Billionaire Offers Education ‘Solution’

Another left-wing billionaire is looking for another magic “solution” for our failing public schools. The billionaire is Laurene Powell Jobs, the wife of the late Apple Computer mega-billionaire Steve Jobs.

But, friends, we don’t need a lot of fancy new ideas to improve education. We need to get back to basics, first and foremost by getting rid of the bureaucracy and the sclerotic teacher unions and the deadening effects that they have been having on education for many decades.

Tens of millions of students have graduated from the public schools without any of the basic skills. But these unions don’t much care; they care mostly about their paychecks and their pension funds and about working 30 years until the age of 53 and then retiring. Public school teachers in many states don’t even pay into Social Security, and so they have much richer retirements than the rest of us.

Meanwhile most school kids in America sure do learn about the hoax of “global warming” and how to have gay sex and about how a Mexican really invented the computer (just kidding), but millions don’t know math and science, or how to speak, read or write English well. Because that would be too much trouble for the radicals who run our public schools through their giant bureaucracy. Political indoctrination is much easier.

For instance, kids learn that white men and Europeans are oppressors, and that minorities are great liberators. This bias extends to Jobs’ friends in our universities where white men are slandered daily and have become a smaller and smaller percentage of the graduating classes each year. This is an intentional outcome of socialist admission policies, yet minorities have much higher dropout rates than whites and much lower levels of academic achievement.

In fact white men are the smartest people in history having invented every single technology that powers the world today from electricity to computers to modern medicine to modern chemistry to jet engines to the internal combustion automobile engine, and on and on. The list is very, very long.

Are there good public schools teachers?

Yes, some are, but in general they are mediocre to terrible, particularly in the cities where they earn up to $60 an hour salary and the schools are horrible. But as we conservatives always warn the more power you give to the government the more corrupt it becomes. And the public school bureaucracy has had absolute control of US education for more than 100 years.

Mrs. Jobs is a classic socialist who is always looking for a ‘magic bullet’ to make herself look good, some new idea that always, always, always involves spending more taxpayer money (New school buildings! New computers! Higher salaries!) She even has tapped an Obama administration civil rights official to work on her program, so you can see that she is totally politicizing everything. reported:

Called XQ: The Super School Project, the campaign is meant to inspire teams of educators and students, as well as leaders from other sectors, to come up with new plans for high schools. Over the next several months, the teams will submit plans that could include efforts like altering school schedules, curriculums and technologies. By fall next year, Ms. Powell Jobs said, a team of judges will pick five to 10 of the best ideas to finance.

OK, now here’s the plan which Mrs. Jobs can use for free and which is guaranteed to work: Get back to basics. Get rid of the teacher unions, which have created bloated school bureaucracies that millions of inspired teachers don’t want to work in and/or have avoided or quit. Stop preaching radical environmentalism and other social issues. And offer school vouchers for any kid who wants to go to a private, charter or parochial school. These schools will then develop and flourish right before our eyes since so many people want them (including minorities). Education then will improve quickly and naturally at no cost to the taxpayer. In fact the taxpayer will save money.

But Mrs. Jobs and her cronies will never discuss any serious plan that would take one iota of control from the teacher unions and the government. They want to keep the problems festering so that they can act like they are working hard on them with their XQ Super School Project. It even has a super name!

This is typical of what you get from people who want to attract media attention to themselves. The media then comply willingly and never ask any hard questions because the average journalist today is way over on the political left where the teacher unions are. Here’s more from

Improving outcomes for high school students has long been a priority in education. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has financed scores of small high schools meant to better educate students through more focused attention and carefully tailored programs. Boston began a push this year to redesign its public high schools. “There is a huge gap between what students want for their future and what their schools are offering,” Ms. Powell Jobs said. “Once you have liberation from a system that was designed for the beginning of the century, there’s nobody to blame.”

Oh, really? Nobody to blame? How about the people who run the schools? After all, if McDonald’s served putrid hamburgers then the executives who run McDonald’s would be held to account.

No, Mrs. Jobs needs to have Republicans or conservatives to blame, or Rush Limbaugh or Donald Trump or the Tea Party.

It is stunning how vain these leftists are. Then it is reported that Mrs. Jobs has also devoted her energies to immigration reform. Yet one of the greatest threats to the American economy is the endless flood of poor people coming into the US, which Jobs-type immigration reform is simply encouraging.

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