Conservatives Reject Extremism of Pope Francis

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We conservatives reject the political extremism of Pope Francis. Normally many US conservatives have welcomed popes as good representatives of a 1,000-year old faith. But Francis is not a pope. He is a leftist who has reached the highest level of the Catholic Church.

He even is visiting Cuba, a God-less bastion that has squashed the Catholic faith remorselessly for 56 years now since the communists took power there. This is an obvious ploy to get worldwide media attention for the evil Cuban dictator Castro greeting the “good” pope.

Many of those who now eagerly embrace Francis are the same ones who have for centuries maligned the popes and the conservative foundations of the Catholic church. So something dangerous is brewing with Francis.

Certainly Francis has some conservative tendencies, which he must maintain in order to rise to pope. He talks in a scholarly fashion about Scripture and he serves Mass in the traditional style, opposes gay marriage and abortion. But remember how the militants on the political left work: They will take half a loaf until they can get the whole loaf. And they have half a loaf with Francis.

He has advocated better relations between the US and Cuba; he has warm relations with Islam; he said that Heaven is “a party”, which is an offensive, pop-culture characterization; he is pro-gay; he opposes both capital punishment and even life in prison; and he has obsessively lamented income inequality, implying that capitalism is responsible for it without mentioning that capitalist economic growth has done more to help the poor than anything.

He has sided over and over in public statements with the poor. Yet the church has always done this. The difference is that Francis’ stance is politically charged. He is espousing global, redistributionist socialism, not Christian charity or capitalist growth. Yet the nations with the most redistributionist policies like Cuba are also those most hostile to Christianity and have the most poverty to boot.

In short, Francis is in cahoots with a bad crowd, even an evil crowd. They then present a false picture to the world, that Francis is just a new kind of pope with different ideas.

Nonsense. Francis also has sided with the radical environmental movement, at one point saying recently that, “The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth. In many parts of the planet, the elderly lament that once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish.”

Oh, really. And what is his definition of “an immense pile of filth”? To the militant environmentalists it is a highway or a suburban housing development or a truck stop. Yet these are integral parts of our economy. Environmentalists ignore all the wonderful things that our prosperity and free-market technology have brought to mankind like decent homes, an abundant food supply, clean water, plenty of energy, longer lives, better health and dozens of other positive aspects of our modern world.

And since when is it the role of the pope to comment on the natural environment? Should not Francis be overridingly concerned with the spiritual environment of the Catholic church?

Of course. And now leftists are suddenly embracing Francis and telling us how he is revitalizing the church after years of controversy and scandal. But he really is moving the church over to the political fringe and gathering support there from millions of people who are more and more marginally faithful to the point where the church is becoming a social/political club, exactly as intended.

This has happened to many Christian denominations worldwide today, for instance they are more interested in preaching the theory of “global warming” than the Gospels. This is having the effect of secularizing the churches. This is an intentional strategy, to turn Christianity into a political institution and then to use it as a power base to expand international socialism by the worldwide Christian population of 2 billion.

Ultimately Francis is betraying Scripture by harping on political causes instead. For instance, Christianity has spoken out for millennia against the mindless accumulation of wealth. We real Christians understand what that means metaphorically but Francis is obsessively making it part of his literal personal doctrine.

Then remember how liberals corrupt The Holy Bible over and over. They say that Jesus was a socialist, but they ignore Jesus’ own words in Matthew 18:17… “let him be like you, a heathen and a tax collector”.

Or they claim that the Bible says in St. Paul’s First Epistle to Timothy that “money is the root of all evil”. But it really says that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Those are significantly different ideas.

Now look at how those like Francis have infiltrated so many of our institutions – our churches, the arts, the courts, the military, the universities, the media, our corporations, Wall Street, our banks, and on and on. Even the Nobel Prize now is given almost exclusively to leftists. Every one of these formerly conservative institutions is now strongly on the political left or trending that way.

For instance, the two biggest figures on Wall Street today strongly support Obama. They are Jamie Dimon of JPMorganChase and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. The three riches men in America all support Obama – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison. So for starters let’s get over the notion that all of the world’s evil wealth is being accumulated by some bogeymen on the conservative and capitalist side.

So why and how has Francis advanced himself within the church?

He did it because socialists have one goal and that is political power, and then using that power to oppress the people and enrich themselves. This is how dictators like Chavez in Venezuela accumulate huge fortunes as their nations sink into poverty. These leftists join institutions that they oppose ideologically like our corporations and our churches, and quietly work their way up, advocating socialism at every step. That is how so many of our corporations now have gone way over to the political left, along with banks, Wall Street, etc.

Conservatives, on the other hand, do not do this. Conservatives do not go into the universities and work their way up slowly to president; or join unions until they are the top labor boss in America; or infiltrate gay groups until they are the national leader. Because liberal organizations are zealously exclusive. They weed out nonbelievers and bar them from advancing or even joining. Just ask any conservative on a college campus these days. They face boundless hostility.

We conservatives are too busy building up the nation, doing our jobs. This is what makes us into conservatives, and this is what is keeping the world going ‘round. And conservatives suffer politically for it. Because rather than seeking only to build political power by subverting every institution we can, conservatives are doing their own good works like the farmer in his field or the businessman toiling in his shop. And we pray that the nation will survive and prosper with our good deeds. Leftists have an opposite approach, and it is a great travesty.

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