Rick Perry in for 2016/ NSA Spying is Terminated

Former Republican Texas governor Rick Perry has announced that he will run for president in 2016. Nikitas3.com fully supports the governor. He can do for America what he has done for Texas – make the economy strong again for all.

Perry served longer than any other US governor, for 14 years, from December 2000, when the previous governor George W. Bush resigned to head to the White House, until January 2015, when Republican Greg Abbot took office. Therefore Perry can take full credit for the Texas Economic Miracle, which has produced the strongest state economy in the nation.

As a US military veteran Perry has criticized the Obama foreign policy, most significantly for abandoning Iraq and allowing the rise of ISIS by pulling out US troops prematurely at the end of 2011. But he will run most prominently on his successful economic record and other “conservative” issues like bringing integrity back to Washington.

Perry sought the GOP nomination in 2012 but was loudly ridiculed for forgetting the name of one federal agency during a televised debate. This is the way that the Leftist Media treat Republicans over everyday mistakes. But when Obama said that he had campaigned in “57 states” those same media rushed to say that Obama was just tired from campaigning (in fact there are 57 Islamic states (nations) in the world, which Obama was certainly referencing since he is a Muslim at heart).

Meanwhile Obama has ruined the entire American economy yet those same media hounds have relentlessly touted Obama as they ignore Perry’s success with the Texas economy. Or they ignore Hillary Clinton’s serial corruption with the Benghazi scandal, the Clinton Foundation scandals, the email scandal, and everything else. Besides the fact that Hillary has zero economic record to run on.

Perry also has to deal with trumped-up political charges over one of his actions as governor. Nikitas3.com believes that Perry will be cleared because virtually all observers on both sides of the political spectrum agree that the charges are simply a witch hunt by Texas Democrats. But then again this is how Democrats operate whenever possible – they seek to destroy the opposition rather than running lawfully against them. Because Democrats know in their hearts that their policies are failures.

Good luck to governor Perry. Nikitas3.com will follow his campaign closely. Now here is a commentary about the end of the NSA program that was spying on American citizens: Time.com reports:

The National Security Agency will lose the ability to collect and store virtually all of American phone records, after the U.S. Senate voted 67-32 Tuesday to reform the secret intelligence collection programs revealed in 2013 by Edward Snowden. The Senate voted to pass a compromise version of the USA Freedom Act, a bill that has already passed the House, with the support of President Obama, who signed the measure into law Tuesday night. Under the new law, the U.S. government would stop collecting the phone records, showing date, time and numbers connected. Instead, telephone companies will be required to keep the information, which can then be queried with a court order by intelligence and law enforcement professionals. (end of time.com excerpt)

OK, friends, this is a major breakthrough. Nikitas3.com has maintained since this spying was first exposed that it was a massively unconstitutional surveillance of the American people. We could write a book about it.

But almost as bad is the fact that this program was unnecessary. Because our government continuously has failed to stop terrorism and terrorism attempts by people who already were known to security officials while fishing through our phone calls for possible danger.

Here are examples of two successful attacks that happened under Obama that could have been thwarted not by NSA eavesdropping but by common-sense security vigilance:

*In the Boston Marathon bombing of April 2013 the principal terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev was known to national and international intelligence authorities. He was known to have visited a suspected Muslim terror enclave in Russia, and had even been interviewed by FBI. Yet he still was able to build two bombs in his apartment just blocks from Harvard University.

Then he and his younger brother waltzed into the Boston Marathon crowd with huge backpacks with the bombs in them under the noses of the Boston police with no suspicions raised. After all, how could two young Muslim males with big backpacks want to harm Americans!? Then again the cops were probably looking to arrest white Tea Partiers handing out booklets containing the US Constitution.

*At Fort Hood, Texas in November 2009 the Muslim US Army major who killed 13 US military personnel was well-known to Army brass as an extremist. But in order not to offend his Muslim sensibilities nobody acted and he got away with murder. The Obama administration even referred to the killings as “workplace violence” and not terrorism.

These cases of negligence are one of the main routes through which terrorism spreads. It has spiked seriously under Obama but it has been around for decades. In 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon 241 US military personnel were killed by Islamic terrorists in a barracks truck bombing that never should have happened. Wikipedia.org reports:

Shortly after the barracks bombing, President Ronald Reagan appointed a military fact-finding committee …The commission’s report found senior military officials responsible for security lapses and blamed the military chain of command for the disaster. It suggested that there might have been many fewer deaths if the barracks guards had carried loaded weapons and a barrier more substantial than the barbed wire the bomber drove over easily. (end of Wikipedia.org excerpt)

Look at that… no loaded guns and a barbed wire fence. Amazing. How about loaded guns and a trench and concrete barriers? This example shows how terrorism succeeds through gaping holes in our security that could be easily mended. No NSA surveillance is needed.

Now consider 9/11. There were years of hints that something was brewing. The first World Trade Center bombing of 1993 was ignored by the Clinton administration as a sign of something worse to come. If Clinton had commenced serious scrutiny of terrorists back then, 9/11 never would have happened.

But no. FBI knew about suspicious Middle Eastern males taking flying lessons during the mid to late 1990s, also under Clinton, but no action was taken. Many of the 9/11 hijackers were in the US under expired visas. And to put the frosting on the cake a Muslim named Zacharias Moussaoui was arrested on an immigration violation in August 2001, one month before 9/11. When authorities found suspicious items among his belongings, including a pilot manual for a jetliner, they insistently asked FBI higher-ups for authorization to search his computer. The authorization never came. Had it come 9/11 would have been foiled because Moussaoui was one of the intended hijackers.

This proves how inept and lackadaisical our security forces, from the streets of Boston to the suites of Washington and the Pentagon, have become under politically-correct multiculturalism and government incompetence. While no further attacks happened under Bush after 9/11 here are three more attacks under Obama:

*The attempted May 1, 2010 Times Square car bomb in New York City which failed to detonate only by luck. The perpetrator, Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistan-born Muslim, was able to build the bomb in Connecticut, to hide from security officials for two days afterward and then to board a flight to the Middle East where he was captured just before takeoff.

This bombing attempt and Shahzad’s boarding of the airplane came after this young Middle Eastern Muslim male (security red flag) had made many trips to Pakistan (red flag), was on a terror watch list for a currency violation (red flag) and who purchased his airline ticket at the last minute (red flag) with cash (red flag) just two days after he tried to blow up Times Square.

Worse, before the identity of the Times Square bomber was known Obama-supporting New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg conjectured that the bomber was not a Muslim radical but “someone upset with the health-care bill” which had recently been signed into law. Thus Bloomberg did what our politically-correct security officials are doing at airports. He essentially “profiled” the potential suspect – without one shred of evidence – as a white middle-aged American conservative, like the elderly white lady in the wheelchair who gets extra scrutiny at the airport. This was so utterly preposterous as to be laughable… if it were not so frightening.

*On Christmas Day 2009 a black Nigerian named Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded a flight in Holland bound for Detroit. Toward the end of the flight Abdulmutallab tried to detonate a bomb in his underwear but failed only because passengers stopped him. Abdulmutallab had a string of security red flags – a long history of terrorist ties, a warning from his own father to international intel officials about his son’s radical associations, and he bought his airline ticket with cash.

Yes indeed, he had the bomb in his underwear. That’s a good way to get around today’s airport security. Just hide the bomb in your clothing… Meanwhile Amsterdam security officials probably were frisking caucasian college girls from Texas and performing special intrusive interviews with World War II veterans.

*The May 2009 murder of Army private William Long in Little Rock, Arkansas by a radical Muslim. The killer was Carlos Bledsoe, a black American convert to Islam who was known by the name Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. Bledsoe was well known to American intel officials.

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