Candidates Who We Should (Not) Consider for 2016

First, a quick note about the so-called ‘environment’: A former secretary-general of the United Nations has suggested that we eat bugs to fight “global warming”. Yes, indeed, bugs… This guy says that meat production leads to “warming” and that eating bugs would be better for the environment.

Friends, these people are clinically insane. Don’t ever listen to them. They will destroy us all if we allow them to. Now here is today’s editorial:

There is a big field of candidates emerging for the 2016 presidential race. Some are good and some are not so good. Some have announced but some have not. Here are possible candidates from both the Republican and Democrat side who may play a role in 2016 who have not yet officially entered the fray:

*Republican Rick Perry, governor of Texas for 14 years. He has not announced formally that he will run for president, but he is expected to. This guy is totally responsible for the Texas Economic Miracle. He should be president. He would bring our economy back, would return common sense and respectability back to the federal government and the White House, and some Southern charm. Unfortunately Perry will be competing with Jeb Bush for campaign funds, and that presents a big problem for Perry.

*Donald Trump, the billionaire builder from New York City who is a Republican. Trump would be a great president but has not declared anything for 2016. He is blunt, uses common sense and has actually built things like skyscrapers. So he knows how to make things happen.

*Fred Smith, founder of the FedEx global package delivery firm. has touted Smith for many years as a classic American success story. He took a family inheritance and built it into FedEx. Smith has never expressed any interest in running for president, but he should. He could fix America in his spare time.

*Republican governor John Kasich of Ohio, who may announce his candidacy soon. Kasich is a favorite of whom this website has endorsed repeatedly. He has acted boldly since he took office in January 2011 to successfully revitalize a state that had been in severe economic decline for decades. Kasich would make a great US president. He is a real leader. He was re-elected in 2014 with 68% of the vote.

*Republican governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, who has done a fantastic job revitalizing that state since he took office in January 2011. He has not announced any intention to run in 2016, but he could easily be president someday. He is a former computer executive. Watch this guy. He’s a tiger.

*Republican governor Mike Pence of Indiana who has helped that state to remain strong in a region that has suffered badly in the past few decades.

*Carly Fiorina is a Republican who ran for the US Senate from California in 2010. She was once CEO of Hewlett-Packard, the computer firm, and touts her business experience as a potential president. Unfortunately she was forced out of HP for poor performance. She is hardly someone we should be supporting as an example of private-sector success.

*Ben Carson is the black conservative whom many Republicans and conservatives embrace because he would allegedly attract black votes to the Republican party. This is baloney. 98% of blacks in America today vote Democrat and have been severely radicalized. And they hate black conservatives more than they hate white conservatives.

*Condoleezza Rice, who is black, and who was secretary of state under president George W. Bush. Like Carson, most blacks detest her and liberal cartoonists have even ridiculed her appearance. She has not expressed an interest in running for president, however, although she has been discussed as a potential candidate.

*Democrat Joe Biden, our vice president, who is a joke. This guy is dangerously stupid. He is a classic big-government socialist with a marshmallow for a brain. Biden is a shady guy. Even his son was thrown out of the Navy Reserve for testing positive for cocaine.

*Democrat Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland and before that, the mayor of Burning Baltimore. Enough said. Baltimore is a struggling black city that is dying because of the leadership of corrupt incompetents like O’Malley.

*Republican Mike Huckabee. Oh, no. Not again. Huckabee ran in the 2008 primaries. He is nobody we should seriously consider. As governor of Arkansas he granted clemency to a thug named Maurice Clemmons who went on to murder four police officers in Washington state. Scratch Huck.

*Democrat Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York state which is probably the most corrupt state in the nation, and Cuomo is at the heart of it. He is your classic left-wing, pro-union Democrat. Some have suggested that Cuomo run for president but he has expressed no public interest for 2016.

*Socialist independent Bernie Sanders, who is really a radical left-wing Democrat. He is the US Senator from Vermont. Anyone who knows anything about Sanders knows that he is a lunatic. Just watch him howl in public speeches and you get the picture. Can you spell K-O-O-K?

*Democrat Elizabeth Warren, US senator from Massachusetts. This woman is a far-left wack job. She has suggested that the minimum wage be $22 an hour. Anyone with a brain knows that this would sink the American economy. She is a Democrat elitist who lives in a $2 million townhouse but claims she cares about “the poor” and everyone else. Nonsense. She is totally out for herself, as all socialists are.

*Republican Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, who is of Indian descent. He has been a very good governor and would be an excellent president. Very soft-spoken but effective. He has not expressed any public interest in running in 2016.

*Republican governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, now in her second term. She is a strong, rational conservative and a good leader. She too has not expressed an interest in running, but is a possible VP pick.
*Hispanic Republican governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico. Now in her second term, she is a solid, common-sense leader but has kept a low profile. Watch for her to possibly be chosen as a VP candidate in 2016.

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