Will Bernie Sanders Topple Hillary in 2016?

Far-left activists in the Democrat party could possibly take out Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries. These activists support ‘independent’ Vermont US senator Bernie Sanders, who is really a radical socialist Democrat.

And if you want to know what could be in store for all of America under Sanders, just look at Vermont today. It is in an economic tailspin after 50 years of some of the most left-wing policies in the United States. Young people are fleeing Vermont by the thousands every year leading to a major, and acknowledged, demographic crisis for the state.

I, Nikitas, went to college in Vermont and then lived there from 1978 to 1981. I lived in a small community among Democrat socialists who came out of the elite universities and embraced every leftist concept from a “freeze” on nuclear weapons aimed at the Soviet communists to solar and wind power.

Yet we know that Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviets with strength, not weakness, and we know that solar and wind power do not work. Now these same people have shut down the state’s biggest electricity supplier, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power station (650 megawatts).

So why should we believe that Bernie Sanders would be an acceptable president when he in fact represents Vermont to a T?

He would never be acceptable. He would pursue policies as radical as Obama, and the nation would continue on its downhill path.

Suddenly Sanders is on every Democrat’s radar. He is surging in polls and appears to be one of those grass-roots candidates who could topple King Hillary. Rest assured that the Clintons are concerned about Sanders. They understand how politics works.

Meanwhile Democrats have maligned a great conservative 2016 presidential candidate, Republican US senator Ted Cruz of Texas who represents the most successful economy in America. So you see the dichotomy.

Sanders has all the militants on his side – the ‘climate change’ alarmists, the $15 minimum wage activists, the anti-Christians, the pro-abortionists, the open-borders crowd. All you have to do is watch Sanders speak and you can see his character. He has a way of shouting his opinions in a way that suggests something askew within him.

Back when I lived in Vermont, Sanders, who is a college professor from Brooklyn (New York City), was mayor of the state’s biggest city of Burlington, a college town where the University of Vermont is located.

Burlington is pretty radical. In fact the whole state is now relatively radical. Here’s how that happened: Back after World War II when the ski industry started to take off in the postwar economic boom, “flatlanders” from the cities and suburbs of the Northeastern US started to flow into mountainous Vermont and to take root around the new ski areas. Many of them were very liberal.

The ski industry helped Vermont which is rural and was relatively poor. It brought much-needed wealth, opportunity and financial connections to the outside world.

This surge in the ski industry coincided with the ‘back to the land’ movement of the 1960s among the educated baby-boomer elites who rejected their wealthy parents’ urban/suburban lifestyle for a dirt-road existence in the hills and valleys.

This double-pronged influx brought an injection of youth, ideas and capital, but also a profound political change to traditionally Republican Vermont.

Vermont thus became radically liberal. It now has a Democrat governor, two Democrat US senators, a lone Democrat US congressman and a Democrat-controlled state legislature.

In another example of how this works, annual Vermont town meetings traditionally had been opportunities for townspeople to democratically discuss local issues like roads and schools. But the newcomers turned them into harangues about nuclear weapons and military spending and, today, ‘fracking’ and “global warming”.

In short, the whole state has been corrupted. Yet now that its economy has gone downhill Vermont almost elected a Republican governor in 2014. And Scott Milne indeed could run again and win in 2016. Oddly a Middlebury College contemporary of mine named Jim Douglas was the Republican governor from 2002 to 2010.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders represents the Vermont of the 1970s and 1980s – extremist, self-centered and smug – with a rotten economy to prove it.

When I lived there at the tender age of 25 I saw what the socialists were doing, particularly in obstructing every type of economic development. I departed in 1981 predicting that the Vermont economy would eventually falter badly, which it has.

During my time in Vermont I was the only conservative newcomer in my town. The old timers were all Republicans and I worked several seasons for a dairy farmer named Everett Palmer on his maple syrup operation. I knew right away that Palmer was the man who made sense to me, not the elitists among whom I lived.

Bernie Sanders is attracting the screwball crowd that is loud, rude and extreme. They could derail Hillary. Because primaries are different from general elections and the fringe activists will come out in droves for Sanders, rest assured.
Stay tuned. This is going to get very interesting.

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