Conservatives are the Reason that America Exists has always supported the conservative point of view, and also has generally supported the Republican party because Republicans are always better than Democrats. Because Republicans always, often or sometimes support a conservative point of view while Democrats never do.

But increasingly we are seeing Republicans failing to stand up for conservative causes. This is nothing new, but the times today are different. We did not have a radical in the White House before, and so Republican concessions in the past did not have devastating effects that they are having today.

Even back in 1964 many Republicans ran away from their own conservative presidential nominee Barry Goldwater largely because of one thing that Goldwater said: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” This quote was used to hammer Goldwater, yet it is precisely the type of idea that sparked the American Revolution – that sometimes a people need to go to extreme action like war in order to gain and insure freedom. Goldwater was right, but it was not acceptable for a politician to say it. Yet America is living proof that Goldwater was correct, as many peoples throughout history have gone to war to insure their freedom.

The winner of that 1964 election was Democrat Lyndon Johnson who was perhaps the most corrupt person ever to become president after Obama. Johnson was a ruthless, arrogant, scheming Democrat who craved political power and did everything he could to get it and wield it. Even his first election to the US Senate from Texas was suspected of being stolen by a few hundred votes. Then when Johnson was savaged as an unpopular president he retired in January 1969 and retreated into dementia, like a good liberal.

Johnson gave us a national disaster in two ways. He steeply escalated the Vietnam War and he gave us Medicare and other so-called Great Society programs that have ballooned into economy-gobbling giveaways that are not curing poverty but making it worse. Because anything that the government subsidizes increases in size. And when the government subsidizes poor, dependent people, their numbers increase. That is why there are 50 million poor people in America after 70 years of the most generous financial handouts in the history of the world.

Goldwater’s famous book The Conscience of a Conservative is full of wisdom. Because conservatism is not an ideology – it is simple common sense and timeless wisdom that built America, and it is the only reason that we are all here today in the greatest nation ever.

Many Americans today take our prosperity and freedom for granted, however. For instance they don’t give a second thought to the separation of powers, or our three-part government that works so well. They just accept it without considering that the Founding Fathers created this system after a great deal of debate and thought. The Founders were intelligent, contemplative conservatives who knew that they had a once-in-history opportunity to build something extraordinary from scratch with the American Revolution.

It is said that only 30% of Americans even wanted to fight the Revolution, i.e., to employ “extremism in the defense of liberty”. That 30% was like the 30% of Americans who call themselves conservatives today. Indeed there is a reason that conservatives today are called the Tea Party, and we are the reason that America even exists. The rest of Colonial America was content to remain attached to England and to become decadent and corrupt like England.

We conservatives are also the only reason that nations all over the world have any sense of modern liberty. From the early democracies of Ancient Greece through the writings of Cicero, John Locke and Montesquieu, wise conservatives from Tom Paine to George Washington to Ronald Reagan have carefully and thoughtfully outlined the premises for human liberty.

Meanwhile the whole idea of freedom has been dismissed throughout history by people who want to control the world. Communists, fascists, Islamists and others have hated freedom. Then Americans like Republican House speaker John Boehner and US Senator John McCain often give in to extremist Obama without a fight. This is abhorrent. We will lose our liberty if we continue on this path.

Now consider Obamacare, which is a massive government imposition on the American people championed by Democrats. The Founding Fathers would have rejected Obamacare out of hand. Yet here is what one of the most radical Democrats, black Michigan congressman John Conyers, said about actually reading the 2,000 page Obamacare bill:

“What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”

Friends, do you see what we Freedom Fighters are up against? Over and over and over we see the deadening and devastating effects of Democrat policies and the clueless and shallow nature of those who advocate them. It is shocking. Then it is we conservatives who are called names.

If we had had bills like Obamacare 200 years ago the nation never would have got off the ground. Fortunately more and more Americans are now seeing what we Freedom Fighters have been saying from the start, that we must limit our government or our government will limit us.

This is not an ideology. This is common sense and we see it in action every single day.
That is why we should all be happy about the Republican surge in the November 2014 mid-term elections, but skeptical that the GOP will always do what is right. Then again we Tea Partiers might just have to fight the American Revolution all over again.

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