Will Labor Unions Help Trump Win the White House?

If you think that Donald Trump is going to fade away, or is a novelty act who is going to implode, forget it. Trump is planning the next phase of his presidential quest, and this phase is going to bump his candidacy up two notches. Look at this from Conservativeintel.com:

Reports say that the influential Teamsters union may snub Hillary Clinton in favor of endorsing a Republican candidate such as Donald Trump for the White House in 2016. Such a move would likely be a notable boost for Republicans with Independents and “Reagan Democrats,” a critical segment of swing-voters that candidates spend millions trying to woo. These “middle of the road” type voters are crucial to winning bellwether regions like Michigan’s Macomb County. Clinton also faces snubs from other powerful unions like the AFL-CIO and AFSCME, refusing to back Hillary as they try to push Vice President Joe Biden into the race.

Indeed some union leaders have said that they want to meet with Trump, who has worked with unionized workforces throughout his real estate career. This means that Trump is resonating beyond the traditional Republican base, among millions of other people who are very worried about the economy. This could be an electoral bonanza for Republicans across the board in 2016.

Labor unions have voted largely Democrat for the last 50 years. But that could change since unions see Obama and the Democrats thwarting the economy in myriad ways, for instance with opposition to the Keystone pipeline. After all union members would rather be working than not working.

Unions also are certainly looking at extremist enviro regulations that are stifling jobs, and seeing Trump as the president who will reform and reduce those regulations. And they would be correct. Trump will make major reforms. As a businessman Trump understands the damage that over-regulation does.

And while public-sector unions will likely continue to vote strongly Democrat, private-sector union voters, who today number about 10 million nationwide, could tip crucial presidential electoral states to Trump. After all small numbers of votes in key states can flip the 2016 contest.

Then remember how elections work: If, say, Trump is behind in a state by 50,000 votes, he doesn’t have to get 50,000 new votes. He just has to have 25,000 union voters change their vote from Democrat to Republican to give Trump that state (each vote of that 25,000 is one less for the Democrat and one more for Trump). In states like Florida with millions of votes cast, this is certainly do-able if the unions swing to Trump.

So finally labor unions may be seeing the light. And if they trend in any significant numbers toward Trump in 2016 then Nikitas3.com predicts that Trump will be elected president. Because unions not only will give Trump votes in critical states, but they will bring a lot of other Democrats along with them into the Trump camp, as they did for Ronald Reagan.

Those unions also will not be actively campaigning for the Democrat candidate and may do so for Trump. All in all, it would be a multi-layered boost for Trump.

Nikitas3.com has said repeatedly that Trump could certainly be elected our next president. First and foremost, he is not afraid of the media or the Democrats, and second he is explaining in direct, unflinching terms the dire state that the nation is in, which Romney did not do. Now this union action adds fuel to the Trump fire.

The media certainly are trying to slander and caricature Trump in every way possible, as they slandered Ronald Reagan. But going forward we are probably going to see a more thoughtful Trump because he now sees that he has political momentum, that he could indeed be president, and he now needs to protect his lead and build his candidacy with fewer distractions and controversial quotes.

Michigan Republican US congressman Pete Hoekstra said: “(The unions) aren’t that interested in meeting with Hillary. Bill and Hillary were big supporters of Ron Kerry, who took the Teamsters down the road of corruption and used the group as a piggy bank for the Clinton’s. That’s why Hoffa went with Obama over Hillary in 2008.”

“Unions endorsed Ronald Reagan,” Hoekstra said. “It really helps to have a broad cross-section of voters as part of your coalition, and that includes the Teamsters and other unions. They are full of Independents and Reagan Democrats that we can’t write off if we want to win.”

Macomb County, Michigan, with 850,000 people, is an important electoral “swing” region that has a lot of union households. Pollster Steve Mitchell reports that all GOP candidates being polled against Hillary Clinton in Macomb are beating her easily.

Then there is the question of Joe Biden. Many union people will say that Biden supports them ideologically but they are wondering about something much more important: Who is going to create the actual jobs?

That answer favors Trump since Trump comes from a career in construction, i.e., building things and employing tens of thousands of people. Meanwhile Biden is just a machine politician who will continue the Obama policies.

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