Hillary Foreign Policy Record is a Disaster

Hillary Clinton has a disastrous foreign policy record even though she never even has been president. Most of these examples below apply to Joe Biden too, since he is Obama’s vice president and may run for president in 2016. Here are the details:

First and foremost, as secretary of state Hillary stood by in silence as Barack Obama has thrown away our hard-fought victory in Iraq. Obama pulled US troops completely out of Iraq at the end of 2011. We conservatives warned that he should have left some troops behind – 30,000 troops has been suggested – in order to assure that the US victory was not lost. Obama ignored us, and ignored the advice of president George W. Bush, and we have seen the rise of ISIS, and the severe deterioration of Iraq.

On the other hand, Obama left our troops serving in Afghanistan until the end of 2014 in a war that we never could win anyway. Some troops remain today in a training role for the Afghan military. More than 1,000 US troops died in Afghanistan under Obama.

In short Obama did the reverse of what he should have done to serve America’s best interest. Hillary could have resigned in protest, particularly over Iraq, but remember that Hillary and people like her never do what is right – they only pursue their self-interest. Therefore Hillary must also take the blame for the situation in both of these nations.

As secretary Hillary cheered on the so-called Arab Spring uprising in Libya and Egypt in 2011, in which the pro-American Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was deposed. That uprising led to the rise of radical Islam in Egypt, just as we conservatives warned it would. The Islamist leader then imposed extremist Muslim laws on Egypt and fortunately he was removed by the pro-American Egyptian military.

In a famous TV interview Hillary even laughed aloud about the murder of Libyan leader Moammar Ghadaffi by a Muslim mob. This was a reprehensible, childish action; no mature secretary of state would mock such a killing in such a way. Libya now has sunk into chaos with Ghadaffi’s death. And she wants to be president?

There’s more. As secretary of state Hillary also must be held accountable for the Benghazi consulate attack in which two Navy SEALs, Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty, died along with two US consulate officials. Hillary has acted as if she is above the whole debacle and even dismissed it with her “what difference at this point does it make” comment. She is not above it all.

In Syria, Hillary and Obama rhetorically sided with the rebels fighting against the Assad regime there. This was wrong because those rebels were infiltrated by terrorists. The destruction of Syria has been the result. In fact Assad was keeping Syria stable in a very unstable part of the world. This Obama/Clinton policy has been partly responsible for the recent wave of refugees coming out of Syria. Obama should have vigorously used US air power on behalf of Assad to bomb the terrorists.

Under Obama/Clinton leadership Russian president Vladimir Putin bullied his neighbors and even waged war against them without one ounce of significant US response. Meanwhile Obama/Clinton canceled a missile defense system for Poland that would have detected Russian missiles.

Then Obama forged a deal with the terror state of Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. This is one of the worst foreign policy travesties of all time. And Hillary certainly agrees with this policy. Otherwise she would publicly rebuke it.

Then there is the ongoing scandal about Hillary’s e-mails during her tenure as secretary of state, and the potential loss of classified information. Can we trust such a person to lead our nation? No. She is a threat to national security in very way.

And of course who could forget the State Department drug scandal and prostitution scandal under Hillary. These types of scandals had never happened before but seem to be happening routinely under Obama, even in the Secret Service.

This all goes to show that American foreign policy is out of control under Obama – like opening an embassy in Cuba – as it has been under all Democrats since JFK.

While conservative Republican president Ronald Reagan defeated the global monster of Soviet communism without firing a shot, Democrats have produced only negativity and failure. For instance Democrat presidents JFK and Lyndon Johnson started and escalated the Vietnam war.

Meanwhile Bill Clinton ignored terrorism during his 8-year presidency, allowing for the methodical plotting of 9/11 through more than 5 years of suspicious actions by Islamic extremists within the US in the late 1990s without any serious suspicions being raised. As his wife and so-called “co-president” Hillary must share the blame for this laxity and for 9/11

But Bill Clinton’s federal agents sure did manage to kill all of those Christians worshipping peacefully at Waco, Texas. Hillary must be held accountable for Waco as part of her domestic record.

Then it is important to remember that Islamic terrorism in the Middle East, and around the world, comes primarily out of Iran which became one of the world’s chief state sponsors of terrorism after Democrat president Jimmy Carter abandoned the pro-American Shah of Iran in 1979. This cleared the way for Muslim extremists to seize power. And you can rest assured that Hillary, who was unknown at the time, supported Carter as a member in good standing of the left wing of the Democrat party.

Carter threw the Shah overboard because the Shah was an authoritarian and pro-American leader who fought to keep Iran’s communists and Islamists at bay, which was a good thing. Carter himself even had referred to Iran as “an island of stability” in a troubled part of the world.

But these tough, pro-American governments since the end of World War II have been despised by Democrats as oppressive. Yet Iran today would be a modern, pro-Western nation with free elections if the Shah had remained in power instead of the poor, oppressed and violent nation that it is today.

The Shah was a true reformer who was gradually moving his nation toward liberty and a modern standard of living. He even stood for women’s rights, while women in radical Islamic Iran have disappeared from view without a peep of protest from Hillary.

Just look at the favorable conditions today in nations that had these authoritarian, pro-American governments, where you can now find freedom, prosperity… and even women’s rights… in places like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Chile.

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