We Should Fear ‘Green’ Agenda Most

There was a debate held in New York City about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which are food crops that are modified by biological engineering to grow better and faster, and to resist disease, rot and bugs.

GMOs are one of the new targets of the environmental movement which calls them ‘FrankenFood’ as if they are dangerous and scary. Yet billions of people all around the world consume GMOs every day, have for many years, and GMOs are not harming anyone. Environmentalists don’t want you to know this inconvenient little truth. As with all of environmentalism they are seeking to create yet another false hysteria about something that is harmless in order to increase their funding on the issue.

The debate audience was asked to vote, both before the debate and after the debate, on whether they favored or opposed GMOs. Before the debate the vote was 32% for GMOs, 30% opposed and 38% undecided. After the debate, the vote was 60% in favor of GMOs, 31% against and 9% undecided. This is very interesting but not all that surprising. Because two significant things happened that are worth noting:

First, when allowed to hear a free and open debate with both sides presented a whopping 28% of the audience went from undecided to favoring GMOs. Second, the percentage of people opposed to GMOs remained almost the same both before and after the debate.

This supports the Nikitas3.com theorem that people holding the environmentalist point of view (in this case opposed to GMOs) generally maintain a fixed position that doesn’t change, i.e., the facts don’t matter because environmentalism appeals to narrow-minded people who make up their minds based on what they read in an enviro pamphlet. On the other hand these numbers indicate that open-minded people who want to know the facts will generally side with the conservative viewpoint because conservatism always makes sense. This applies to any issue from GMOs to taxes to foreign policy.

This illustrates precisely why environmentalists always seek to censor any opposing point of view. Because environmentalism thrives on emotion, deception, fear, censorship, name-calling and an uninformed populace. It cannot stand up to the facts or to open debate, which is why no environmentalists will openly debate “climate change” or “global warming”… or whatever they are calling it these days.

Friends, don’t believe what these environmentalists say. For instance when they tell you that we can use wind and solar energy to power our modern world, just ignore them. Because wind and solar energy cannot do so. And if all Americans hear an open debate they will largely agree. That is why there is no national debate, for instance held in prime time on national television. Because environmentalists will never debate openly. Because they know they will lose. That is why you never saw Al Gore debating openly about his ‘global warming’ theory, which now has been dismissed even by most environmentalists who have conveniently altered the name to ‘climate change’.

Oh, sure, there is definitely some negligible energy in the wind and the sun, but very little, and here is how to prove how little it is:

Next time you go to Europe or next time one of your environmentalist friends goes to Europe, try traveling across the Atlantic Ocean by sailing ship instead of on a jetliner. It will take a month to get to Europe and it will prove two things:

*That indeed there is energy in the wind, as environmentalists claim; but that
*It is not a usable amount of energy for our modern world. It is, in effect, no energy at all for our modern standard of living.

The same applies to solar energy. Here’s how to prove it: Next Thanksgiving try cooking your dinner in a solar oven in the back yard. Even if it happens to be a bright, sunny day – which is only somewhat likely – it will take all day to cook, or many days. Which again will prove two things:

*That indeed there is energy in sunlight, as environmentalists claim; but that
*It is not a usable amount of energy for our modern world. It is, in effect, no energy at all for our modern standard of living.

So do not ever believe what these environmentalists say on any subject. For instance ecologists often say things like “more solar energy falls on the earth in a single day than the total energy that the whole world consumes in a year.”

And even if this is true it is irrelevant to the debate at hand. Because you have to figure out how to harness that solar energy, which we have seen cannot be done economically. There is such a tiny amount of energy in the sun’s light that it cannot be captured without very expensive hardware to do so. That is why all wind and solar power must be heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

To power America with solar energy we would need to cover much of the country in solar panels, or put up 2 million or even more of these 400-foot-tall windmills all across the US from wilderness areas, to mountaintops, to farms, to small towns, to suburbs, to cities. We would be “imprisoned” by industrial-scale windmills. We already are in some places. The countryside would be ruined. It already is in some places. What is so “environmental” about that?

Nothing. Now here is how to think about the sun: It makes life on the earth possible and that is its role. Without it we all would die. But the life that it makes possible is limited. That’s why mankind suffered for thousands of years until oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power were developed.

And if we start to again rely on solar energy or wind power we will regress into a standard of living that existed before coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power raised our standard of living, back when the average lifespan was 35 years old.

The answer to our global electricity needs is nuclear power, which has never harmed a single American. All of the hysteria about nuclear power is fake and is ginned up by environmentalists to raise money. But if you actually look closely at the issue, there is not one single example of any American being killed by nuclear power, even at the Three Mile Island accident, or any Japanese dying at Fukushima. Out of hundreds of thousands of US military personnel who have served on or around nuclear-powered aircraft carriers or submarines, there is no indication that any of them have been adversely affected. So let’s have an open debate about nuclear power and about solar energy and you will see the truth. But don’t expect the ecologists to ever debate, or their media cronies to ever stage a debate. Because they know ahead of time what the outcome will be.

In case you have not noticed, energy prices are skyrocketing all over the world from “green” policies, but falling because of capitalist, free-market policies like “fracking” for oil and natural gas. In Germany, which has the most “green” energy of any nation, electricity now costs three times as much as it does in the United States.

his is no surprise. Environmentalists have been saying for decades that they want energy to be more expensive because they know that higher prices will lead us all to use less energy. So they cause energy prices to rise with their policies but conveniently avoid discussing the fact that it is their very policies that are hurting us.

For instance, in Massachusetts, electricity rates are going up and up and up, recently rising 27% overnight. They have been going up for years. In 2008, in Berkshire County alone, 400 good-paying paper manufacturing jobs were lost in a small county with only 140,000 people. The manufacturers closed the plants because the cost of electricity had gone too high under the state’s “green” policies.
So what should we fear most? GMOs? Nuclear power? Fracking?

No, these systems have increased supplies, brought down energy prices and food prices, and made life better. No, we really should fear the “green” agenda most. It will take us back in time to an era that we really do not want to re-visit.

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