Democrat Employment Policies Endanger Us All

There is a public-service announcement (PSA) on my local radio station about workplace safety. The PSA is from a group funded by the US Department of Justice. It says that you should always be aware of strangers in the workplace; report burned out light bulbs and broken windows; don’t leave your purse, wallet or keys unattended; use caution when entering stairwells, bathrooms or parking garages, etc.

This is the same Obama Justice Department that has allowed millions of illegal aliens, including criminals, to flood into the country; or that called it “workplace violence” and not terrorism when a Muslim terrorist murdered 13 US military personnel at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.

That Muslim was a US Army major who was well-known to Army officials as an Islamic radical who was potentially very dangerous. Yet they did nothing about him in order not to offend his Islamic sensibilities under multicultural liberalism. Meanwhile the PSA says, “If you notice an employee acting irrationally, tell your employer.” Unless the employee is a known nut-case Muslim who visits extremist websites, as the Fort Hood terrorist did. Because your employer – the US Army – already knows about him and has done nothing.

In September 2014 Colleen Hufford, a white worker at a food processing plant in Oklahoma, was attacked and beheaded by a militant black Muslim co-worker. The Muslim had a criminal record including drug dealing, assault on a police officer and escape from detention. Thus the question is: How did he get the job with that criminal record? Didn’t the employer check into his past?

Answer: Probably not. Because Democrats have been doing everything in their power to make sure that bad people can get jobs in order to “help” them to become good citizens. Because Democrats for the last 30 years have been increasingly restricting inquiries by an employer into a job applicant’s past. This is part of liberal political correctness, so that everyone has an equal chance at a job including child molesters, rapists and drug dealers.

At the same time an honest, hard-working employee like Colleen Hufford also was not entitled under Democrat policies to know who was working alongside her. In fact readers of this column may be in a workplace with a person with a violent past but would never know. Because the Democrat party does not want you to know. And if you end up dead like Colleen Hufford that’s too bad, according to liberalism. Because that is the price we pay for “caring”.

Now here is more on the subject, a story about a US Marine who was killed in Afghanistan in 2012. This is from

The family of murdered Marine Greg Buckley just wants answers. Three days before he was scheduled to come home, in 2012, Lance Cpl. Buckley was killed in Afghanistan, in the one place he was supposed to be safe. He wasn’t killed in a firefight on a battlefield, or by a roadside bomb while on patrol. The 21-year-old was working out with fellow Marines at the base gym when an Afghan teenager walked in carrying an AK-47 — and emptied the clip, killing Buckley and two others. …(Buckley’s) family’s lawsuit accuses the (Defense) department of hiding details surrounding Buckley’s death. His father says supervisors ignored warnings and allowed an unsavory Afghan police chief named Sarwar Jan to live on the base. Jan allegedly was involved in selling drugs, uniforms and weapons to the Taliban and brought young so-called “tea boys” on post to serve as sex slaves. It was one of those alleged “tea boys” who opened fire on the Marines that day in 2012. The shooter, 17 years old at the time, was convicted and sentenced to seven years. … Buckley’s father told Fox News that his son, before his death, sensed something was wrong at the base, in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. “He says we have a bad feeling that we are not going to be able to ever get home. I think these people here are going to turn on us. He says they’re just not right,” Buckley said. (end of excerpt)

OK, so here we have Obama’s ideas in action, again in the military, like Fort Hood. This murder of Lance Cpl. Buckley never should have happened, just as Fort Hood should never have happened. But this is what we get with our multicultural military policies. How did Sarwar Jan get into a position of authority?

Through pure negligence and malice, that’s how, and it starts in the White House and now has permeated our military. Now here is a story with a different subject, about a child pornographer named Eric Justin Toth who was working at an elite Washington, DC private school. This is from

Around 2001 and 2002, parents in Indiana were concerned that (Toth) was too close to children while volunteering at an elementary school there, according to the FBI. And years later, police found evidence of child pornography that Toth may have made while working as a counselor at an all-boys summer camp in Wisconsin from 2004 through 2006. (end of excerpt)
So why didn’t the DC school administrators know about Toth’s past?

Answer: It is because under today’s politically-correct liberalism you cannot report anything suspicious when called for job references. If a parent in Indiana was asked about Toth and replied, “We think Toth was involved in suspicious activities involving our children”, that parent probably would have been sued for libel by some left-wing legal organization like ACLU.

Because unless someone is arrested, tried and convicted any ‘judgment’ can be termed discriminatory, according to ‘nonjudgmental’ liberalism. And even after conviction Democrats have made laws to shield criminals from their pasts like trying to prevent employers from checking into a job applicant’s criminal record, as was probably true in the Oklahoma case.

What is “evidence of child pornography that Toth may have made while working as a counselor at an all-boys summer camp in Wisconsin from 2004 through 2006”? When did police find it? Did they find the porn? If so, why wasn’t Toth questioned or even arrested?

Answer: Because some wealthy Democrat/ACLU lawyer from Chicago would defend Toth for free and bankrupt the summer camp with legal fees unless the camp had irrefutable proof. This is how the hard left works to enable the worst creeps to survive and prosper in order to undermine our society, which is the goal of the political left.

This is how the population of criminals, terrorists and child molesters has thrived in the last 50 years – with the help of ACLU and the Democrat party. Now here are questions that an employer no longer can ask of a job applicant because of liberal laws. This is a direct excerpt from

1. Have you ever been arrested?
An employer can’t legally ask you about your arrest record, but they can ask if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. Depending on the state, a conviction record shouldn’t automatically disqualify you for employment unless it substantially relates to your job. For example, if you’ve been convicted of statutory rape and you’re applying for a teaching position, you will probably not get the job.
2. Are you married?
Although the interviewer may ask you this question to see how much time you’d be able to commit to your job, it’s illegal because it reveals your marital status and can also reveal your sexual orientation.
3. What religious holidays do you practice?
Employers may want to ask you this to see if your lifestyle interferes with work schedules, but this question reveals your religion and that’s illegal. They can ask you if you’re available to work on Sundays.
4. Do you have children?
It is unlawful to deny someone employment if they have children or if they are planning on having children in the future. If the employer wants to find out how committed you will be to your job, they should ask questions about your work. For example, “What hours can you work?” or “Do you have responsibilities other than work that will interfere with specific job requirements such as traveling?”
5. What country are you from?
If you have an accent, this may seem like an innocent question, but it’s illegal because it involves your national origin. Employers can’t legally inquire about your nationality, but they can ask if you’re authorized to work in a certain country.
6. Is English your first language?
It’s not the employers’ lawful right to know whether a language is your first language. In order to find out language proficiency, employers can ask you what other languages you read, speak or write fluently.
7. Do you have any outstanding debt?
Employers must have permission before asking about your credit history. Similar to a criminal background history, they can’t disqualify you from employment unless it directly affects your ability to perform the position you’re interviewing for. Furthermore, they can’t ask you how well you balance your personal finances or inquire about you owning property.
8. Do you socially drink?
Employers cannot ask about your drinking habits, because it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. For example, if you’re a recovering alcoholic, treatment of alcoholism is protected under this act, and you don’t have to disclose any disability information before landing an official job offer.
9. When was the last time you used illegal drugs?
It’s illegal for employers to ask you about past drug addiction, but they can ask you if you’re currently using illegal drugs. A person who is currently using drugs is not protected under ADA. For example, an employer may ask you: “Do you currently use illegal drugs? What illegal drugs have you used in the past six months?”
10. How long have you been working?
This question allows employers to guess your age, which is unlawful. Similarly, they can’t ask you what year you graduated from high school or college or even your birthday. However, they can ask you how long you’ve been working in a certain industry.
11. What type of discharge did you receive in the military?
This is not appropriate for the interviewer to ask you, but they can ask what type of education, training or work experience you’ve received while in the military. (end of excerpt)

These all sound like the kind of common-sense questions that were never asked by the US military in Afghanistan of very suspicious people like Sarwar Jan.

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