Where’s Jeb Bush?/ Trump Questions for Hillary

The Big Question of the 2016 Republican presidential primary race so far is this: Where’s Jeb Bush? The presumptive front runner has run right out of steam. Bush’s plunge into obscurity has been simply astounding.

Nikitas3.com believes that three factors have contributed to the Bush Fade – political fatigue with the Bush family; Bush’s uninspiring campaign; and conservative payback against the Republican Establishment. After all conservatives usually are much more prominent in primary races than in general elections.

Bush still can bounce back but he certainly has wilted and time is running out. Then again this is part of a trend. Really good candidates who have been very effective leaders like governor Perry of Texas and governor Walker of Wisconsin hardly got off of the ground. Governor Christie of New Jersey, once seen as a potential superstar of national politics, has barely been noticed.

But that just goes to show that the squeaky wheel (Trump) gets the grease. Then there is the issue of Ben Carson. If Republicans think that nominating a black conservative will bring some cornucopia of black Democrat votes to the GOP candidate in 2016 they should think again. Black Democrats hate black conservatives even more than they hate white conservatives.

Meanwhile if Donald Trump indeed is the Republican candidate next year and Hillary Clinton is the Democrat here are questions that Trump could ask of Hillary in order to win the presidency:

*Why did your husband allow the 9/11 hijackers to organize their plot for 5 years under the Clinton presidency? We know that the 9/11 hijackers were able to organize the September 11, 2001 attacks throughout the late 1990s during Bill Clinton’s second term by slipping in and out of the US on shabby and incomplete visas; by overstaying their visas; by taking suspicious flying lessons; by taking repeated reconnaissance passenger flights to observe airline practices; by training on airliner simulators; by repeatedly getting cash wired from overseas; by moving freely about the country and escaping scrutiny repeatedly even though these young Muslim males were ringing alarm bells loud and clear.

*Why did your husband’s administration purposely impose a “wall” between FIB and CIA so that they could not exchange information about terrorism, leading to the 9/11 attacks?

*Why did you support the so-called Arab Spring uprising of 2011 as secretary of state? We all knew that the uprising would lead to the imposition of radical Islam in Egypt, after the deposing of pro-American leader Hosni Mubarak. Why did you literally laugh in a TV interview about the murder of Libyan leader Moammar Gahdafi, when in fact Libya has descended into radical Muslim chaos since Gahdafi was deposed and killed? Isn’t that laughing amateurish behavior?

*Why have you relentlessly defended your husband’s abhorrent behavior toward women? Why should women vote for you when you spent decades covering up his serial abuse of women, including the alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick?

*How many jobs have you ever created in your life? I believe that the answer is zero. On the other hand I have personally created (100,000 or however many jobs have been created in building Trump projects over the last 40 years) jobs and I know how to do it. Why should Americans believe that you will have any more luck in stimulating the economy than Obama has had, which is no luck at all? I will be a role model for the nation. I will inspire a whole new generation of entrepreneurial activity.

*I strongly oppose the new law in the very liberal Democrat state of California that allows men to go into ladies’ bathrooms? Do you support or oppose that law?

*Have you noticed that much of the productive American economy has fled from liberal states into conservative states like Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida? Why should anyone vote for you when the economic numbers show a contrary picture to what you believe in? One of the worst states for new job creation is Illinois, where you come from and where Obama came from.

*How do you explain the record number of murders in Illinois’ biggest city of Chicago, one of the most Democrat and corrupt cities in our nation? Isn’t your ideology supposed to produce peace and utopia?

*Did you not violate the Espionage Act in using your unsecured email server? Isn’t that a clear threat to America, to allow national security secrets to filter out on the internet? How can we trust you as president when we could not trust you as secretary of state?

*Why should anyone vote for you simply because you are a woman? Don’t you think that Americans are much more interested in voting for someone who will be an effective leader and job creator when America is in a period of long-term economic distress?

*Why did your husband, as president, release 16 Puerto Rican terrorists from jail in 1999? It is strongly suspected that he did it in order to get Puerto Rican votes for you in your 2000 election to the US Senate from New York state.

*Why did your husband pardon the notorious international fugitive Marc Rich?

*Why did you not speak out against Obama’s release of five top terror leaders from Guantanamo Bay detention in exchange for the release of US Army deserter Bowe Bergdhal who was being held captive in Afghanistan?

*As the first order of business when I take the Oval Office in January 2017, I will immediately cancel Obama’s deal to give the terrorist state of Iran a nuclear weapon? Would you do the same if you were elected? And if not, why not?

*You said, and I quote, “don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs”? So who, then, creates jobs and how?

*You said that you and your husband are not “truly well off” compared to some very rich friends and supporters of yours, when in fact you and your husband are worth more than $100 million. Why are you not “truly well off”?

*How has your husband accumulated more than $80 million just in speaking fees since 2005? Most ex-presidents keep a low profile, and do not seek to capitalize on their tenure in office. Your husband has done the opposite.

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