Conservatism is a Rational Response to Leftist Extremism

Over and over we have heard conservatives called “extremist” and “radical”. Yet we conservatives are neither. We are rational people who believe in common sense. And the only reason that these charges are made is because we are responding to Democrat and leftist extremism and so that makes our arguments themselves sound extreme.

The men who founded America – George Washington, Ben Franklin, Tom Paine, Samuel Adams, etc. – were rational conservatives. That is why America is the most successful nation in history. These men had a historic type of common sense about how to establish liberty.

Liberals, however, call America “extreme” and “bigoted” and they point out every flaw and then say that the Constitution needs to be amended and re-written to include everyone and to somehow make sure that everyone succeeds.

Yet it already includes everyone; that is its genius. And those of us who revere the Founding Fathers are the most rational people of all. Because the most people have found the most liberty and happiness in the shortest period of time in America. Because Constitutional freedom is the most important liberty of all, which is what we conservatives recognize and what liberals ignore.

But then liberals then go to the extreme and claim that “personal freedom” is paramount. It is not. To put “personal freedom” – the liberty to do and say whatever we wish, without limits – above Constitutional freedom is truly radical thinking. That is why societies always have had laws limiting personal conduct, in order to curb the unlimited “personal freedom” – lying, cheating, theft, even dangerous driving and public drunkenness, etc. – that always leads to chaos if not checked.

Then we conservatives are called “extreme” for advocating Constitutional liberty. But in fact we are being rational and are responding to leftist extremism. See how the game is played?

Now look at how conservatism supports other rational ideas that are a response to liberal extremism:

*We conservatives support the nuclear family, with a married mother and father, as the best structure for a stable society. Throughout history this has been known to be true. Yet liberals have for decades sought to destroy the nuclear family, for instance saying that marriage is just a piece of paper, making divorce easier and easier, claiming that children don’t need fathers in the home, that single mothers can raise kids on their own, pointing out nuclear families that have failed, etc.

But we know that the conservative solution of the nuclear family overall is best. Then we are called extremists for supporting this single, simple, universal idea unwaveringly, and not being more “open minded”.

On the other hand “open-mindedness” has destroyed tens of millions of lives in America alone. Single mothers and their children are always statistically poorer than married women, and they also have much higher rates of failure in life and even higher rates of crime victimization. Single women are much more likely to be depressed, worried and anxious in old age. Their children have much higher rates of failure in life.

*How about the environment? Liberals claim that we conservatives support the “polluting” oil companies, and they say that solar energy is “sustainable” and that we can generate our own “free” power with solar energy so that the Evil Utility Companies will not profit from us.

False. There is no “free” energy and the world can never run on solar power; it is far too diffuse and weak. And thus solar energy is truly an “extreme” and utopian idea and very expensive to boot, because it is radically inefficient. So a conservative such as is being downright sensible in opposing it.

*We conservatives generally believe in free-market capitalism because it is the only natural economic system, and it allows the most freedom for people to pursue their own destiny. Since the beginning of time, since the first men traded goats for apples, capitalist principles have applied naturally, like Supply & Demand which says that the price goes up as the supply shrinks or demand increases, and prices go down when the supply increases or demand decreases. Yet we who support capitalism are called extremists who only love rich people and money.

Nonsense. Capitalism historically has produced the most prosperity for the most people. Meanwhile liberals want incessant government-imposed socialism. Yet it has been proven over and over by history that government intrusion into the economy beyond a certain limited point always causes irrevocable disruption and produces the exact opposite (poverty) of what it is supposed to. For example highly-taxed economies function poorly while low-tax economies are much more vibrant.

For instance, after the US stock market crashed in 1929 the situation would have righted itself naturally if it had been left alone, like it did after the smaller crash of 1987. But instead a public panic ensued in 1929 (none in 1987) in response to which the government imposed leftist policies that utterly ruined the economy long-term, policies like steep tax increases on business (which slowed business investment to a crawl, stifling the economy), steep tariffs on imports (which drastically reduced international trade since foreign nations responded with tariffs of their own) and then, under Democrat president Franklin Roosevelt, huge make-work programs that only hurt the situation. Unemployment was worse in 1938 than it was in 1932 when Roosevelt was first elected.

Henry Morgenthau, Roosevelt’s Treasury secretary, said in 1941 after eight full years of socialist make-work policies: “We are spending more money than we have ever spent before, and it does not work. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this administration, we have just as much unemployment as when we started and an enormous debt, to boot.”

Yet we conservatives are called names like “extremist” for supporting free-market capitalism. False. Capitalism is the only system that can right itself and adjust itself because it is a natural, flexible system. Liberals just never want to let it work, and then they impose rigid, inflexible government control which always leads to disaster.

Capitalism rewards success and punishes failure, while liberals do the opposite – they punish success and excuse and reward failure, like always excusing people on welfare. And so indeed they would see economic success and self-reliance as extreme and so they punish it with high taxes and relentless rhetorical attacks on successful middle class people or wealthy people.

*Most conservatives oppose homosexuality because we think it is immoral and against the Bible and, equally alarming, we have seen the huge death toll, even personally as saw with my gay cousin who died a brutal and gruesome death in 1996 at age 39. The Kaiser Family Foundation says that 700,000 gay males have died of AIDS since 1981, which is an astronomical death rate. It would be statistically like 70 million Americans dying of a separate and distinct disease if anyone could get that disease.

We conservatives see homosexuality as an extremist lifestyle with dire consequences. Yet liberals call us “extreme” when we are actually the ones who insure that homosexuals and lesbians, as American citizens, have all of the Constitutional rights of every other American, which are the most important rights in all of history.

At the same time liberals say that we should amend and re-write the Constitution to somehow codify homosexuality and other behaviors and agendas (like the environment) that they favor.

But Constitutional liberty is not about individual desires and behaviors, or political agendas. It is about the freedom of all of the people, one by one, with overarching rights like the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to own a firearm, etc. That is why we conservatives always defend Constitutional freedom. Yet we are often called “extremists” for doing so. We are not. We are sensible centrists with a balanced view of the world.

*How about our religion? We conservative Christians are constantly maligned as “radicals” and “intolerant”. Yet our Christian faith has produced the greatest liberty of all, with the most tolerance. Christianity guided Europe out of the Dark Ages, Christian nations codified human freedom, and then Christianity made the US into the freest, most prosperous, most advanced nation in history.

But as the whole world enjoys our Christian-based freedoms, along with all of the technological advances that were developed in Christian-based Europe and the United States, liberals nitpick and criticize us Christians every minute as “extreme”.

No, friends, Christianity has been a 2,000-year response to the extremist radicalism, prejudice and intolerance of millennia of God-less atheism, most recently manifested in the three greatest genocidal killers of all time – all of them anti-Christian atheists – Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, whose regimes murdered more than 100 million people.

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