Oil Companies Have Made America Strong

If you grew up in the 1960s, as I did, you have heard for 50 years that “the oil companies are stealing from us.” It is commonly said even today by Democrats and socialists.

This is the opposite of the truth. It is socialism and environmentalism that are stealing from us. The oil companies have been delivering moderately-priced energy for more than 100 years. Meanwhile the liberals have ruthlessly attacked the oil companies because the oil companies are private, profit-making firms, which the liberals oppose.

Look at the price of gasoline. It skyrocketed after Obama took office, and stayed high for 5 years. By 2014, gasoline prices were up to $3.75 to $4 a gallon. And there was not a peep of protest from the usual leftist crowd – the anti-capitalists, the consumer activists, etc. – that the oil companies were taking advantage of us.

Because those high prices were a direct result of Obama ‘green’ policies which included bans on oil production on federal lands and offshore, where we have massive amounts of oil. The ANWR deposit in Alaska alone, which is on federal land, is reported to have 10 billion to 20 billion barrels of oil under just one spot.

And despite the fact that we keep finding more and more oil all over the globe environmentalists have said that we are running out of oil while claiming that the productive “fracking” process pollutes groundwater and causes earthquakes (both false. Even the Environmental Protection Agency has declared “fracking” to be safe.).

All of these ‘green’ policies are being promulgated in order to expedite the frenzy toward expensive renewable energy under which environmentalists themselves are “stealing from us”.

But since “fracking” took hold and has produced large amounts of oil – the “fracking” that environmentalists oppose – the price of gasoline has tumbled by more than one-third. Today in New England it is about $2.40 per gallon and lower. Natural gas prices also have been very low for the last 10 years because of “fracking”.

In fact “fracking” has been so successful that the whole “fracking” industry is slowing down. Existing wells are being capped, and new “fracked” wells are not even being drilled because the current supply is so large that new wells would simply push the price into the basement by greatly increasing the supply.

“Fracking”, or hydraulic fracturing of underground rock formations, is a technique developed in the private oil industry. It breaks up the rock and allows scattered pockets of oil and gas to flow more freely to the well and to the surface. It is extremely efficient.

When Obama was running for president in 2008 he said that his ‘green’ policies would cause energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket” (his exact words), and lo and behold, they did. Environmentalists favor these high prices. They have been seeking to push up the price of energy for decades, in order to induce us to use less. That is why they never complained when gasoline prices were sky-high under Obama – because it was their policy of scarcity that caused it.

Unfortunately for Obama and his “green” friends his policies did not cover every state, or type of land. Many producers in the US have used “fracking” and have drilled on private land in certain states that permit it, which has been a huge economic boost for rural areas that have been struggling for decades. More importantly, it has helped the whole nation by bringing down our oil and natural gas prices.

On the other hand, electricity rates remain high and are headed higher because of ‘green’ policies. Grossly inefficient windmills and solar panels are being installed all over, while virtually no new large-scale power plants are being built, plants that would produce more electricity at reasonable rates.

Germany now has electricity rates that are three times as high as the US (about 36 cents per kilowatt hour). Because Germany also has the highest rate of solar energy in the world. Any rational person would be seeking to build new nuclear power plants, to produce large amounts of power. But the environmentalists oppose nuclear (there are 2 new reactors being built in Georgia, the first in decades. Let’s see more.)

So are the oil companies and the utility companies stealing from us in an evil scheme?

No. They have been giving us moderately-priced energy for the last century and more. But that does not matter to the socialists. They have simply planted a thought in all of our minds, that “the oil companies are stealing from us” and “the utility companies are stealing from us”.

This, friends, is how propaganda works. If you can get enough people to say, for instance, that the sky is red, then more and more people will believe and say that the sky is red. They won’t even look up to see the truth. And they will blindly argue that the sky is red. These gullible and easily-fooled people are the types that environmentalists have been recruiting to their cause for 45 years since the first “earth day”.

It started in 1970, when I was in high school. There was one preposterous eco-fable that claimed that the linoleum floors that we walked on every day were made up of microscopic particles that we kicked up with every step, and that the particles were lodging in our lungs and were going to kill us. It was typical “green” fearmongering.

By the time I got to college I rejected the “greenies” and their fearmongering. I had joined an environmental group, but I quit because I stopped believing what they were saying. The leader of that group today is a Democrat US congressman from New Jersey named Frank Pallone. And he is still saying the same thing over and over – that “the oil companies are stealing from us…”

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