‘Hillary Derangement Syndrome’ is Nothing of the Sort

After Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidency liberal pundits pointed out that Republicans and conservatives were undergoing Hillary Derangement Syndrome because they were criticizing her from all sides and seemed to be obsessed with her.

In fact Derangement Syndrome has been perpetrated by liberals for decades and has referred, for instance, to their insane hatred of Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and others. Conservatives could never be so crazy.

Liberals compared Bush to Hitler over and over, and even made a film about assassinating him. An arsonist tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church in Alaska, doing $1 million in damage. Governor Walker’s wife and children were stalked by nut-cases in public places like grocery stores. Pro-union protesters held rallies outside of Walker’s private residence in acts of pure intimidation; other anti-Walker protests did hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the Wisconsin state capitol building and its grounds. Mitt Romney was accused of indirectly killing a steelworker’s wife by taking away the steelworker’s job and his health insurance by downsizing his company (the claim was factually false).

As far as I can see Republicans and conservatives have done nothing of this magnitude vis-à-vis Hillary or any Democrat. Certainly there have been many legitimate questions about the suspicious behavior and scandals behind the Clintons, which are perfectly fair game. And there have been many questions about Obama too. For instance, why will Harvard not release the records of Obama’s attendance there?

In the 1996 scandal involving communist Chinese money flowing into Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign many of the accused fled the country to avoid prosecution while others went to jail. We still don’t know what really happened. In the Whitewater scandal the McDougals and various other people clammed up and even went to jail rather than admit what they knew about the Clintons. Because these people knew that bad things would happen if they talked. Yet we have never seen this type of serial fear in people around Ronald Reagan or Dwight Eisenhower or George Bush or Mitt Romney.

Now there is a new book called Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweizer, about the Clinton Global Initiative and its funding sources. These are legitimate questions being asked about where all these hundreds of millions of dollars come from and how they are benefitting the Clintons. Meanwhile we all know that Mitt Romney’s fortune came from his work as a venture capitalist. He earned it.

At the same time, anyone opposed to Obama has been tagged a “racist” yet we conservatives would oppose Obama policies whatever his race.

Friends, we conservatives in general do not engage in anywhere even vaguely near the degree of derangement that liberals do. Oh, sure, some fringe groups on the conservative side do so, but they are not joined by mainstream politicians, commentators and entertainers as Democrats are.

Just look at what radicals like Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover, both famous black entertainers, say about any white conservative… or black conservatives too. Just look at how US Senate majority leader Democrat Harry Reid claimed in 2012 that Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes. This was false, but these leftists put out these crazy statements in order for it to filter out to the know-nothings whom the Democrat rely on for votes. Then when the story is proven false millions of people never hear that; they just remember that a top Democrat said that Romney did not pay his taxes and so that is their reality.

On the other hand prominent conservatives and Republicans don’t engage in routine derangement or making blatantly false statements. Because those of us on the conservative side are rational people, while derangement reigns on the Democrat side in the increasingly militant party and its screwball acolytes on the internet, in the universities, in Congress, etc. Who could forget the Democrat congressman from California Pete Stark who once accused Republicans of sending solders to Iraq “to get their heads blown off for the president’s amusement.” Or one commentator claiming falsely that Rush Limbaugh had said that slavery was a good idea. How about the “global warming” fanatics and their wild theory?

An interesting thing happened when Hillary announced her candidacy. All other candidates traditionally make such announcements in public venues, giving short speeches and maybe taking questions, but Hillary put out a pre-packaged TV ad. That was done so that she could avoid media scrutiny or reporters’ questions because she is a terrible speaker and campaigner who cannot think on her feet. This fact will come out in the general election between Labor Day and election day 2016 because she will be forced to campaign and debate.

Until then you can expect a media snowjob on behalf of Hillary – that she is the smartest woman in the world, that she does not have time for lowly press conferences and bothersome reporters, etc. Then those of us who point out her shortcomings will be called “deranged” but in fact we are looking seriously at what this woman has actually achieved (zero in the field of economics) and how she already has conducted herself in a cowardly manner in announcing her candidacy. What does this foreshadow for her as a potential president? Is it not troubling?

On the other hand, just four short months after Sarah Palin became a national figure in August 2008 an arsonist tried to burn down her church. This shows that liberal derangement is immediate and highly toxic. Washingtonpost.com reported on December 14, 2008:

ANCHORAGE, Dec. 13 — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church was badly damaged by arson, leading the governor to apologize Saturday if the fire was connected to “undeserved negative attention” from her campaign as the Republican vice presidential nominee. Damage to the Wasilla Bible Church was estimated at $1 million, authorities said. No one was injured in the fire, which was set Friday night while a handful of people, including two children, were inside, according to James Steele, the Central Mat-Su fire chief. He said the blaze was being investigated as an arson. Steele said he didn’t know of any recent threats to the church, and authorities did not know whether Palin’s connection to the church was relevant to the fire. (end of washingtonpost.com excerpt)

The case has never been solved yet in 1995 perhaps you remember the “black church arson” scandal which claimed that black churches across the South were being burned down by white supremacists. This was yet another case of derangement that was fabricated by psychopaths on the left to gin up hatred of white people and conservatives. But that did not stop Bill Clinton from adding fuel to the proverbial fire. Reported Michael Fumento on fumento.com in 1998:

Responding to the reported wave of southern black church burnings, President Clinton proclaimed that “Racial hostility is the driving force” behind the church burnings and said, “I want to ask every citizen in America to say we . . . we are not slipping back to those dark days.”

Okay, Mr. President, I’ll say it. I’ll say it because this “epidemic of hatred” is a fraud. A myth. A deliberate hoax. There is no good evidence of any increase in black church burnings. There is, however, evidence, that a single activist group has taken the media and the nation on a wild ride.

It turns out there is no good federal data on black church arsons. The FBI doesn’t keep such statistics, and the Department of Justice doesn’t usually break them down by white and black churches or arson and accidents. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms only tracks federal fires and those it’s specifically asked to investigate.

A private group, the National Fire Protection Association, keeps careful track of church arsons. While their data don’t break down churches by race, they do show a dramatic drop in the number of church arsons, from 1,420 in 1980 to 520 in 1994.
Though arson committed against any house of worship is especially heinous, it should be reassuring to know there have been far fewer recently than there used to be.

So who is giving out these data suggesting it’s open season on black churches? It turns out the main source — indeed, the one which started the whole thing — is far from impartial. It is the Atlanta-based Center for Democratic Renewal (CDR), whose self-proclaimed mission is to work “with progressive activists and organizations to build a movement to counter right-wing rhetoric and public policy initiatives.”

Originally called the National Anti-Klan Network, it changed its name when the Klan virtually fell apart in the 1980s. But far from seeing that as a sign of declining bigotry, it has continued for more than a decade to issue statements and reports “discovering” a sudden resurgence in racist activity.

…For example CDR lists ten churches allegedly torched in Alabama, but State Fire Marshall John Robison says that only one of these was a confirmed arson. All the others were accidental, undetermined, or weren’t fires at all but vandalisms. CDR somehow managed to omit three bonafide black church arsons that took place in Alabama in 1994. In two cases the culprits were black. Moreover, the group left out ten black church arsons that took place before 1994, creating the illusion that the burning of black churches is a recent phenomenon.

Even the claim that black churches have been singled out for arson is questionable. In 1995, according to USA Today, there were 45 arsons against white churches and 27 against black ones in the surveyed states. Other than saying that some black churches over the years have fallen prey to racists, we can’t easily infer motives. “We have not uncovered in [Alabama’s] 38 cases a single piece of information to substantiate racially-motivated fires,” said Robison. Further, “There have been no dramatic increases, except for this year because of the media hype.” Other states’ officials have told him the same.

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