Hillary Announces/ Obama Embraces Tyranny

Hillary Clinton has formally announced her plan to run for president of the United States in 2016. Big deal. We all knew this was coming, but even the announcement was worse than expected. It was simply a campaign advertisement, with no personal appearance by Hillary. That’s because her handlers keep her away from microphones because she is such a terrible speaker and campaigner. Even an official press announcement said in an embarrassing typo that Hillary has “fought children and families all her career”.

Her ad pictured women, children, gays, blacks, hispanics and the elderly but hardly anything about the white middle class, which the Democrats are losing by the millions. Meanwhile the ad said that “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top” yet in 2014 Hillary herself said that she and her husband are not “truly well off” even with their $100+ million fortune.

Nikitas3.com has said repeatedly that Hillary is a weak candidate. She speaks hesitantly and says a lot of stupid things like “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs”. She said that the United States can advance international peace by “showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.” Her tenure as secretary of state was marked by the Benghazi attack, the rise of militant Islam in Egypt, and a State Department drug scandal and prostitution scandal.

This is why many Democrats are secretly terrified of Hillary’s candidacy. Nikitas3.com believes that she will stumble and that a Republican will win the presidency in 2016. Now here is today’s second editorial:

Obama Embraces Tyranny

If you lived through the 1980s you remember that the Leftist Media, the Democrat party and the intellectual classes treated Republican US president Ronald Reagan as if he were the primary threat to the world. On the other hand they treated the vicious Soviet communists and their allies all over the globe, like the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, as the good guys who were working night and day to make their system produce the “paradise” that they promised.

Who could forget Democrat president John F. Kennedy standing in 1962 before the communist-built Berlin Wall and sympathizing with the people behind it (“I am a Berliner…” he said) while conservative Republican Ronald Reagan went to the same wall in 1987 and demanded of the Soviet leader, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Therein lies the difference between the two parties’ approaches to tyranny: One party seems to seek to accommodate it, while the other says to defy it. In fact the Berlin Wall was a classic communist structure. While America has for centuries had tens of millions of immigrants breaking down the door to enter our country, the Berlin Wall was literally built to prevent people from fleeing communist East Berlin, like the walls of a jail. Because communism is no different than jail.

Now Barack Obama has opened up relations with the brutal dictatorship in communist Cuba. He recently held an hour-long meeting in Panama with Cuban dictator Raul Castro.

Cuba has not given its citizens one inch of freedom since Castro’s brother seized power in 1959. This is the communist template. The Cuban people have suffered enormous material deprivation too, which is another hallmark of communism. Yet Obama and the Democrats have said all along that democratic reforms and prosperity take time, and they have sought to reach out to Cuba from the start.

Indeed it takes time. It took 74 years for Soviet communism to eat itself alive – under intense pressure from Ronald Reagan – taking down hundreds of millions of people with its sinking ship, and murdering tens of millions too, including victims in the satellite states like Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria.

But the political left, and particularly the university elites, told us that communism was here to stay, that the Berlin Wall was a permanent fixture on the world stage, and that we just had to learn to love it all. One famous New York Times reporter, Walter Duranty, reported Soviet propaganda as fast as the communists could hand it to him. Reports Wikipedia.org :

Walter Duranty was a …journalist who served as the Moscow Bureau Chief of the New York Times (1922–36). Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for a series of stories on the Soviet Union. Duranty has been criticized for his denial of widespread famine, most particularly the Ukraine mass starvation (1932–33). Years later, there were calls to revoke his Pulitzer; even The New York Times acknowledged his articles constituted “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.” (end of Wikipedia.org excerpt)

Communism always eventually dies because it is a filthy, murderous, thieving, atheistic corpse that has denied every liberty to its people, while its economic system has denied them even staples like bread. Its leaders have been the most corrupt and violent in history. And while the world has repeatedly tossed communism on “the ash heap of history” in the words of Ronald Reagan, it still exists in some putrid pockets like Cuba and in North Korea, perhaps the most oppressive nation in history. Meanwhile even the communist dictators in China adopted capitalism to save their sorry behinds from a genuine popular revolt over their economic failure.

Yet Obama continues to reach out to bad people, from those on the radical right of militant Islam to the radical left of Cuba. He has repeatedly criticized Christianity, and apologized for America.

Ronald Reagan in 1983 referred to the Soviet Union as an “evil empire”. He was correct but the Democrats and leftists went nuts over the comment. Reagan stared down three Soviet dictators in a row while the Democrats called him a dangerous cowboy. He boldly installed modern nuclear missiles in Europe over the protests of millions, in order to counter Soviet missiles pointed at the West. He confronted tyranny with faith, courage and conviction, and he won.

If Obama had been president in those years we would still have a communist structure in the old Soviet Union. We have seen much improvement, but now Russia seems to be fading back into some of its old totalitarian ways. Let us pray that it is just one step backward after two steps forward to lasting freedom.

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