Conservatives Support Women Most

I recently was reading an article about a woman who is now CEO of the big utility company in Vermont. Since I went to college in Vermont and visit the state occasionally I was interested in the subject. It was a short one-page fluff job in a glossy magazine and it focused on the fact that she was the first woman leader of the utility.

The article devoted just one single question to the future energy supply of Vermont, which is the most serious question that could have been addressed. And this female simply dismissed the entire issue with a reassurance that Vermont eventually would be 100% solar.

This is the type of sophistry that passes for wisdom and debate these days. Meanwhile ultra-liberal Vermont has a terrible economy and some of the cloudiest and most miserable weather in the US. And the idea that its future economy will magically prosper on ineffective and inefficient solar energy is preposterous. But then again feminism and environmentalism come from the same place – the utopian, politically-correct, preposterous political left.

Then the article described how the executive had had her breasts removed for cancer treatment. That was it for me; I closed the magazine and put it back on the shelf. I wondered: Since when are the personal health problems of an executive discussed in public, particularly when it concerns a woman having her breasts removed, which conjures ugly visual images.

Answer: Since Vermont feminists are writing or reading the article.

This type of obsessive feminism is ruining America. I would have greatly preferred to see a discussion about the serious energy challenges in Vermont, which are many since the “green” maniacs and their feminist acolytes have now shut down the state’s biggest electricity supplier, the Yankee nuclear plant.

Then when a conservative woman like Republican governor Sarah Palin of Alaska used her political acumen to finally push through a natural gas pipeline deal that had lain fallow for 30 years, in order to insure genuine energy stability for all, the Democrats and ecologists pilloried her ruthlessly.

This is all par for the course. Then feminists claim that and other conservatives are opposed to the progress of women, and that we want women only in the kitchen or taking care of the kids. Yet that is false because:

*When we conservatives enthusiastically have supported Sarah Palin for many years she has been, and we have been, thoroughly trashed by the feminists and liberals.

*When we sought to elect Joni Ernst to the US Senate from Iowa in November 2014 liberals and feminists vociferously supported her male Democrat opponent. Ernst won.

*Liberals love to point out that Democrat women far outnumber Republican women in the US Congress. But with feminists and their media allies actively and vocally opposing every Republican woman candidate, what else do you expect? In short they do not support “women”. They support only liberal women.

*When we conservatives have admired the brilliant career of Margaret Thatcher, a conservative who has been the only woman prime minister of England, liberals here and abroad have had only criticism. Hollywood starlet Meryl Streep even portrayed Thatcher in unflattering terms in a movie.

*We conservatives are dismissed when we point out that the most powerful and well-respected women in history have been conservative queens, empresses and other leaders like Russia’s Catherine the Great, one of the most legendary and good rulers of all time, man or woman, and a devout Eastern Orthodox Christian. These women have been dedicated to rational, thoughtful leadership of all of the people, not just of “women”, like Margaret Thatcher who not only revitalized the British economy in the 1980s for the good of all but was a key player in the downfall of Soviet communism.

*When we conservatives point out that these wonderful conservative women made their own way, and that Hillary Clinton has only tagged onto her husband’s career, we are dismissed in angry feminist tirades.

*Then when we point out that tens of millions of women in America are conservatives and Republicans and are happy with that way of thinking, the feminists have no rational response.

Now here is the most important issue of all – that the most basic concepts behind feminism are negative. For instance, feminists reflexively dismiss and detest men and call them oppressors; feminists dismiss marriage and motherhood as unimportant in relation to a career and a paycheck; feminists think that abortion is the most important right of all, even though abortion has been massively destructive both physically and mentally to tens of millions of women; and feminists agitate women relentlessly that women earn less than men when that wage gap is easily explained in this brief excerpt from a Wall Street Journal column by Carrie Lucas (note sentences italicized for emphasis):

The Department of Labor’s Time Use survey shows that full-time working women spend an average of 8.01 hours per day on the job, compared to 8.75 hours for full-time working men. One would expect that someone who works 9% more would also earn more. This one fact alone accounts for more than a third of the wage gap.

Choice of occupation also plays an important role in earnings. While feminists suggest that women are coerced into lower-paying job sectors… Women gravitate toward jobs with fewer risks, more comfortable conditions, regular hours, more personal fulfillment and greater flexibility. Simply put, many women—not all, but enough to have a big impact on the statistics—are willing to trade higher pay for other desirable job characteristics.

Men, by contrast, often take on jobs that involve physical labor, outdoor work, overnight shifts and dangerous conditions (which is also why men suffer the overwhelming majority of injuries and deaths at the workplace). They put up with these unpleasant factors so that they can earn more.

Recent studies have shown that the wage gap shrinks—or even reverses—when relevant factors are taken into account and comparisons are made between men and women in similar circumstances. In a 2010 study of single, childless urban workers between the ages of 22 and 30, the research firm Reach Advisors found that women earned an average of 8% more than their male counterparts. Given that women are outpacing men in educational attainment, and that our economy is increasingly geared toward knowledge-based jobs, it makes sense that women’s earnings are going up compared to men’s. (end of Wall Street Journal excerpt)

OK, so the feminist debating points are easily debunked. Feminists also conveniently want you to forget that women live an average 5 years longer than men in the US.

In fact it is we conservatives who care most about the overall well-being of women – we support both strong, independent women like Sarah Palin, but we also know that women want and need the emotional fulfillment of faith, family and marriage to have a complete life. And we encourage these fulfillments, while feminists dismiss them. We encourage these fulfillments for men too.

Conservatives also want men and women to coexist happily in the world, not be in conflict with each other, which is the feminist template. Look at the anger and upset between Obama and his wife, or between Bill Clinton and Hillary, or between the philandering JFK and his wife. You never saw that between Ronald Reagan and his wife, or between either president Bush and their wives, or between Mitt and Ann Romney. Because we conservatives know that individual one-by-one human love, respect, contentment, peace and happiness is what makes the world a better place for all, and we practice what we preach.

Why do you think that liberal males like Bill Clinton spend so much time running around with women other than their feminist wives, while conservatives virtually never do?

Answer: Because these feminists disdain their husbands and care primarily about feminism, money, fame and power. believes that the low status of women throughout much of history has been directly attributable to feminism. Because when men saw reactionary feminist-type females acting like lunatics and man-hating shrews instead of like rational conservative women those men said that all women should be put down in order to keep the screwballs at bay.

Just think of how history would be different if all women had been conservatives.

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