Prepare for Widespread 2016 Media Deception

We all know that the Leftist Media lie pathologically about conservatives and Republicans, and smear them, and try to trick them, and then ignore every serious travesty on the political left like Hillary’s e-mail scandal. And we can expect the situation to get worse as the 2016 presidential election approaches.

There are so many tales of liberal fraud that it is hard to know where to start, like the recent media-generated story that Donald Trump wants a database of all Muslims in the US. Yet Trump was talking about a potential database for Muslim Syrian refugees entering the US in order to be able to vet them about their pasts and keep track of them, since there could be terrorists among them, as there are in Europe.

But even after Trump set the record straight this type of deception is very effective since the false story spreads like wildfire, but then only some people hear the correction or the truth.

We all recall the October 28 CNBC Republican presidential debate when the left-wing moderators asked the candidates the stupidest, most negative questions imaginable, starting with “What is your worst trait?”

Unreal… These deceptions and misdirections have been routine for decades. In 2012 US senate majority leader Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, said that Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes in 10 years. This was outright false but Reid’s comment still circulated around the nation and many people still consider it to be true. It was simply a smear job on Romney.

Did Reid pay a price for telling a false story? No. Did he retract it or apologize? No; he actively refused to do so and there was no media blowback. This is how corrupt socialism implants itself all around the world – through widespread media complicity. Yet every syllable uttered by Republicans and conservatives goes under a microscope.

Reid should have been censured by the Senate but he was not. After all he knew that he could not be reprimanded by a body that he himself controlled.

If Reid were a top executive for a private company like, say, General Electric, he probably would have been fired. Yet the only price he might have ended up paying for lying about Romney is that he could have been voted out of office. Yet Reid’s Senate term expires in 2016 and he is retiring anyway.

These same media skunks have covered up for the Kennedy family for decades. Case in point: John F. Kennedy’s election to the White House in 1960 was achieved through fraud in Chicago; if you are too young to know about it, look it up. Ted Kennedy brazenly tried to cover up the 1969 drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne. The stories about serial Kennedy family criminality are many, but this family has had total media favor. If a Republican did any of this stuff he/she would be politically eliminated.

Oh sure, there is justice every once in a while. CBS anchor Dan Rather reported eagerly on George W. Bush’s allegedly falsified National Guard records just before November 2004 when Bush was running for re-election. Then when the story was discovered to be fabricated Rather lost his job along with his national reputation because it was such an egregious fraud that even CBS could not ignore it.

This type of falsification comes in many forms like the national media narrative before the 2014 US Senate elections that long-time incumbent Republicans in Kansas and Kentucky were in very close races and on the verge of losing, or that Wisconsin Republican governor Scott Walker was close to being defeated in his bid for re-election. Yet they all won handily. Because the stories were total media swindles. At the same time you never see these media hounds saying that Democrats are going to lose unless it is a clear-cut and undisputable case.

Consider the sham legal charges lodged against incumbent Republican US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska just before the 2008 election. Stevens lost his re-election bid by just a small margin because most Alaskans knew that the charges were politically motivated. Then shortly after the election the charges were thrown out for being patently scurrilous. But the charges were in force just long enough – through election day – for Stevens to lose, in classic Democrat style. Did the Leftist Media expose this fraud?

Of course not. Nor did they expose the Al Gore presidential campaign in 2000 for doing everything in its power to void overseas military ballots in Florida on the slightest technicalities since most would favor Bush.

How about the New Black Panthers intimidating white voters outside of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008?

Oh, heck, no problem, no prosecution, no media outrage. In short Democrat corruption goes from the streets right into the media suites and even into the presidential suite as the Mainstream Media have virtually ignored Obama’s use of the IRS to silence Tea Parties in the 2012 election.

The media have not lifted a finger to report how feminist Whoopi Goldberg said on national TV recently that “Hitler was a Christian”. This is outrageous, and triply hurtful since Hitler targeted millions of Christians for death and destruction. But Goldberg has not been called out except by conservatives since she is a black liberal who can say anything she wants. You know, kinda like Al Sharpton who rose to national prominence in 1986 falsely accusing a group of white men of raping a black teenage girl.

When Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla, Alaska was heavily damaged in an arson fire in December 2008 the Leftist Media made it a one-day news story. The perpetrator has never been caught, but that arson is considered to have been motivated by hatred of Palin ginned up by the same media during the 2008 presidential election.

Yet those same media had incited a year-long political firestorm by reporting in 1995 that black churches across the South were being burned in a white-supremacist arson campaign, which was eventually proven utterly false.

Meanwhile the Clintons have been corrupt from Day One, yet they have skated through for decades with full Kennedy-like media complicity. The blatant influence peddling of Bill Clinton through his global foundation over the last decade is obvious and appalling. His lifelong, serial abuse of women is unspeakable. And what about the close ties of the Clintons to the Texas mega-swindler R. Allen Stanford? Not a peep. And on and on.

Now Obama has made a sweetheart deal to insure that Iran gets nuclear weapons, and the media have treated it for months as if it is a significant advancement for world peace when it is simply the advancement of global terrorism on a grand scale. Yet when Ronald Reagan defeated the evil Soviet Union without firing a shot the same media leftists were furious that their communist heroes were being deposed.

How about former Republican congressional leader Tom DeLay of Texas who was driven from office on politically-motivated charges that eventually were overturned? Or Republican state senate leader Joe Bruno of New York who was exonerated of a bogus fraud conviction? Yet there was little beyond standard one-day news reporting on these two outcomes, but months of coverage of the original charges. How about the hoax charges currently pending against former Republican governor Rick Perry of Texas, which even liberals are calling politicized? Where is the media scrutiny?

There is none, just like there was virtually no coverage when union thugs and their allies did hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the Wisconsin state capitol building and grounds in 2011 protests against GOP governor Scott Walker. No, the media ignored the damage and focused for weeks only on the unions’ cause.

Meanwhile $1.2 billion went up in smoke in 2011 at the MF Global financial firm of former Democrat New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, without a whiff of legal or media inquiry. As expected. Here are just a few of the other Democrat frauds that the media have never bothered to investigate:

*The 2004 gubernatorial election in Washington state was won barely by the Democrat when hundreds of suspicious ballots suddenly turned up from ultra-liberal Seattle just when the vote count came up very close.
*The 2002 US Senate election in South Dakota was won by a hair by the Democrat after voter fraud was detected on heavily-Democrat Indian reservations.
*The 2008 US Senate election in Minnesota was won by just a few hundred votes by the Democrat after hundreds of largely Democrat ballots were magically “found” after the original vote count was almost tied.
*The 2010 gubernatorial election in Connecticut was won by the Democrat after voter fraud was reported in the most corrupt city in the state, heavily-Democrat Bridgeport. In fact Bridgeport just elected a previous Democrat mayor who spent 7 years in prison for corruption.
*The bogus 1992 indictment of Reagan defense secretary Caspar Weinberger just days before the presidential election was intended to harm incumbent Republican president George HW Bush, who was running for a second term. That sounds strangely like the National Guard story.
*The 1948 race for US Senate in Texas is believed to have been won by fraud by Democrat Lyndon Johnson by just a few hundred suspicious votes.

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