Good News – Argentina Elects Conservative President

In its November 22 elections Argentina (population of 43 million) voted out its left-wing government of 12 years and elected pro-growth capitalist president Mauricio Macri. Good for Argentina. It shows that citizens worldwide can dump these corrupt statist governments and regain control of their destiny to give opportunity to all of the people. Here are excerpts about the election from Associated Press (AP) with a comment after each:

AP reports: …when the business-friendly (Macri) takes office Dec. 10, he will inherit a country with around 30 percent inflation, near-zero economic growth and entrenched government social spending that private economists warn is not sustainable. comment: Look at the dreadful economy he is inheriting. This is what socialism always produces after always claiming that it is going to save the people. Then when tough reforms are needed to fix the situation the same leftists who caused the problem in the first place will complain loudest, just as they have in Greece, Spain, the US and many other nations.

AP reports: “Macri will begin his mandate in a difficult political position,” wrote Daniel Kerner from the Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy. “He will have to make difficult economic adjustments and face serious political constraints.” comment: Yes, because socialists do not want reform. They want continued stagnation and poverty. This is their agenda to control the weakened people and they will fight to continue it.

AP reports: “I feel so happy because today we put an end to the mafia” of ruling party rule, said Felisa Sanchez, a Macri supporter waving an Argentine flag. “They claimed to be Robin Hood helping the poor with social welfare plans when the poor are really helped with jobs and education.” comment: Amen. How true. ‘Mafia’ is an appropriate term. These leftists steal the taxpayers blind everywhere. A strong economy and its jobs are the only route to social stability, self-reliance and economic progress. Handouts cause people to stagnate and regress, but handouts are all that socialists know how to do. So that is all that they do.

AP reports: Macri has pledged to …jump-start the economy by …lowering taxes and attracting foreign investment. He promised to solve a long-standing New York court fight with creditors in the U.S. who Fernandez called “vultures” and has refused to negotiate with, which kept Argentina on the margins of international credit markets. comment: Lower taxes and foreign investment are always beneficial, yet socialism discourages both. And lenders are not “vultures” if you got yourself into debt in the first place. This is what socialists/communists call lenders after the socialists themselves indebt the people. It is a classic propaganda tactic.

AP reports: Many of these moves (for economic reform) could face resistance in a hostile congress and Macri’s own background will feed into Argentina’s political polarization … He hails from one of the country’s richest families… comment: Oh, so if you come from a rich family and you are conservative and honest and want economic reform like Macri in order to help all of the people, you are portrayed as the devil. But if you come from a rich family and you are corrupt and socialistic like the Kennedys or the marxists in Venezuela, and like many socialists around the world who impoverish their people and enrich only themselves and their cronies, then you are portrayed as a hero. Amazing.

AP reports: Later, as mayor of Buenos Aires, (Macri) was known for a technocratic manner that stressed efficiency over style. comment: Efficiency is the only path to economic stability and growth. On the other hand socialism is always about style – like New York glamor or Hollywood glitter – and massive government inefficiency. Conversely capitalism avoids style and focuses on efficiency, like un-glamorous Mitt Romney did. This is why capitalism always produces vastly higher standards of living. Style has never fed or housed anyone; it only deceives them, as intended.

AP reports: (Left-wing presidential candidate) Scioli, the former governor of Buenos Aires province, had been expected to win by 10 or more points in last month’s six-candidate, first round of presidential voting. His failure to do so set up Sunday’s runoff with Macri. comment: This just goes to show how the left-wing global media all do the same thing –predict victory for socialism just as the US media neglected to predict the huge Republican victory in November 2014.

AP reports: “This is a painful day for Argentines,” said Rocio Robador, a government supporter. Robador said she was able to get pregnant and have a child thanks to a government that helps poor women get fertility treatments. comment: So now socialism not only spends mountains of cash to subsidize poor people who cannot take care of themselves, but it even helps them to have children. This is pure leftist insanity. The world does not need more poor people – 80% of the world’s population is poor already and they are all desperately trying to become non-poor. And the first thing they should do is to not have children.

AP reports: Macri’s win signals a clear end to the era of (socialist president) Fernandez and her late husband. During their years in office, the power couple gained popularity by spending heavily on programs for the poor, raising tariffs to protect local economies and passing several progressive laws, including the legalization of gay marriage in 2010. comment: These programs “for the poor” actually create more poor and dependent people by subsidizing them, since we always get more of what the government subsidizes. That is why America now has more poor people than ever – since we have subsidized them for decades. Poor Americans today are not only surviving but are thriving on more and more free handouts like cell phones, cable TV, air conditioning, pets, cars, travel subsidies, etc. They often have middle class standards of living without even working, and so they badly want the status quo.

Meanwhile tariffs reduce international trade and cause economic stagnation. And gay marriage is a potemkin social crusade that is favoring a tiny 2% population of homosexuals and lesbians who have abnormally high rates of social problems to begin with (suicide, drug addiction, depression, sickness, early death, domestic violence, childlessness, etc.)

AP reports: (Marci) said he would push to expel (left-wing) Venezuela from the South American trade bloc known as Mercosur because of the jailing of opposition leaders under (Venezuelan president) Maduro. That would be a huge change for a continent where many countries, including neighbors Chile, Brazil and Bolivia, have left-leaning democratic governments that have maintained close ties with Venezuela. comment: Those nations all are suffering grievously under their left-wing governments, none more than Venezuela. The middle class is plummeting downward in Brazil and has been decimated in Venezuela. But boy, those poor women get to have expensive fertility treatments. And then there is gay marriage…

What a destructive reality socialism produces precisely as the honest, hard-working middle class is destroyed.

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