scientists found that ammonia levels were 20 times higher in the marijuana smoke than in the tobacco smoke, while hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide and certain aromatic amines occurred at levels 3-5 times higher in the marijuana smoke… (end of excerpt)

Yet the anti-tobacco zealots have not said a word about marijuana. Now here are two excerpts from Columbia University:

•Brain: Smoking (marijuana) causes changes in your brain’s chemistry, specifically inhibiting the function of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, a chemical that transfers information from one nerve cell to another. This accounts for what happens when a person is high — s/he loses her/his short-term memory and often experiences impaired coordination. Smoking (marijuana) interferes with intellectual performance and impairs thinking, reading comprehension, and verbal and arithmetic problem solving, too. For chronic users, these effects may continue long after the high is gone. Many of the changes that occur in the brain of chronic pot smokers are similar to those experienced by abusers of other drugs. •Mental Health: Increased rates of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and schizophrenia have all been linked to long term marijuana use (end of Columbia excerpt)

Just these facts alone should tell us not to legalize marijuana. Don’t you think that something like marijuana that makes you feel ‘high’ is in fact adversely affecting your brain? Of course it is.

Think about the homeless people you see all over the US walking the streets in a daze, sleeping on the sidewalk and picking through dumpsters for food. Rest assured that some of that – millions of cases nationwide over the last few decades – is the direct result of marijuana use. But it is only called “drug abuse” or psychosis or something else. Don’t expect the Leftist Media to study it, expose it or report on it because they favor marijuana. Just google the words ‘long-term effects of marijuana’ or anything like it and you will find a lot of information.

But then the pro-marijuana crowd defends itself over and over by saying that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. Nonsense; they can be equally destructive but here’s the reason that marijuana is worse: Alcohol has been legal and accepted throughout history, and you can drink a cocktail or a beer or a glass of wine and enjoy it and not get drunk. But every person who smokes just one puff of today’s super-powerful marijuana is trying to get ‘high’ and indeed gets very ‘high’ and has his/her brain chemistry altered dramatically. Two or three puffs put you in another world. And there are reported to be 14 million regular marijuana users in the United States alone. This number will increase substantially under legalization.

If marijuana is legalized in more places we will see more bad effects. It already is leading to open marijuana use in Colorado and in Washington state where it also is legal. One of the most destructive effects will be that more and more people including young kids will smell marijuana because the smoke cannot be contained. This problem already has arisen in Colorado where concerned parents have protested the new law. Then more people and more young kids will be drawn into marijuana use and many will become lifelong addicts.

I personally have known marijuana addicts who have been smoking pot since the 1960s and they cannot stop. They smoke it every day or regularly. If young kids see it legalized some are going to think nothing of smoking it in 5th grade because it will be so easily available and will have the sheen of legality. Rest assured that many of these kids will become pot-heads by junior high school and many of them for the rest of their lives.

Another key factor is that left-wing and ‘hippie’-type drug dealers and marijuana growers want to get rich on legal marijuana. Always follow the money if you want to know what is behind any liberal idea. That is why Democrats are pushing increasingly for ‘medical marijuana’ legalization. Because they see profits down the road for themselves with it and with full legalization.

As predicted by the legalization of marijuana is leading to rapid cultural degradation. reported about Seattle, Washington after less than one year of marijuana legalization:

Seattle has long been a city known for being ahead of the curve. But now, a range of issues – including a jump in serious downtown crime and open (marijuana) smoking – are threatening to open a rift between police and politicians that could damage the city’s image. “We were getting more and more comments from people who are working downtown, owning a business, living downtown or visiting, that they just weren’t feeling comfortable anymore,” says Kate Joncas, Executive Director of the Downtown Seattle Association.

Joncas wrote a letter to the city council saying the level of violence downtown was unacceptable and was putting Seattle’s economy at risk. One business apparently not hurting is marijuana sales. But while recreational pot is now legal statewide, it is still against the law to smoke it in public.

Minors are barred from lighting up anywhere. But whether at the annual (public celebration of marijuana in Seattle) or on the streets downtown, it remains a law that is largely ignored by both public and police. Meantime, violent crime in the downtown business district jumped. Among the highest profile crimes were the fatal stabbing of a soccer fan by a homeless man and a city bus shooting that left the driver injured and shooter dead. At the same time, Seattle police have been accused of de-policing. Recently City Attorney Pete Holmes levied the charge, saying there was evidence officers were no longer dealing with nuisance crimes like urinating in public and open drug use. (end of excerpt)

This shows that Seattle is yet another ultra-liberal city that is collapsing under its own “tolerance”. As expected. Public pot smoking now is another sign of social decay and so it simply encourages other bad behaviors. You can see why decent, hard-working, family-oriented middle-class people are fleeing many cities with their children and leaving behind the poorer, drug abusing, pot smoking, alcoholic, homeless etc. They are really fleeing liberalism, and liberalism is getting worse and worse. Do the pro-marijuana people care?

No. They care about their agenda, about getting ‘high’ and about other people getting ‘high’. This is an effort by the political left to break down our society with more and more permissiveness. Here is another article from CBS4 in Denver:

The Denver City Council has made a move to try and make sure minors who are caught with pot aren’t punished too harshly. A law voters passed last year decriminalized marijuana possession for adults but it didn’t consider the legal repercussions for a minor. People under 21 with pot were left open to criminal charges that would stay on their permanent record. Denver city councilors want it to become a civil charge still enforced by a petty fine but with no lasting legal consequences. (end of CBS4 excerpt)

So the liberals are even making sure that young people don’t get in trouble for marijuana. This, friends, is part of the socialist plan to get as many people hooked on marijuana as possible. This is classic liberalism.

The nation of Uruguay, with a former communist guerilla as its president, has even legalized marijuana. This is an obvious recipe for destruction. And we are watching marijuana legalization happen incrementally right before our eyes in America. And millions of very manipulative people on the left are urging this degradation.

This is yet another way to undermine our nation. Because when you are ‘high’ on marijuana you lose your sense of dignity and propriety and self-respect. These pot-heads are losers and jerks. They could care less and less about important things and they are easily controlled by the government and destroyed personally, just like opium destroyed China.

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