Maine GOP Governor Paul LePage is Tough-Guy Reformer

One more governor in America is showing spine, and of course he is a Republican. Look at this from

The Republican governor who led one of the boldest welfare reforms at the state level in years is pursuing a new crackdown aimed at curbing abuse of benefits while requiring job searches. Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s tough proposals, unveiled earlier this month, would prohibit using welfare benefits to buy alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets and tattoos. LePage also wants to require applicants to apply for three jobs before being eligible, and ban the use of EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards to withdraw cash outside of Maine. (end of excerpt)

So there you go, and this happened in liberal New England. I remember hearing some Democrats a few months ago talking trash about LePage and so I figured that he must be doing something bold, and he is. Kansas GOP governor Sam Brownback recently signed similar legislation. LePage was elected in the Republican rout of 2010 and re-elected in the rout of 2014. This just goes to show that Americans are getting serious about ending the Welfare State.

At a 2012 state Republican convention, LePage said: “To all those able-bodied people out there, get off the couch and get yourself a job!” His first budget in 2011 brought Maine in line with the federal 1996 requirement of a 60-month limit on welfare benefits. And when you see Republican governors making major reforms on a wide variety of issues in liberal places like Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio, you know that permanent and long-lasting reforms are sweeping the nation. Because Americans are sick and tired of the Welfare State, and particularly of paying for it.

LePage is a blunt, anti-liberal politician who openly admits his distaste for the big Maine newspapers. He once said that a certain state Democrat “claims to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline”. He has declined to attend Martin Luther King day activities. This is the kind of talk and directness that comes from the eldest of 18 children of a French-Canadian mill worker who often beat and terrorized his children.

LePage even lived two years homeless as a youth so you might expect him to reject the elitist view. LePage talks about life as he has known it, and about the struggles that real people face. He also is the type of politician who emerges to confront the radicalism of the Democrats. Then the Democrats wonder why such a politician becomes popular without understanding their own extremism that drives him.Look at what reported, showing that a welfare recipient’s best friend (Obama) is not going to take reform lying down:

In July, Maine started printing photos on EBT cards as part of a move to combat fraud, prompting the Obama administration to threaten to cut Maine’s food stamp funding, claiming the policy could have a “chilling effect.” In October, Maine allowed the Obama administration’s SNAP work requirement waiver to expire, meaning ABAWDs (able-bodied adults without dependents) have to work 20 hours a week, volunteer, or be part of a work-training program to receive benefits after three months. (end of excerpt)

Awesome. Tell Obama where to go; this is what all conservatives and Republicans should be doing. LePage’s reforms helped him to get re-elected in November 2014, an election in which Republicans also took control of the Maine state senate. Great news. Now look at what else LePage is doing. In January 2015 Maine implemented drug-testing for welfare recipients who have been convicted of drug-related felonies… over the strenuous objections of Democrats, of course. Further, reports:

LePage wants to expand drug-testing to all (welfare) recipients, which would make Maine — which hasn’t voted Republican in a presidential election since 1988 — a seemingly unlikely addition to the 12 mostly red states that have passed broader drug-testing legislation for welfare recipients. (end of excerpt)

So there you have it. Another “liberal” state seeing the truth, with independent voters swinging away from Democrats. Drug testing for all welfare recipients is 50 years overdue. This is a good sign for the eventual Republican nominee in the presidential race in 2016 whom we hope is going to run on a reform platform for the federal Welfare State.

Since the 60-month-cap was implemented in 2011 Maine welfare enrollment has dropped to 6,191 cases in March 2015 from 14,804 in 2011 (Maine has 1.3 million citizens. California, for comparison, has 39 million). This could be happening all over the US. has recommended many times that we simply cut welfare budgets in half and throw the deadbeats off of the system, and help only those who are truly needy.

But liberals always fight back. Illinois fired a private firm that was throwing people off of the dole after checking into their records. That was before Republican reformer Bruce Rauner was elected governor in November 2014. Now Rauner is getting tough. Good. Now look at this Welfare Stater complaining about LePage, in classic fashion (violins, please…):

“Are we keeping people off who really need assistance? We want to make sure we are finding a way that we are not just keeping people who actually need this assistance off the rolls just to keep the numbers down — we don’t want to penalize them,” said Taryn Rosenkranz, founder of something called New Blue Interactive, who also said that the debate is becoming “about partisanship, instead of trying to find that … right balance.”

Oh, sure, the “right balance” to Democrats is welfare recipients using their EBT cards to go to Las Vegas. Because this stuff has been happening for decades now.

One Maine Democrat said: “For many people who use certain programs, the way to address infractions is to include an educational component or to explain the benefits and their appropriate use. Going out and penalizing people in rough situations, people who are trying to escape poverty, because we’re trying to get a political headline isn’t appropriate.”

To which responds: If you want people to escape poverty, then they have to work for it. They will never escape poverty and dependency as long as they are on the dole. The United States has had the most generous handouts in the history of the world yet we now have more poor people than ever. Because handouts simply subsidize poverty.

Enough is enough. We now must compensate for the decades of free rides that “the poor” have been getting from the Democrat party. And if these cuts and new laws are painful for “the poor” then the Democrats have to explain to “the poor” why this all is happening – it is because the Democrats made the system ripe for abuse for decades on end. And the party now is over…

This is one of the few positive ramifications of the Obama Depression. It finally has exposed that there is a huge difference between the political parties, and that the conservative, capitalist and self-reliant approach is superior.

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