Big Immigration Victory/ Low Biz Taxes Will Help US

San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi lost his bid for re-election on November 3 in a mega-landslide after spending months in the national limelight for his advocacy of his city’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy on illegal immigration. reported the good news like this:

Mirkarimi, 54, was defeated by Vicki Hennessy, a former sheriff’s official who had the endorsement of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the sheriff deputies association. …Mirkarimi and his office received heavy criticism after Mexican illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez allegedly shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s waterfront July 1. Sanchez had been released from Mirkarimi’s jail in March even though federal immigration officials had requested that he be detained for possible deportation.

Hennessy won 61% to 33%. So, friends, there is hope even in nutty San Francisco, the land of Nancy “…we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…” Pelosi. Perhaps this is the beginning of something very significant. Two US states are even now individually acting against ‘sanctuary cities’ within their borders. Let’s hope that all states follow. Here are three other positive outcomes of the November 3 election:

*Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure by about 2-to-1 legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical uses. Good for the wise people of Ohio. Marijuana legalization is another destructive proposal from the Democrat left intended to undermine America.

*In Houston voters overwhelmingly rejected an ‘equal rights’ ordinance that would have given special protections to homosexuals and sex-changers. Good for the voters of Houston. These LBGTs have all the rights they need; it is called “the US Constitution”. Yet they now want protections above and beyond what the rest of us have. Houston wisely said no. We all should.

*In Virginia Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe failed after he worked hard to get Virginia voters to cast ballots for two Democrats in order to flip the state senate to Democrat control. It remains 21-19 Republican. Now here is today’s main commentary:

Low Business Taxes Will Help US Thrive

Here is a story from

Business magnate Carl Icahn announced (that) he’s launching his own super PAC with the goal to influence Congressional decisions on economic and business legislation. …Icahn says he will invest $150 million into his PAC to demonstrate he’s serious about reforming current federal policy. One major issue important to the businessman is stopping American companies from moving their operations outside the U.S., often called “corporate tax inversions”. Multinational corporations make this move in an effort to pay a lower tax rate offered in other countries. “In the last few years over 50 companies have left the country through ‘inversions,’ representing over half a trillion dollars in market value, hundreds of millions in tax dollars, and tens of thousands of jobs”, Icahn explained. “If this exodus is allowed to accelerate, there will be disastrous consequences for our already fragile economy”.

So he is intent on ‘stopping American companies from moving their operations outside of the US…’ just like we conservatives have been urging for decades. And businesses leave because businesses go where they are well treated, creating jobs in states and countries where the economic environment is hospitable. That is why much of the American economy has moved to the conservative states like Texas, Georgia and South Carolina in the last 40 years – because those states are hospitable to business, with lower taxes and less regulation. The liberal states have many anti-business policies.

Then look at this part: “Multinational corporations make this move in an effort to pay a lower tax rate offered in other countries.”
Yes, no surprise. And why?

Because the US now has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Even socialistic Japan, which the US stupidly emulated in raising its rate, has lowered their rate because it was finally being recognized as harmful. This leaves the US alone at the top. This is shameful for our nation that once was the economic engine of the world because we welcomed business and encouraged it. But now our policies chase business away, while the same Democrats who endlessly advocate these high taxes complain loudest about “income inequality” and “corporations that ship jobs overseas”.

In short we can “stop American companies from moving” with good policies. It is simple common sense, not magic. And hopes that Icahn is investing his PAC money in conservative candidates who will fight to change the policies to lower the tax rate and be more hospitable to business.

A lower tax rate would keep business here naturally. This is how it must work… naturally. No new laws or punitive or coercive steps would be required. No government threats would be needed. We would not need to “stop” anything. Low taxes mean “go”. Just look at what happens in your town on a tax-free shopping day – people flock to the stores and economic activity flourishes. It is a natural reaction.

But no, America, once the Land of Opportunity, now is chasing business away with increasingly socialist/Democrat policies. Even rich New Yorkers are fleeing their city because of its high taxes, and they are taking their wealth with them. Perhaps Democrats will seek to “stop” them from leaving with a new law, or will try to “stop” American companies from moving out of liberal states like New York and into the conservative states like Texas.

Icahn said, “this is by far the worst time imaginable to have an exodus of hundreds of companies. It would not only hurt our economy badly but would also meaningfully tarnish our reputation as a world power”.

Yes, we conservatives agree. We have been saying it for decades. And we thank you, Mr. Icahn, for supporting our views. then reported something interesting. It said “It’s yet to be seen if Icahn will join Donald Trump on the campaign trail in the weeks ahead to push for tax and economic reform.”

Well, ‘tax and economic reform’ used to mean that taxes and other fiscal conditions were reformed to be more friendly to business. has often said that American corporate tax rates should be much lower, or even zero, for three reasons:

*Corporations don’t pay taxes anyway. Their taxes are passed on to customers as higher prices, as part of the cost of doing business just like the cost of labor, office space and fuel is factored into the price of the business’ products, and passed on to consumers. So the more that you tax corporations the more that you are really taxing the people, until the corporations simply cannot remain competitive in the marketplace. So they move. Otherwise they would have to close. And if the option is to move or close, they obviously will move.

*If global corporations are freed from most or all US taxes then they will come to America and create jobs, as they are flocking to the Southern US, and those jobs will generate large amounts of government revenue in income taxes. And in a competitive world economy we need to use every tool to build and maintain a healthy economic environment.

*High taxes discourage companies from giving their workers better wages and benefits. The money instead goes to the government while the unions and Democrats then criticize the companies for not giving more benefits and paid leave and sick days and vacation days, etc.

Alas, even the left-wing governor of New York state Andrew Cuomo used an offer of zero state taxes for 10 years for any company that located in his state. The plan has been successful since even socialists need to use desperate measures to save themselves, just like the Chinese communists have adopted capitalism to save their sorry, oppressive selves.

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