Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline

Barack Obama has vetoed a bill authorizing construction of the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline from Canada to Texas. The veto was expected.

This veto is yet another step in the attempt by the socialist left to de-carbonize the American economy. It is yet another means of halting the efficient flow of carbon fuels throughout the United States. This veto accompanies opposition to oil and gas drilling on federal lands, opposition to tapping the ANWR deposit in Alaska, and opposition to new refinery construction.

You may think that we will always rely on oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, coal and natural gas, but think again. This veto will add to carbon fuel costs by pushing up the cost and risk of moving those fuels, making wind and solar seem like a rational alternative.

But wind energy and solar power do not work. They produce virtually no energy for our modern standard of living. Try sailing to Europe instead of flying and you will find out how little energy there really is in the wind. Try running your car on electricity generated by the sun. You won’t even get across town.

Nationwide Obama’s radical environmental allies are opposing pipelines everywhere including here in Massachusetts. Underground pipelines are the new bogeyman of the enviro movement. Yet pipelines are the safest way to move crucial crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel and natural gas. There are reported to be more than 1 million miles of pipeline buried under the United States. We drive over them every day, but don’t even know it. They do their work silently and efficiently.

The recent oil train derailment and explosion in West Virginia, and the huge July 2013 oil train accident in Quebec which killed 47 people, well illuminate how much we need pipelines so that we don’t have to move volatile fuels on trains. Thus we must consider the true nature of this pipeline opposition.

First, one of the Obama’s biggest supporters is America’s second richest man Warren Buffett, who owns BNSF, one of the four major freight railroads in America. BNSF is earning billions in revenue hauling crude oil, and thus Obama does not want any of that business to shift away from his friend Buffett to pipelines.

More disturbingly, however, is the bigger picture of what is going on. By cutting off the efficient movement of fuel, environmentalists are seeking to thwart our economy by replacing reliable carbon fuels with unreliable and expensive solar and wind energy.
This shifts wealth, power and jobs away from the reliable fuels and to the unreliable sources promoted by the environmentalist left which now earns tens of billions of dollars per year building and installing windmills and solar panels.

This money comes from taxpayer subsidies of wind and solar, and electricity ratepayer subsidies too. It is a direct transfer of wealth to the socialist left. Grossly inefficient solar energy and wind power wouldn’t have a prayer of working without big and direct taxpayer/ratepayer subsidies. Nuclear, oil, natural gas and coal require no such subsidies.

Remember the key rule here: Environmentalism is not about ‘the environment’. Its goal is to shift wealth, power and jobs to the “green” socialist left, with devastating consequences for the rest of us and for our economy. In other words, they get richer as we all suffer. This is classic socialism.

Environmentalism is just like all of the socialist programs which never achieve what they are supposed to do, as we are told that wind and solar are supposed to provide abundant “clean” energy. They don’t.

In Massachusetts, environmentalists are organized in every town against a natural gas pipeline that is being deemed crucial to the region which has become heavily reliant on gas. Yet the same environmentalists who urged us for decades to adopt natural gas now are leading the charge to cut off our supplies via this pipeline. This demonstrates who these people really are. They are treacherous militants in every way, shape and form. They go from one extreme to another.

They use misinformation, lies, deception and media trickery to make their case. They show us videos of rare pipeline explosions when in fact pipelines are the safest conduits of all. They tell landowners that their land will lose value if it has a pipeline under it. They claim that the pipeline company has an ulterior plan to sell the natural gas overseas when there is no evidence of that whatsoever. They claim that the Marcellus Shale natural gas field in Pennsylvania will be exhausted in the near future when its reserves are expected to last into the next century.

In short, environmentalists are using every deception in the book to seek to slowly cut off our carbon fuels. Don’t think so? Think again. And they now have an ally in the White House. Obama is the first ever anti-petroleum president and blocking Keystone is one element in his plan to “transform” America into a poorer nation run on poor-man’s energy like solar and wind power.

On the other hand, the mega-wealthy environmentalists in Hollywood and San Francisco and New York who fly on their private jets all over the world, will never feel the effects of the de-carbonization plan, which is intended to push up carbon energy prices, harming every American who drives a car or heats his home with oil or natural gas.

No, the socialist billionaires don’t care about energy prices one whit. They care about controlling the behavior of Americans, and one of their crucial tools is to control our energy supply. They thus are allying themselves with Obama and with the anti-Keystone radicals to throttle our reliable energy supplies while they themselves feel none of the burden while the rest of us shoulder all of it.

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