Oil Sands Emerging as Important Energy Source

Oil sands are a small part of the world’s current energy supply but their importance is growing. Oil sands are sand or dirt that is saturated with crude oil, and they exist in many countries. In processing, surface sands are stripped off of the land and put into a steam heating system where the oil is drained away. Underground oil sands are processed in place, through steam injection into the ground which heats up the oil which then is collected and piped to the surface.

The largest oil sands operation in the world today is in western Canada, in the northeastern part of the province of Alberta near a remote wilderness outpost called Fort McMurray. It currently produces 1.8 million barrels of crude oil per day from both underground and surface mining. This production is more than Canada’s daily consumption, while the United States currently consumes 20 million barrels a day. Alberta’s production is expected to grow significantly in coming decades, up to 3 million barrels per day.

Alberta is 255,000 square miles or about the size of Texas. These Alberta sands have been reported to hold up to 1 TRILLION barrels of crude oil, which is equal to all of the oil that the whole world has used in the last 150 years. Alberta sands could provide enough oil to power both Canada and the United States for centuries to come, while untouched sands in nearby Manitoba province are estimated to hold equal amounts. Only 276 square miles of Alberta today are being surface-mined (sand/dirt scraped off the surface, often to depths of 50 feet or more), or an area just 16 miles by 17 miles. That’s about one-tenth of one percent of Alberta’s land area to provide all of that energy. Amazing.

After surface oil sands are processed the leftover sand or dirt then is spread back on the ground where it came from. Grass and trees are planted and thus the land looks much like it did before.

Environmentalists are seeking to halt oil sands production but wise Canadians know that oil sands are providing crucial energy for their own country, and for the US and for the whole global energy supply. This keeps a lid on global oil prices. These Canadians have decided that their nation is going to contribute to the world supply rather than reducing it and driving up prices like environmentalists are doing everywhere possible by blocking oil, natural gas, oil sands, oil shale, “fracking”, pipelines etc.

American environmentalists are taking another tack to obstruct the oil sands. They are seeking to halt the construction of the Keystone pipeline which would carry the Canadian oil to US refineries in Texas. This won’t stop production, however. Halting Keystone has simply led the Canadians to change their strategy. They already are shipping the oil by train; they may build their own pipeline to their own West Coast and export the oil; or they could build their own refineries, which actually would be an excellent idea.

The Middle Eastern oil cartel called the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is terrified of oil sands development and other new technologies like “fracking” that are producing large amounts of oil and natural gas all over the globe. Because these technologies are going to end OPEC control of the global oil supply, which is a great development for the world.

Through oil sands, oil shale, advanced multi-directional drilling practices, accurate oil reservoir location techniques, and “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing of underground rock formations to free up large supplies of oil and natural gas) the world oil and natural gas supply is entering yet another new phase of abundance after ecologists have told us for decades that the world is running out of oil. Even Israel now believes that it may have more oil than Saudi Arabia in underground oil shale, which is a wax-like oil deposit trapped in layers in shale rock formations.

American gasoline prices have fallen sharply in the last year, and natural gas prices are low because of American “fracking” and because of increased supplies from Canada. The Saudi Arabians are opposed to all of these technologies, and so are American environmentalists because they are demolishing the “green” narrative that the world is running out of oil. Thus American ecologists are allying themselves with Middle Eastern oil interests to obstruct American oil and natural gas production. And if you want to know how sinister this partnership is becoming, just consider this video made by conservative activist James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas.

O’Keefe arranged a fake luncheon meeting in Spring 2014 with several Follywood celebrities including Susan Sarandon, Mariel Hemingway, Ed Begley Jr. and others. He secretly filmed the encounters using his own actor, who was posing as an oil sheikh from the Middle East. The “sheikh” told the Follywood idiots that “fracking” is increasing US oil supplies and is threatening his family business and would lead to American energy independence and an end to the Saudi oil monopoly. So he wondered if the Follywood idiots would take millions of dollars from him to make a film against “fracking”.

The idiots actually agreed! Gladly! Yes! Eagerly! They sided with an enemy of the American economy! And they added that they would keep the whole deal quiet. Amazing. Stunning. Traitors in our midst. Just like we conservatives have said for decades.

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