Immigration System Needs Conservative Fix

Today we are hearing much about illegal immigration. This is happening since there is a presidential election next year. For instance we are being told over and over that Ronald Reagan signed a 1986 immigration reform act much like the type that Democrats want today, with amnesty included. And we are supposed to think therefore that conservatives must now sign onto amnesty, to be like Reagan.

Nonsense. Republican icon Newt Gingrich wrote in 2007 in his book Real Change that Reagan signed the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and even Gingrich himself voted for the bill because…

we were told it would solve the problem of massive illegal immigration. In his diaries, President Ronald Reagan said he was going to sign the bill because we had to regain control of our borders. The IRCA bill contained three promises: The government would make a concerted effort to control the borders. An effective employer verification program would ensure that only legal workers were hired. One-time amnesty would be granted for people illegally in the United States. All three promises were broken. The government has made no serious effort to control our borders. Employers continue knowingly to hire illegal immigrants without any real fear of punishment.

This is no surprise – all promises broken. Then notice that the liberals never want to talk about what Reagan and Gingrich finally thought about the bill after it had failed. Ronald Reagan would be incensed today about what is going on at the border, and about the hordes of illegal immigrants in America, including hundreds of thousands of criminals and gang members. He would say, “I had thought that the 1986 bill was supposed to settle these problems! We were double-crossed!”

Indeed. Double-crossed. Again. By Democrats. As usual.

Friends, this is not 1986 with 3 million or 4 million illegal immigrants and a booming economy. This is 2015 with 10 million to 15 million illegals, a stagnant economy with no jobs for 50 million poor Americans anyway, and more unskilled, uneducated illegals coming every year. Other bad people like radical Muslims and other subversives also are reported to be coming over the Mexican border, which is virtually an open border today. Reagan never would accept that. Meanwhile Obama has nominated a pro-sanctuary San Francisco leftist as head of the Border Patrol.

Yet even if Democrats got a 2015 bill saying that the border would be sealed, they would never seal it. They have no intention of ever doing so. They use that as bait to try and get an amnesty bill passed. Just look at 1986 for proof.

Meanwhile one 2007 study said that 45% of all illegals are not even coming over the Mexican border anyway but are flying in on round-trip airline tickets on legal visas from all over the world and simply staying here, knowing that the American system is broken and probably will never catch them. This includes militant Muslims, as most of the 9/11 hijackers flew in on visas and then overstayed for years. writes about the 1986 bill:

The Immigration Reform and Control Act …is an Act of Congress which reformed United States Immigration Law. The Act required employers to attest to their employees’ immigration status; made it illegal to hire or recruit undocumented immigrants knowingly; legalized certain seasonal agricultural undocumented immigrants, and; legalized undocumented immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously with the penalty of a fine, back taxes due, and admission of guilt; candidates were required to prove that they were not guilty of crimes, that they were in the country before January 1, 1982, and that they possessed minimal knowledge about U.S. history, government, and the English language. At the time, the Immigration and Naturalization Service estimated that about four million undocumented immigrants would apply for legal status through the act and that roughly half of them would be eligible.

Oh, sure, it all sounds great… if it had been enforced. And notice that it says that 2 million people would have been eligible, which is a small number compared with today when we have a vastly worse economy to deal with. In short, this system is now completely out of control. It does not need reform. It needs to be totally shut down. The border must be sealed and even legal immigration, with visas, should be halted for 10 years unless the immigrant is skilled and educated and/or has financial means to bring to the US.

Democrats really want citizenship and legal voting status for millions of illegals who will remain poor and dependent and will vote Democrat. Liberals do not care about the overall good of the nation. Democrats want political power, which they get most as the nation sinks.

Here is another question: What good does it do for poor illegals already here, and for poor Americans, to allow more poor illegals to enter the US? Answer: Nothing. It hurts them, as it hurts the nation. Poor people in the US are better off without a lot of competition for jobs.

So this flood of poor, unskilled, uneducated illegals does the most damage to the low-income people that liberals claim to care about. Which they really do not. Liberals are using poor people as political pawns; they always have and always will. Conservatives always have cared much more about the poor. We seek to give them jobs so that they can improve themselves. is somewhat sympathetic to illegals. I once worked with them in the fruit orchards of Oregon, and they worked very hard at brutal jobs. I know that many illegals are good people who want a better life, as immigrants have always contributed to America like my own grandparents did.

Illegals indeed often do jobs that Americans won’t do, like agricultural work, and they should be given work permits for that as they were given permits for many decades. But on the other hand they also are taking other jobs and suppressing wages simply because many illegals are willing to work hard. At the same time there are millions of unemployed American blacks, for instance, who live off of the taxpayer while a precisely equal number illegals take the tough jobs. But then again these illegals already have the greatest gift of all, i.e., they live in the United States. We need not do more for them, and citizenship will not magically transform their lives anyway.

The immigration plan is this: Seal the border, with a wall where necessary. There already is a wall at San Diego and it works perfectly. Then deport all criminal illegals including those in our jails; and then deport those illegals who are not working or have not worked.

Because there are literally millions of illegals here from all over the world who are not working, and who never will, just like there are millions of American citizens who are not working. These illegals can go back to their home countries and do nothing just like they are doing nothing here. Meanwhile Americans who have been dependent on handouts long-term should be cut off and/or forced to do some type of work.

Under my plan, illegals who are working, or who have a history of working and who have an American sponsor to vouch for them, can stay, but they cannot become citizens. They can be authorized to legally live and work here, and to pay taxes. But they must forfeit the opportunity for citizenship and voting rights as the price for illegal entry. And if they do not officially apply for a work permit, they can be deported at any time.

I believe that this plan would cut the number of illegals in half, and would keep only the illegals who are productive and working. This is a good start to reform, which must also seal the border and restrict further immigration.

Just look at the terrible condition of California which is now 50% hispanic. For 150 years, California was an economic dynamo. Today it is spiraling down economically as more and more poor illegals move in while productive, hard-working whites move out. This is what we conservatives have always warned about. Reports about the backward effects of the 1986 bill:

In 1986, three million illegal immigrants (Note: Wikipedia says 4 million) in the United States were given the right to become citizens. It was a full-scale amnesty, created by a bipartisan majority in Congress and signed into law by President Reagan. It had one big flaw. The amnesty went into effect immediately. And strong measures to secure the border with Mexico and prosecute employers who hired illegals were to follow. The goal was to stop illegal immigration once and for all, while allowing those here illegally to stay. But strengthened enforcement never happened—that was the flaw—and the bill produced a perverse result. Rather than halt the flow of illegal immigrants, the 1986 law actually spurred millions more to come. Crossing the border was easy, jobs were plentiful, and the chance of being deported was slim, including for those who overstayed their temporary visas.

Yes, and again, Reagan would never have signed that bill if he knew the outcome. And now crossing the border is easier than ever, chances of being deported are slimmer than ever, and jobs are harder than ever to find in many places. And contrary to the myth that illegals all work hard and don’t cost us anything, one recent study said that 70% of illegals get some type of government assistance.

Then the idea that amnesty would suddenly turn illegals into American taxpayers is nonsense. Many of them will remain poor and on government assistance since the jobs that they are doing are generally on the low end of the economy, while many of these illegals have shown little economic advancement over time. Meanwhile any type of amnesty now would do exactly what it did in 1986 – encourage more illegals to come.

Then, of course, we hear the relentless sophistry of the Democrats, that we must have big hearts, that past immigrants and their descendants owe it to today’s illegal immigrants to give them a chance.

No, we don’t. My grandparents all came legally from Greece and worked hard. They came around 1910 when the American economy was expanding rapidly. Today there are literally billions of poor people all over the world who would like to come to America legally, but who see no path and little opportunity here in the Obama Depression. Meanwhile the nation is filling up with illegal immigrants who cut the line, and whom the Obama economy cannot absorb.

In short, millions of these illegals took their chance and it did not work out since there are no jobs for them. We owe them nothing. They were not invited here. In fact the Mexican government, and other governments, encouraged them to come to the US so as not be a burden on their own countries.

Second, we need skilled and educated immigrants. But immigration numbers for skilled and educated people are being kept intentionally low by the same Democrats who want unskilled, uneducated and poor illegals to enter the US. This is damaging our nation irrevocably, as all of Obama policies have done. Obama and the Democrats do not want a prosperous America. Obama is a socialist. He wants a poor America that he and his Democrat cronies can control through government handouts.

If we continue to allow illegal immigration to flourish America itself will eventually wither. It already is withering. And if America suffers, then the world will suffer too. It is time to truly “reform” our immigration system. It truly is “broken”.

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