Kudos to Southwest Airlines in Offensive T-Shirt Case

A young male traveler on Southwest Airlines was barred from re-entering a flight by gate personnel after he was stopped wearing a shirt that said ‘Broad Fucking City’ in big letters. He claimed that he could wear the shirt because he had “freedom of speech” rights. This college student was returning from something called the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas and was wearing the shirt that was handed out at the festival by the Comedy Central cable TV channel.

OK, so let’s look at this case issue by issue:

*First, South by Southwest is one of these low-grade “arts festivals” full of no-talent left-wingers promoting their dreadful twaddle. There is usually never a conservative artist or thoughtful, constructive presentation anywhere.
*Second, the shirt was intentionally offensive. But what else would you expect – it came from Comedy Central. This is the cable TV station that airs the “comedian” Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) who is a leftist propagandist who puts up the false front of an entertainer as he reports on political news on what is called The Daily Show.
*The shirt was intended to offend. Children might have seen the shirt, and I would be insulted even as an adult. If I had seen this guy with this shirt on an airline I would ask that he be removed from the flight. There is enough profanity in the world without this type of nonsense.
*The student declared reflexively that he was being denied his freedom of speech rights when he was asked to remove the shirt. This is the stock response from today’s know-nothing classes. Here is the exchange, captured on video and reported on Foxnews.com between the student Daniel Podolsky of Chicago when he sought to re-board the plane in St. Louis where it had been grounded by bad weather:

Gate Agent: ”Can you change the shirt?” Podolsky: ”Nope.” Gate Agent: “Can you put the jacket on and leave it on through the flight?” Podolsky: [unclear] Gate Agent: “Can you put the shirt on inside out?” Podolsky: “Nope.” Gate Agent: “Is there anything you can do not to display the shirt because at this point we can’t allow you to go.” Podolsky: “I have freedom of speech.” Gate Agent: “I know you do…” Podolsky: “Really it’s not bothering anyone.” Gate Agent: “I can show you in our contract of carriage that you can’t wear any shirts that says offensive…” Podolsky: “Can we take a poll?” (end of exchange)

Podolsky is one of these little college twits who thinks he knows everything. And as usual he is confusing his ‘personal freedom’ to say and do what he wants with standards of public decency that indeed can be legislated. There are laws against a vast array of behaviors in public, and for good reason. For instance, you cannot shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater even though you may think that you have the “free speech” right to do so. Private companies like Southwest also can make their own rules when you are on their property. Podolsky obviously did not know any of this because he is a stupid American college student who knows nothing beyond what his radical professors tell him.

Notice that the agent offers Podolsky several opportunities to change the shirt, but he refused. Yet Foxnews.com reports that Podolsky claimed that he “would have gladly” changed the shirt if he had been asked to. So this guy is a liar on top of everything else, which is par for the course for today’s left-wingers, i.e., always lie if it is convenient or necessary to your personal interest.

Friends, this is what we get from the 50-year assault on our liberties, propriety and decorum by the socialist left. Everything good is maligned – families, white men, corporations, Christianity, the middle class, hard work, self-reliance, etc. Then despicable behavior and language is accepted, as it is more and more on television and in our public discourse. In short, We the People are said to have no rights to object to things that we deem offensive while a college student is said to have every right to insult us to our faces.

There is a case in Charlotte, North Carolina where a man has been seen standing naked at his front door in a residential neighborhood for many years. Police say that they can do nothing because he is on his own property, yet this guy should be arrested under a “disturbing the peace” law which can cover issues not specifically addressed in the statutes. And since he hasn’t been arrested, then the Charlotte police chief should be fired.

Southwest Airlines should get a medal for standing by their agent who acted in the interest of the people on the flight, and in the interest of decency. This kid should be banned from any future Southwest flights as a nuisance passenger. Businesses routinely ban such customers.

So let Podolsky take Amtrak next time. Amtrak’s service is as bad as Podolsky’s behavior.

In another airline case, the apparently intentional crashing of a German airliner, with 149 killed besides the co-pilot who took the plane down, is a story that needs great scrutiny. Here is an excerpt from today (March 27) from Foxnews.com that is very disturbing:

On Friday, the German newspaper Bild, citing police and airline sources, published what it claimed were details of Lubitz’s medical records. The paper claimed that Lubitz had been designated as “not suitable for flying” by his instructors at Lufthansa’s training school in Arizona around the time that he halted his pursuit of a pilot’s license in 2009.

Bild reported that Lubitz spent 18 months receiving psychiatric treatment, was diagnosed with a “severe depressive episode,” and received what it called a “special regular medical examination.” The report added that investigators were examining whether Lubitz was suffering from a “personal life crisis”, including the possibility that there were problems in his relationship with his girlfriend.

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