Only a Moral Society Will Save Us

If a political leader said that he wanted to promote the “rights” of American “men” by first and foremost supporting a law that allowed men to force women whom they had impregnated must get abortions, that would be crazy from my conservative perspective.

My list would include things like jobs and economic growth that promote the interests and “rights” of all Americans including “men”. My list would include laws and social conditions that foster the institutions of marriage and the family. Because that is in the interest of “men” and society in general. I would advocate policies that encourage self-employment and economic self-reliance so that “men” could take care of themselves and their families.

Yet the central thesis of today’s feminism is not a positive economic or social agenda, but is first and foremost that “women” should have access to abortion anywhere at any time. This is abhorrent and it puts feminist ideology into perspective – it is radical and violent.

Meanwhile easy access to abortion is part of a bigger agenda to make casual/promiscuous sex, pornography, sexual perversion and crude language and behavior common and acceptable in our culture, which is all undermining America. The website reported about this case in Florida, USA:

The disturbing news of a 15-year-old girl and her 11-year-old sister being charged with the premeditated murder of their 16-year old brother at their home while their parents were away just got even more disturbing. Reports now say that the 15-year-old… who has been accused of pulling the trigger that killed her brother, grew up in a house full of sexual and other abuse. According to the Daily Mail Online, the teens’ uncle sexually abused the girl for years. And she and her brother, the one she is charged with killing, were once caught having sex. (end of excerpt)

Just look at what is going on here. For decades the socialist left has told us that sex is harmless fun, that pornography is nothing to be concerned about, that adult-child sex is something that we should look into as a social norm. And now we are seeing the result. Obviously this terrible sexual abuse and perversion in Florida was part of a much bigger crisis in these kids’ lives. In fact there is a sexual element (pornography, child molestation, rape, abuse etc.) in a very high percentage of all criminal cases.

Meanwhile the liberals have slandered our Christian churches for recommending sexual restraint, and maligned the reading of the Bible and behaving ourselves in good Christian fashion. They have called the nuclear family “outdated” and “old fashioned”. Yet you can rest assured that the incident above would not have happened in a genuine Christian family where the kids would be healthy and happy. Now here is a disturbing story from WBTV in Charlotte, NC:

Residents in a Charlotte neighborhood say they are fed up with a neighbor they say stands at the front door of his home naked, but police say he’s not doing anything illegal. People in the Cardinal Glen neighborhood in north Charlotte say the man has been doing this for nearly ten years and on Friday, they called police again. Neighbors say the man opens his door in the nude and even talks on his cell phone all in clear view of his neighbors. They’re disgusted and fed up.

…She added that officers confirmed with the magistrate that the incident did not rise to a level of a charge, since the man was on his own property. “After consulting with the magistrate and Police Attorney, unless he is outside of his home, he cannot be charged,” she said. She says officials are looking into “additional options” to help resolve the issue. According to North Carolina law, a person can only be charged with indecent exposure if they “willfully expose the private parts of his or her person in any public place and in the presence of any other person or persons.” (end of WBTV excerpt)

Friends, this is sick. There is no reason that this should be allowed except that it is part of our degraded culture. This shows that even ‘conservative’ places like North Carolina have been infected by this sex perversion. This creep should be charged under a simple ‘disturbing the peace’ statute, which covers crimes not specifically mentioned elsewhere. If not then the Charlotte police chief should be fired. Meanwhile CBS8 in California reported:

SAN DIEGO – Hiking and scouting go hand in hand, but apparently the scenery one group of Cub Scouts came across during a recent hike was a little too revealing. Some local parents are upset that the outing included a walk through … dozens and dozens of nude people at Black’s Beach. …the pack master of Troop 766, Desmond Wheatley, had led them on a trail through the area… (Wheatley) said “This is a (nude) beach, and my family and I go through here all the time it’s not a big deal.” (end of CBS8 excerpt)

Thus even our Cub Scouts now are in the hands of people with low moral standards. This demonstrates once again how this sexualized culture filters out into the whole culture and is then considered normal, just as crude language like the word “bitch” is common in today’s media. This never should have happened.

Then think about these nudists themselves, of which the Charlotte sicko above is one. They insist that being in public places naked is something that makes them feel good and that they are somehow entitled to. It’s basically crazy behavior. Here are two other quick excerpts from

ROMNEY, W.Va. – A West Virginia teacher has been suspended without pay for showing part of the erotic movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” to students as a reward for good work. The Hampshire Review reports that the county school board unanimously voted this week to suspend Hampshire High School health occupations instructor Kristie Long for the rest of the school year.

And this from Georgia:

An Atlanta-area teacher has been arrested after a parent complained he allowed middle school students to have sex in a storage unit in his classroom. Multiple news outlets report 25-year-old Quentin Wright, a math teacher at The Champion School in Stone Mountain, was taken into custody Tuesday. He has been charged with four misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. An arrest warrant says Wright arranged times with students when the classroom would be empty and gave them condoms. (end of excerpts)

Amazing. These are our public school teachers. Meanwhile the New York Post reported on

In a documentary movie … a man details his year-long affair with a dolphin. No word yet on when “Dolphin Lover” will be coming to a theater — or aquarium — near you. Malcolm Brenner, now 63, says he was working as a photographer at Sarasota theme park Floridaland in 1971 when he met Dolly, a female dolphin. He tried to remain pure, he claims, but Dolly seduced him. “At first I discouraged her, I wasn’t interested,” Brenner says in the movie. “After some time I thought, ‘If this was a woman would I come up with these rationalizations and excuses?’ ” (end of Post excerpt)

Again we have a sick screwball like Brewer who has now been made famous by this film festival. This type of stuff was unheard of in the general public 50 years ago, but it is more and more common today. And then the argument from the left is that we should not “judge” what a person wants to do in their private lives. And the wise conservative response is that a civilized and durable culture has rules for behavior, like guardrails on the highway to prevent cars from flipping off the road.

Friends, only a well-behaved and moral culture can save us. Here’s more from another perspective. reported:

Taking certain forms of birth control for over five years more than doubles the risk of developing a rare brain tumor, a study led by a Danish neurologist has found. The study, due to be published Thursday in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, says that women who take hormonal contraceptives showed higher rates of glioma, a tumor … Overall, women who had used hormonal contraceptives at any point for any length of time had a 50 percent higher of developing the tumor than those who had not. (end of excerpt)

So first these people on the left create a sexualized culture, then they give women their “solution” like birth control pills which alter a woman’s body chemistry in the most fundamental way. Then they say that everything is fine. Meanwhile the real harmful effects of birth control pills are covered up by the medical establishment, just as the real effects of AIDS is being covered up.

Here’s a shocking statistic: The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that almost 700,000 gay males have died of AIDS since 1981. If this figure were extrapolated to the whole American populations, it would be 70 MILLION dead from this one disease alone and it would be considered the greatest threat to Western civilization. Yet we never hear any discussion about AIDS anymore in the Leftist Media because they don’t want us to know what it really going on. I know all about it; my cousin died of AIDS at age 39 which he contracted shortly after getting involved with gays in New York City.

Again, forces on the political left are covering up the truly devastating effects of a sexualized culture. No, they are too busy focusing on a concocted crisis like “global warming” and crusading against everything from sugar to coffee. It is frightening.

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