EPA Declares ‘Fracking’ Safe

There is good news about ‘fracking’, the oil and natural gas extraction process also known as “hydraulic fracturing” or the fracturing of underground rock formations. This practice opens up oil and gas deposits to vastly higher levels of output and produces much more oil and natural gas from fewer wells, which is a big plus for the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently reported that it did not find evidence that ‘fracking’ causes any “widespread damage” to underground water resources.

We conservatives always knew that this was true but we have had to put up with the noise machine of the environmental movement putting out its usual deception and fearmongering. Most significantly ‘fracking’ takes place well below groundwater tables, usually thousands of feet below, so ‘fracking’ alone cannot possibly harm underground water.

EPA concluded that the number of cases of pollution was small compared with the large number of ‘fracked’ wells and that it is only in cases where improper methods have been used, or mistakes have been made, that ‘fracking’ has harmed groundwater in any way. Meanwhile ecologists have used these most extreme cases to argue against ‘fracking’.

It is important to note that EPA did manage to bias its findings. Rather than say that ‘fracking’ itself causes “no damage” when practiced properly (which is true), or “little damage” overall even with improper practices EPA noted in its report that ‘fracking’ does NOT cause “widespread damage”. This semantic disparity, employing a double negative, is a way to still bias the finding to the environmental point of view, as you would expect from this rogue and prejudiced EPA.

There are two famous cases that come to mind when considering the enviro deception about ‘fracking’. First is an internet video on YouTube that shows a person lighting their tap water on fire, like a blow torch. The implication is that ‘fracking’ polluted their tap water with natural gas. But this could easily be a faked video and it probably is knowing the propensity of environmentalists to engage serially in this type of fraud. Meanwhile water wells are occasionally polluted by natural gas because this gas exists all over the world and sometimes it does invade water wells through natural forces.

Second, in a famous case in Dimock, Pennsylvania a couple claimed that their well water had been polluted by nearby ‘fracking’. They made many public appearances in which they showed a clear glass jar full of dirty water.

But state and federal environmental tests showed that their well was not polluted. And so after lying, and also making many malicious and slanderous statements about their neighbors, the couple quickly left town after their fraud had been exposed. This is all documented in Phelim McAleer’s films called FrackNation. You can see excerpts on YouTube. McAleer himself repeatedly asked the couple to allow him to test their water on camera and they refused… for good reason.

Friends, fracking has been going on in the United States for 60 years. There are estimated to be more than 1 million ‘fracking’ wells in the US. So why has “green” opposition to ‘fracking’ just emerged in the last few years?

It is intended to blunt the increasingly well-known success of ‘fracking’. Remember that environmentalism relies on various end-of-the-world scenarios like ‘global warming’ and the idea that the world is running out of oil and natural gas. But known/estimated global oil/gas reserves are growing every year, helped greatly by ‘fracking’ and other advancing technologies.

Therefore when a practice like ‘fracking’ produces more and more oil, environmentalists must seek to halt it. Because it debunks their alarmist cause and harms their fundraising.

Meanwhile environmentalists and socialists have been claiming for decades that “the oil companies are stealing from us”. Yet the oil companies have been delivering high-quality fuels at reasonable prices for more than a century. Notice how prices for natural gas, gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil have fallen substantially after ‘fracking’ took hold.

It is only when environmentalists block energy resources and drive up the price through scarcity, or when they give us inefficient “green” energy like solar and wind, that energy prices skyrocket as they did after Obama was elected with his “green” policies. So it is the “green” movement that really is stealing from us.

Since environmentalists are losing yet another battle over ‘fracking’ they are shifting their anti-petroleum strategy to other areas like seeking to halt underground pipeline installations. Yet pipelines are vital to our energy distribution system and they in fact are the safest and most environmentally friendly form of energy transport. Then the same environmentalists wage rhetorical war against crude oil trains when the trains are necessary because the “greenies” have halted the pipelines.

Phew! It is amazing how these people work. And what is their answer to our energy needs?

It is windmills and solar panels. Yet we would need 2,000 giant mountaintop windmills to replace the energy produced by one single 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor, which occupies only about 10 acres. These windmills could stretch for hundreds of miles. That is why even many environmentalists have turned against windmills including the rich “green” snobs in Massachusetts who fought a wind energy project in the ocean that would have been visible from their summer homes on Cape Cod.

Now many environmentalists even are opposing solar panel arrays that turn our beautiful meadows into black industrial installations. So even the crazy and selfish people can occasionally see reality.

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