Obama, Kerry Embrace Evil Cuba

First, a word about Summer. It is the height of Summer sailing season, and a good time to recall this story from masslive.com from 2010 about our super-wealthy secretary of state John Kerry back when he was a Democrat US senator from Massachusetts:

BOSTON — Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is docking his family’s new $7 million yacht in neighboring Rhode Island, allowing him to avoid paying roughly $500,000 in taxes to the cash-strapped Bay State (Massachusetts). If the “Isabel” were kept at the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee’s summer vacation home on Nantucket, or in Boston Harbor near his city residence, he would be liable for $437,500 in one-time sales tax. He would also have to pay $70,000 in annual excise taxes. Rhode Island repealed those taxes in 1993. That has made the state something of a nautical tax haven. (end of masslive.com excerpt)

So there you go. Liberals never live by their own rules. Now here is today’s editorial:

Barack Obama and secretary of state John Kerry have shown their extremist stripes once again by embracing evil a second time within just a few months. Obama has re-opened the US embassy in communist Cuba, which has been closed for 54 years, and Kerry was the first secretary to visit Cuba since 1945.

This is the same duo that just negotiated a sweetheart nuclear deal with another enemy of America – Iran. These two are pursuing the most anti-American policy ever. There are no nations that have been more opposed to America in the last 30 years than Cuba and Iran.

Cuba is a brutal dictatorship that has not given one inch of freedom to its people since Fidel Castro and his brother took control in 1959. They have enslaved the people, executed and imprisoned countless citizens, driven productive Cubans out, impoverished the nation and allowed their communist island to serve as a haven for international drug dealers and other malignant forces fighting against the free and civilized world.

Marco Rubio, the Republican US senator from Florida who is a presidential candidate for 2016, and who is of Cuban descent, said that the opening of the embassy represents “the convergence of nearly every flawed strategic, moral, and economic notion that has driven president Obama’s foreign policy.”

Indeed Obama is a friend of Cuba. This is shocking but expected since Obama’s mentor, mother, grandfather and both his natural father and his step-father were all avowed communists. Then remember that Kerry first became known to us all when he appeared before a US Senate panel in 1971 after just a few months’ service in Vietnam and claimed that he had seen US soldiers committing atrocities. No proof was ever offered. This shows Kerry’s vile character.

Kerry now is saying that “citizens of both (the US and Cuba) will benefit” from normalized relations. “Having normal relations makes it easier to talk — and talk can deepen understanding even when we know full well we will not see eye-to-eye on everything.”

What does that mean? Will Cuba now open up its economy, offer freedom to its people and its dissidents, welcome back its exiles, and hand over dozens of criminals who fled there after committing crimes in the US?

Don’t hold your breath. Communists never cede power willingly and the Castro brothers are the worst kind. This will be a one-way deal, as usual. Cuba will get all of the benefits including trade, investment dollars and increased tourism from the US while the Cuban people will get nothing. And the US will get nothing. And the world will get nothing.

Meanwhile dictator Castro said that the US owes Cuba “numerous millions of dollars” for damages caused by the trade embargo that the US has had on Cuba since 1959. He makes no mention of the tens of billions of dollars that Cuba owes to Cuban-Americans whose properties were stolen by the Castro government when the communists seized power.

Then again Castro ignores the fact that Cuba has been able for 56 years to trade with the rest of the world including its communist allies like the Soviet Union and China. But Castro will never admit that that in itself is a dead end, that global communism has been a dismal economic failure. No, he is blaming his nation’s dire state on the refusal of only the capitalist United States to deal with Cuba. That is quite a paradox.

Here is an example to illustrate the point: Russia was a food exporter until the communists seized power in 1917. Then decades of socialist farm collectivization failed and led to Russia starving and becoming dependent on grain imports, mostly from the United States. This happened despite the fact that Russia has huge areas for farm production.

So will Castro help to repay the world for the food that communism has stolen from the global food supply over the last century?

No, of course not. Because it is such an astronomical amount of money. And because communists always take and they never, ever give. Period. End of story.

Now here is a word about a comic book from Foxnews.com:

The latest issue of Action Comics finds Superman battling a foe on the streets of Metropolis, but this time he isn’t taking on his rival Lex Luther. Instead, he’s battling the police, which has some people outraged. …In the issue, Clark Kent’s secret identity has been revealed, he has been stripped of most of his powers and he’s ditched his tights. Instead, Kent wears just a T-shirt and jeans, along with tatters of his Superman cape over his fists. The downtrodden hero returns to a town that is fearful of him. Although a group of his supporters decide to celebrate his return, the police department soon arrives to break up the party. One of his supporters gets unruly, the police get angry, and before long, a full blown riot breaks out. The comic ends with Superman punching a police officer in the face. Patrick Colligan, president of the NJ State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, told FOX411 the comic is disgraceful. “They want to sell comics,” he said. “Unfortunately it’s at the expense of some very great cops out there every day protecting the public.” (end of Foxnews.com excerpt)

So once again, the Media Left – which now includes kids’ books, comic books and many other forms of children’s entertainment – has made out the police to be evil. This is on top of all of the other good people that they call evil – white people, Republicans, gun owners, corporations, Christians, i.e., anyone who is productive and goes to work every day to build our nation up. But then these smear merchants can never explain why everyone in the world wants to come to America. Maybe they could write a comic book about that.

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