Top Leftist Said Women Fantasize about Rape has maintained for decades that the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s was really an assault on women and that ‘hippie’ males were the ultimate chauvinists. The sexual exploitation of women is one of the most gratuitous acts of abuse cloaked as pleasure and fun by the smiling ‘hippies’.

But beware of their false smile, even today. It is an evil smile. If you lived through the 1960s you know what it was all about. They smiled as they told you to take drugs and listen to demonic rock music and hate your parents and your church and America, and to destroy yourself.

Now it has been revealed that a candidate for US president on the Democrat side in 2016 suggested back in the 1960s that “women” have a fantasy of being raped. reports about the far-left US senator from Vermont:

Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders once penned an essay claiming that men fantasize about abusing women and women fantasize about being raped. …”A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy,” wrote Sanders. “A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.” …”A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously,” the essay reads. …When Sanders first ran for office …he was anti-war, a proponent of guaranteeing a livable minimum wage, cracking down on big corporations and legalizing drugs. (end of excerpt)

This sexual obsession is part of a pattern among Democrats. For instance president John F. Kennedy was a notorious philanderer, as were his brothers. We know that Democrat president Bill Clinton was and probably still is a serial abuser of women. And those women who did not satisfy him were harassed and threatened. Juanita Broaddrick even claimed that Clinton raped her. Who knows what Clinton’s real history of abuse is and who he really intimidated and threatened. Because sexual promiscuity always involves abuse. It is part of the pleasure/pain principle that bounces from one extreme to the other. Sexual promiscuity is no different than heroin – one minute you are so high, and the next minute you are at the bottom.

Will Bernie Sanders pay a political price for having written this stuff?

No. Because the kooks on the far Democrat left, including the feminists, believe that anyone on their side who commits any political wrongdoing, even against their own kind, cannot possibly be a bad person. For instance when Bill Clinton was accused of rape the feminists remained silent or even supported him.

But look again at what the news article says, that “when Sanders first ran for office … he was anti-war, a proponent of guaranteeing a livable minimum wage, cracking down on big corporations and legalizing drugs.”

So there you go. Birds of a feather flock together. These corporation-hating nuts and the legal-drugs crowd are the same bunch that for decades has spouted the 1960s gospel that the “sexual revolution” means pleasure for all when in fact it means that women are exploited and then usually end up in incurable physical and psychological pain.

Then when Christians and conservatives say that women should be treated with respect; and when Christians and conservatives have peaceful, cooperative marriages; and when men and women work together on the conservative side rather than as adversaries then that somehow is dismissed by the socialist left. also reports that Sanders’ “controversial views of male and female sexuality have little explanation, other than he was a part of a radical hippie movement back in his younger years.”

Oh, no kidding. The ‘hippies’ were radicals. Of course. And radicals do radical things like exploit women ruthlessly and then concoct hateful and despicable images of women wanting rape. This is no surprise. We conservatives had these ‘hippies’ figured the moment that they appeared.

Look at the late Democrat US senator Ted Kennedy who allowed Mary Jo Kophechne to drown in 1969, tried to cover it up, but then served in the US Senate for 40 years afterward without a peep of protest from the feminists; or Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose wife committed suicide in 2012 (leaving four children behind) because she was so despondent at being married to Kennedy, who is a notorious womanizer and an overall malicious person; or the Obama fundraiser Gurbaksh Chahal who was caught on videotape kicking his girlfriend 117 times. Meanwhile the pornographers who exploit women in the worst way give their campaign contributions 100% to Democrats. And on and on.

Then when we conservatives discuss our support for women, for instance that the Republican party was the strong supporter of women’s suffrage; that the first women to be elected in their own right to both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate were both Republicans; that the first and only woman prime minister of Britain was conservative Margaret Thatcher, the liberals dismiss us. When we put up wonderful Sarah Palin for vice president they trashed her relentlessly and still do so today.

In short socialism/feminism is an extremist way of thinking about everything, including “women”, from the psychopathic embrace of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama to the undiluted hatred of Republican women like Michelle Bachmann and Condoleezza Rice.

But you understand it all by looking at the core unifying principle of feminism which is easy access to abortion, which is an act of extremist violence against the most defenseless among us. And then remember that the unifying emotions of liberal radicalism are anger and self-hatred on the one hand, and their mirror opposite, self-adoring narcissism and artificial joy.

Indeed if you scratched the surface of the ‘hippies’ of the 1960s you found people who smiled on the one hand and were eerily self-satisfied when everything was going their way, but who were very angry and controlling underneath it all. In fact insiders have said that Bill Clinton is an extremely angry person in private, that he was known for throwing “purple rages” in the Oval Office.

This comes as no surprise to because I have studied the socialist left for decades and I know what animates them. Obama is a very angry person underneath his polished and fabricated exterior. Don’t believe the deliberative, serious, thoughtful image that he puts on in public.

This type of anger manifests itself in many ways. Angry people like Obama can harm the whole nation, as he has done, and think nothing of it. They can exploit and abuse women, like Ted Kennedy did, and think nothing of it, like Bill Clinton. They can steal money, like Obama and the welfare deadbeats steal from the taxpayers, and think nothing of it. They can dump the entire nation of Iraq into the hands of terrorists and act as if it is no big deal, as Obama has done. They can make nice with the evil dictatorship in Cuba and think it is normal.

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