SPECIAL: Media Ignore Disturbing Facts about Clintons

First, congratulations to our Special Forces US military guys for killing the top ISIS terror leader in eastern Syria. It takes real me to pull off such a mission, and the US military is one of the last bastions of real men in this world.

Naturally, the coward terrorists were said to have used women and children as human shields to try and save themselves. This is no surprise. We know what these radical Muslims really represent. It is the lowest of the low in all of humanity. Now here is today’s editorial:

Look at this excerpt from Foxnews.com:

When Hillary Clinton was America’s (secretary of state), she also appeared at times like a top salesperson for America’s biggest airplane maker, Boeing. Traveling abroad on official business as secretary of state, Clinton often visited Boeing facilities and made a pitch for the host country to buy Boeing jets. During one visit to Shanghai in May 2010, she boasted that “more than half the commercial jetliners operating in China are made by Boeing.” A sales plug in Russia in 2009, though, may have proved especially fruitful. While touring a Boeing plant, Secretary of State Clinton said, “We’re delighted that a new Russian airline, Rossiya, is actively considering acquisition of Boeing aircraft…” In 2010, Boeing landed the Russian deal, worth $3.7 billion. And two months later, the company donated $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation. (end of Foxnews.com excerpt)

Thus again we have another suspicious transaction involving the Clintons. In fact the Clinton Foundation appears to be simply a front organization, a labyrinthine financial operation designed for Bill and Hillary’s political and financial aggrandizement. It really is like a tally sheet – you give the Foundation money and the Clintons (might) do you a favor.

It even has been revealed that George Stephanopoulos of ABC News gave $75K to this Foundation. This is another example of how this outfit is used to sway power, influence and media prestige to the Clintons. It is utterly shameful. Stephanopoulos should be fired.

Meanwhile, in a recent election in Kazakhstan the president there, who is a buddy of Bill Clinton’s, was re-elected with 98% of the vote. These are the types of election results that we see in dictatorships. And Bill Clinton does not even bother making an excuse. He knows that his media cronies like Stephanopoulos will ignore the story for him.

If these types of things involved a Republican like George Bush he would be under relentless media suspicion. But instead the global media look the other way every time something unsavory happens involving the Clintons and we are told over and over to stop nitpicking. But we have serious questions about corruption, and have had them about this couple right from the start.

This, friends, is how corruption grows on itself and destroys entire nations. In socialistic and left-wing and communist states and nations the leaders and their cronies profiteer, steer the media, steal elections and live like kings while the people suffer and the compliant media cheer. In Venezuela the economy has collapsed while the former dictator Hugo Chavez ended up with a $2 billion fortune after starting out with virtually nothing. In contrast Ronald Reagan would be worth about $15 million today.

On the other hand Mitt Romney was savaged by the American media for having a $270 million fortune that he earned over many years of wise investing by helping to start new companies that created 130,000 jobs and good products for the US economy.

But the media ignore anything dubious involving the Clintons. Remember when Hillary earned $100,000 overnight on ‘cattle futures’? How about the drug scandal and the prostitution scandal at the State Department during her tenure? And the Benghazi attack? And the rise of radical Islam in Egypt and Libya when she was secretary? And the collapse of Iraq after US troops were pulled out during her tenure, with no protest from Hillary? And now the e-mail scandal? How about her reluctance to appear in public forums and face reporter questions?

Amazing. All this and more, and she has never even been president. Yet every legitimate question is dismissed by the Leftist Media outlets as too bothersome for super-woman Hillary and as a fixation from her critics. Here is another excerpt from Foxnews.com:

State Department officials under Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton moved quickly when aides to Bill Clinton asked them in March 2010 to approve plans for the former president to address clients of a multinational British bank, Barclays. Within four days, the department’s ethics office signed off on the request — as it did for hundreds of others from the former president during his wife’s four-year tenure (as secretary). … In November, the former president mingled with top Barclays executives and clients at a bank-sponsored question session in Singapore. A little more than two months later, he again joined Barclays officers and clients at an exclusive dinner in Davos, Switzerland. The two appearances for Barclays netted Bill Clinton $650,000. (end of Foxnews.com excerpt)

But don’t worry about that, say the Clinton Lovers. That is nothing. Just $650,000. Peanuts. Because Bill Clinton is such a wonderful man with such great ideas that he deserves every penny.

Here is a remarkable fact – during Hillary’s four-year tenure as secretary of state, it recently was reported that lawyers in the State Department approved at least 330 requests for Bill Clinton appearances at speeches, dinners and events both in the US and around the world. More than 220 paid events earned him nearly $50 million. If Mitt Romney and his wife did this once it would be called an international scandal. Meanwhile get this bombshell. Foxnews.com reports:

Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton earned more than $25 million combined in speaking fees since January 2014… Clinton’s presidential campaign reported the income in a personal financial disclosure report filed with the Federal Election Commission. The form also shows that Hillary Clinton earned more than $5 million from her 2014 memoirs, Hard Choices. (end of Foxnews.com excerpt)

That is just in the last 15 months and that $25 million is equal to George W. Bush’s total lifetime net worth, while Bush has been ridiculed as a “rich Republican”. Then remember that only about 250,000 copies of Hard Choices were sold, i.e., the book was a huge flop and the publisher Simon and Schuster lost big. S&S had given Hillary a $14 million advance and thus that in itself was just another payoff to the Clintons, in this case from the publishing industry.

Then Hillary dismisses it all and the media report that the Clintons are being harassed. They are not. These are serious questions. And these cases make clear why the Clintons are so driven to get back into the White House. It is all about the money, power and self-glorification. Period. End of story.

Bill Clinton defended his ongoing speeches for high fees saying, “I got to pay our bills.” Oh, sure, he’s just one of the neighbors struggling to make ends meet. Yeah, right… his total net worth has been estimated as high as $125 million or more. Meanwhile Hillary implied that she and her husband are somehow not “truly well off”…

Stunning. Never mind that the Clintons have broken every unwritten rule about US ex-presidents who are expected to keep a low profile. The Clintons never stop politicking and sticking their noses into the TV cameras, while conservative and Republican ex-presidents always abide by the rule.

But when Ronald Reagan gave just two speeches in Japan and earned $2 million on them after he left the White House the US media went absolutely bonkers. Bill Clinton meanwhile is being reported to have earned upwards of $80 million total on speeches since he left the White House in 2001 and without a peep of protest from his media cronies including Stephanopoulos. Here’s one more excerpt from Foxnews.com:

Over a three-day period in November 2011, the Swedish telecom company Ericsson paid $750,000 for Clinton to address industry leaders in Hong Kong; Chinese executives paid $550,000 for a speech in Shanghai; and he made $260,000 addressing the annual meeting of HCL, an Indian outsourcing giant, at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. His total haul: $1.56 million. …A request to speak at a climate change summit organized by an Abu Dhabi government environmental group prompted an email to the UAE desk officer asking whether “potential affiliation with it by high-level officials” would pose “any harm to foreign policy.” The response: “No concerns here.” Bill Clinton was paid $600,000 by the group, the Abu Dhabi Global Initiative. When Clinton was invited to participate in the China Philanthropy Forum in November 2012, an event aimed at promoting Chinese charitable giving, the State Department raised concerns that the event’s sponsor was an association made up of former and current senior Chinese (communist) government officials. “We will need to further consider this one,” it said. Clinton eventually spoke at the forum’s annual conference — nine months after his wife left office.

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