‘Rich Republicans’ & 2016: Myth vs. Reality

We are told over and over that Republicans are “rich” and that Democrats are just getting along or they are poor. Well, here are some facts about our US presidents and about ‘rich people’ in general:

The richest US president was Democrat John F. Kennedy whose wealth is estimated through family inheritance at up to $1 billion in 2010 dollars (all presidents’ wealth is computed in 2010 dollars on Wikipedia.org to make comparison easy).

How about our 7th richest president, with $98 million. That certainly is a Republican, right?

Wrong. It was Democrat Lyndon Johnson who served as president from 1963 to 1969. Johnson was a committed socialist who spent his entire adult life in the US Senate, the vice presidency or the presidency. So how does such a politician end up with $98 million?

Answer: Johnson is considered one of the most corrupt presidents ever.

Ronald Reagan served from 1981 to 1989. The media ruthlessly portrayed Reagan as a “rich Republican” yet on the list of US presidents he comes in just one notch above Barack Obama. Reagan is listed at $13 million in 2010 dollars while Obama had $12 million. Yet has Obama ever been portrayed as a “wealthy Democrat”?

Of course not. How about the two Bush presidents? They are “rich Republicans” aren’t they?

It depends on your definition. Their net worth combined is $45 million while the far-left-wing currency speculator George Soros is worth $20 BILLION. Bill Gates is a big liberal and is worth $77 BILLION. And if Gates ran for president as a Democrat the media would hail him as a hero for bringing his business acumen to the White House, and for taking such a low-paying job.

One of the most socialistic presidents of all was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The media actually played up his wealth as if he were the much-beloved rich president working for the common man because he was president during the depression of the 1930s and pushed a hard-left agenda. FDR was worth $60 million in 2010 dollars, according to Wikipedia.org. And do you know where his family wealth came from?

It came from FDR’s maternal grandfather Warren Delano who made his money shipping opium into China. Meanwhile Kennedy family patriarch

Joseph P. Kennedy made much of his fortune through illegal bootlegging in the prohibitionist 1920s. So Democrats of a feather flock together. Drugs, booze, currency speculation… whatever illegal or immoral means necessary to get rich. And rest assured that Democrats are foursquare in favor of marijuana legalization so that they can get campaign money from rich marijuana moguls who will never give a penny to Republicans as the country descends into a stupor as Colorado is doing today with legal marijuana.

Kennedy also made huge amounts of money through stock market fraud in the 1920s when the economy was roaring. In fact the tactics of Kennedy and others like him caused the stock market to crash in 1929, triggering the depression of the 1930s while the Kennedys act so high and holy. What a crock. Their fortune is tainted beyond recognition.

How about the Democrat Clintons? They certainly don’t have much money, right? Hillary claims that they were “dead broke” when they left the White House.

But the Wikipedia.org list puts them at $55 million in 2010 while other recent news reports put Bill Clinton’s earnings from speaking fees alone since he left office in 2001 at more than $80 million and overall Clinton wealth at $125+ million. On the Wikipedia.org list Bill Clinton is just one step below FDR. He in fact today is probably richer than FDR.

Liberals trashed Mitt Romney for having so much money yet he earned it honestly through his investment firm Bain Capital through which he created 130,000 private-sector jobs, including funding and guiding the startup of the office-supply firm Staples and doing the same for a steel-making company called Steel Dynamics. Meanwhile Obama produced zero jobs in his private life. Romney’s wealth today is estimated at $270 million while the crackpot entertainer Cher is worth $330 million.

How about Republican president Calvin Coolidge who implemented one of the great economic booms in history in the 1920s through tax reductions on wealthy Americans… the boom that Joseph P. Kennedy killed though his greed.

Coolidge comes in next to last on the Wikipedia.org list with less than $1 million. He is buried in a humble grave in his hometown in Plymouth Notch, Vermont while the Kennedys are buried in the most blatantly conspicuous gravesite in America in Arlington National Cemetery just across the river from Washington, DC.

Then always remember this about “rich people” in general – the majority of them today are Democrats. In some places there is hardly a “rich Republican” in sight. And “rich Republicans” are almost always liberal Republicans, i.e., they are often Democrats except on economic issues applying to their businesses. In fact few genuine conservatives are very wealthy.

The Washington Post has run a story called ‘Never Before Have So Many People with So Much Money run for President’ and it is all about Republicans. Here are excerpts from that story with a Nikitas3.com comment after each:

Washingtonpost.com reports: The 2016 Republican presidential contest, designed to be a tidy affair, is instead shaping up to be a chaotic, drawn-out slog, thanks largely to an expanding pool of rich patrons raining money on a broad field of candidates. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has raised tens of millions of dollars for his allied super PAC, collecting a historic amount, he told Sunday night. But that hasn’t been enough to stop his rivals from amassing their own stockpiles. A super PAC supporting Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida secured about $20 million in commitments in less than two weeks, according to people familiar with the totals. An independent operation backing Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas says it pulled in $31 million. A new super PAC allied with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is close to matching that, fundraisers say. Nikitas3.com comment: Wow, look at all that money! Never mind that Obama raised $730 million from rich Democrats in 2012, a record amount, and opted out in both 2008 and 2012 from the public campaign financing system that Democrats have legislated and demanded. Because he knew that he could raise more outside the public system. Because so many Democrats are so rich.

Washingtonpost.com reports: “There could be as many as a dozen candidates that have a threshold amount of money in their campaigns and super PACs to compete vigorously in the early states,” said Phil Cox, a Republican strategist who runs America Leads, a super PAC supporting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that has the backing of at least two billionaires. Nikitas3.com comment: Wow… Two whole billionaires. At the same time Obama has the support of hundreds of billionaires. The three richest men in America – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison (combined net worth of $225 billion) – all support Obama. Many of the Top 100 richest Americans support Obama. And here is a quote from huffingtonpost.com about the 2012 election: “For the entire campaign, Obama raised $730 million for his principal campaign committee compared to $473 million raised by Romney.”

But isn’t the “rich Republican” Romney supposed to have much more money? Answer: Yes, if you believe the myths. But you would only believe that today if you are a 1930s FDR Democrat living in the distant past.

Washingtonpost.com reports: The political money boom is being driven largely by super PACs, which can collect unlimited donations from individuals and corporations. The groups are supposed to operate independently from the candidates they support, but in this race, they are functioning as de facto arms of the campaigns. Nikitas3.com comment: And Democrats have the same and much, much more like Hollywood, the entertainment industry, black America, labor unions, environmentalists, the universities and the National Leftist Media operating as arms of the Democrat party without charging a nickel or raising a dime in campaign funds. Free, positive media coverage alone is worth tens of billions of dollars nationwide to Democrats.

Washingtonpost.com reports: There’s also been an influx of new contributors and bundlers, GOP fundraisers say. They include executives in the financial services and oil and gas industries who are upset about federal regulations, as well as conservative Jews alarmed by President Obama’s fraught relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Much of the establishment money is flowing to (Jeb) Bush, who senior Republicans believe will collect $100 million for his super PAC by the end of May. Nikitas3.com comment: Meanwhile Hillary is expected to possibly raise more than $1 billion. And those Jews are right to be alarmed. Welcome to the club.

Washingtonpost.com reports: An influential network of conservative donors organized by industrialists Charles and David Koch is touting the merits of five contenders: Bush, Walker, Rubio, Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. It also remains to be seen who will win the support of billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, one of the party’s biggest contributors. Nikitas3.com comment: The Koch Brothers are portrayed as bogeymen by Democrats yet they earned their fortune ($43 billion in 2015) legitimately servicing the oil and natural gas industries over many decades. Meanwhile Obama-lover Mark Zuckerberg made his $22 BILLION fortune on a one-shot deal on a dopey website called Facebook. And if Facebook closed down tomorrow nobody would care; another site would come along to replace it in a day or two. But if our oil and natural gas industries closed down tomorrow our nation would collapse overnight. Because it has taken 150 years to build them up through hard work and common sense.

Washingtonpost.com reports: Money could actually be less of a determining factor than it has been in the past, some party strategists said. When Bush finally rolls out his eye-popping total, it is unlikely to have the impact that his brother George W. Bush’s then-record haul of $37 million did in mid-1999. Nikitas3.com comment: Wow, $37 million dollars. Yet, again, Obama raised $730 million in 2012.

Washingtonpost.com reports: Hoping to avoid a replay of 2012, the Republican National Committee has curtailed the number of debates and compressed the primary season. “There will be a historical number of folks in the mix, but we will still have a nominee sooner,” RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said. …The party has also sought to speed up the nomination process by pushing back the Iowa caucuses and moving up the convention to July. The first four contests are on track to be held in February, followed by more than a half-dozen states in early March, including heavyweights such as Texas. Nikitas3.com comment: Good. Don’t let these primaries drag out. Republicans must get onto Hillary’s case ASAP so that they can defeat her, which can be done easily.

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