Iran Nuclear Deal Done/ How to Stop US Violence

Amazing. Stunning. The United States has concluded a nuclear deal with Iran. Why? What is in our interest to have an Iran with any type of nuclear weapon? After all Obama and his peacenik/environmental cronies in America oppose nuclear power for either weapons or for electricity here in the US.

But they have been in a hysterical race to guarantee nuclear capability for Iran. And we know where this really is going. It is going to massively empower Iran in future dealings with Israel and the West. This is utterly bizarre like everything else in Obama’s world. Look at this from about the Iran negotiations:

Even if the Obama administration wins every concession it claims to want in these final moments of the negotiation, the deal is already stacked so far in Iran’s favor that the outcome, for the mullahs, is irresistible. Tehran gets more than $100 billion in cash from unfrozen sanctions, and in return it does not need to dismantle its nuclear infrastructure. Even Iran’s underground nuclear facility – which was built under a mountain to hide its development from international inspectors – will be allowed to stay open. The Obama administration has already conceded that Iran will be allowed to continue research and development of its nuclear program for the next 10 years, building its capacity as a threshold state, and by the time critical provisions of the agreement expire; Iran will emerge flush with cash to wreak havoc across the region. Even President Obama concedes that only 13 years after the deal is signed, Iran’s “breakout times will have shrunk almost down to zero.” But emboldened, Iran is pressing for more concessions. The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, says he won’t let international inspectors onto his military sites. That’s convenient, seeing as we know from past behavior that those are the very places Iranian scientists conduct their illicit weapons development. Without ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections, the deal means nothing. (end of excerpt)

In fact all of this frenzy over Iran could easily be solved. A decent American leader would have canceled these talks and demanded that the Iranian nuclear sites be shut down. And then when Iran refuses to shut them down, they should be bombed by US air power. And if they are underground our US air power should use “bunker buster” munitions. That is what they are designed for. And if innocent people or scientists get killed, too bad. Iran has been waging war on civilized people for more than 30 years now. Let’s give them a taste of their own medicine.

These concessions to Iran are some of the most incredible works of leftist sophistry in history. Since Democrat president Jimmy Carter abandoned the pro-American Shah of Iran in 1979, allowing the radical Muslims to take over, Iran has been a fomenter of decades of international terrorism. This should never have happened. Now Obama’s nuclear deal will only strengthen Iran’s hand.

Indeed we have had John Kerry looking as if his most important goal in the world is to make this deal with Iran. Why? We should be going in the other direction by destroying Iran’s military sites piece by piece until Iran stops aiding and abetting terrorism worldwide and using its surrogates to attack American and Western interests. We in fact are at war with Iran, yet Kerry is cutting them a deal. Why?

Because the world is upside down, that’s why, and Kerry is a lunatic. Remember that he sat before Congress in 1971 and claimed that American soldiers in Vietnam were committing atrocities. This came after he spent just a few months in Vietnam, and slinked away from his duties on technicalities.

This Iran policy makes no sense whatsoever. The United States should be engaged in a policy to weaken Iran and remove the radical mullahs and return political power to the Iranian people. So that we can have a civilized world again.

Now here is something to think about violence in America. Look at this from

The Charleston (South Carolina) gunman Dylann Roof should never have been been able to buy the gun he used to kill nine (black) worshippers at a church Bible study last month, the FBI director said Friday, citing a breakdown in the national background check system. A loophole allowed the 21-year-old to buy the .45-caliber handgun with money given to him for his birthday despite a criminal record that included a recent drug possession charge, James Comey said. “We are all sick this happened,” the FBI director told reporters. “We wish we could turn back time.” The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which does instant background checks for 30 states, should have flagged Roof on April 11, when he went to a West Columbia (SC) gun shop to guy the firearm, Comey said. But because of a series of errors, including one on Roof’s rap sheet, the examiner performing the check on Roof did not know he had admitted to drug possession in a March 1 incident, which should have rendered him an “unlawful user” ineligible to purchase the gun. (end of excerpt)

OK, folks, this is just one more proof that we don’t need more gun laws. We need to enforce the laws that we have already. And to read more about how to keep our nation safe, please go here to read the previous editorial about how conservative vigilance, and not more gun laws, will make us all safer.

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