Sex Culture Undermines Freedom has warned for many years that the sexualized culture of the 1960s has become exactly the danger that we conservatives always have warned about. It is just like illegal drugs. It is portrayed by liberals as “fun” but in fact it is extremely damaging to our social stability, and is causing great trauma to tens of millions of people. Look at this outrageous story from

A California mom …says she was recently kicked out of a sporting goods store after alerting a manager that a man had frightened her young daughter in the women’s restroom … The woman …said she was stunned to learn that the man, who she said was not dressed in women’s clothes and did not appear outwardly to be transgender, had done nothing wrong in the eyes of the (store manager) and other customers.

OK, so first of all this happened in California which is very liberal. Second, the store called REI is one of those elite mountaineering shops owned, managed and patronized by militant environmentalist types. So you can see where this is all going. This is a natural outcome of the leftist sex culture of the 1960s. Look at what the mother said about the store manager:

“I spoke with the manager and told her what happened. She didn’t skip a beat. She told me that REI does not decide who people are or what they can do. …She told me that if a man came back into the bathroom that they would do nothing. That they had no right to tell someone which bathroom to be used. Then she told that if it happens again that I shouldn’t expect anything to be done about it.”

This is classic extremist liberalism. The sex perverts are drooling over policies like these, while those of us who have moral standards are told to keep quiet. This is the hard-left culture of sexual deviancy at work, which is intended to undermine the very foundations of a stable society.

These are some of the same people who want to legalize adult-child sex. And if you don’t think that that is possible or true, just consider that we would never have even imagined just 5 years ago that this type of bathroom incident would be brushed off by a nationwide retailer under law in the largest American state.

Friends, these radicals are out to get your children and grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, etc., and to make them crazy just like these radicals are themselves crazy, depressed, unhappy, demented people. No rational person would support a man going into the ladies’ room. These extremists include everything from sex maniacs to sicko perverts up to child molesters, child sex abusers, child rapists and even murderers in our prisons… or never apprehended. And they are coming after your kids, using the law to do so. Because their only goal in life is to exploit and abuse other people for their own gratification.

This sex culture is now even being found in grade schools with kids learning about every type of sex, having sex, gay sex, pervert sex. Because the kids are being taught young to think only about their own pleasure, and that anyone who disagrees is a tyrant, usurper, bigot, bully, etc.

Then notice on the other hand that the Leftist Media never report on the severe psychological damage caused by sexual traumatization through promiscuity, abortion, molestation, rape, emotional betrayal etc., or about the epidemic of serious sexually-transmitted diseases running rampant, particularly among women. Yet every time someone opens a Bible these same people go bonkers.

School kids in California are thus growing up learning that a man in the ladies’ room is normal. This is intended to destroy any modicum of social propriety. This is part of Obama’s militant agenda. Notice that it all has accelerated under Obama, and in the state that most strongly supported Obama in two separate presidential elections. Look at this from

California is grappling with the issue of (sex changers) and public restrooms, passing a recent, controversial law mandating that public schools allow students to choose the restroom associated with their own gender perception. The city of West Hollywood in 2014 began requiring all businesses to make their single-stall restrooms gender-neutral. Similar laws were passed in Washington, D.C., in 2006 and Philadelphia in 2013, where it was required that new or renovated city-owned buildings must include unisex bathrooms.

So first they wanted unisex bathrooms. Now that has morphed into a person choosing whatever bathroom he/she feels like going into, particularly if you are a male pervert and you feel like going into the ladies’ room. This is supposed to be true freedom. Nonsense. It represents the destruction of freedom.

I was visiting my college last year and I needed to use a bathroom. It was for both men and women. I had never been in such a public bathroom before. There was nobody else in there, and I would feel very insecure as a woman. The stalls went all the way down to the floor and it felt like a prison. But then again this unisex stuff does not liberate anyone; it actually is a form of imprisonment masked as liberation.

This indeed is liberalism, where things turn out the opposite of what they appear to be, and are supposed to be. Then the same liberals and feminists and lesbians and gays and sex-changers who promote this sexual laxity go on tirades about sexual assault, as in the military or on college campuses. Yet when they encourage this type of male/female interaction in the most intimate settings it is just another inducement to sexual assault and related problems.

The leftists are doing this in order to confound and confuse us on the most elementary level, and to undermine our freedoms. Since the 1960s they have been seeking to substitute personal freedom for Constitutional freedom. It is a totally devious tactic that most people do not understand. Yet it really is intended to get us to forfeit our genuine and infinitely more significant Constitutional freedoms.

Constitutional freedom was non-existent throughout most of history. Then America codified it, and it has been a great success story. But liberals and Democrats say over and over that the Constitution is old-fashioned (and the Ten Commandments too), that it needs to be amended and even rewritten in order to insure personal freedom, which they claim is paramount.

Nonsense. The personal freedom to do whatever we please has always been limited. That is why we have had laws throughout time to prohibit lying, cheating, assault, murder, theft, etc. For instance our crucial freedom of speech guarantee in the Constitution does not guarantee us the personal freedom to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater or to threaten a neighbor.

Our Constitution, on the other hand, gives us the precious right to speak our minds freely in public in an orderly manner. This comes out of thousands of years of debate over civil virtue. We must never confuse this with the personal freedom to do whatever we please and say whatever we want. But that is exactly what is happening in California.

Father Stephen Freeman wrote in an article called “Glory to God for all things”:

…Character is the word that answers the question, “What kind of person are you?” Modern culture… has abandoned the notion of virtue and replaced it with a false anthropology of freedom and choice. Such an anthropology is false because it fails to ask the simple question, “What kind of person is doing the choosing”.

Freedom and democracy alone guarantee nothing. The prior question must be, “What kind of people are doing the voting?” To be a Jew in a room full of nazis who are free to choose is not good news. America’s Founding Fathers were closer to classical Christian civilization that we are. A number of them knew that democracy was never any safer than the character of the people it served. If the people become vicious (governed by vice) then the Republic will become a vicious state.

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