Obamacare is a Classic Socialist Failure

Obamacare is failing before our eyes. Here are some excerpts about Obamacare from Foxnews.com, with a Nikitas3.com comment after each:

Foxnews.com reports: The fate of a network of alternative “co-op” health plans started under ObamaCare remains uncertain going into 2016, after half of them collapsed amid deep financial problems. The co-ops are government-backed, nonprofit health insurers propped up with over $2 billion in taxpayer loans. Twelve of the 23 co-ops established under the Affordable Care Act, though, have gone or are expected to go under by the end of (2015), leaving customers who used them scrambling for coverage and taxpayer money at risk. Nikitas3.com comment: All this within just 2 years of the start of Obamacare. This is all pointing toward complete collapse. As expected.

Foxnews.com reports: Kevin Counihan, insurance marketplace CEO at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, described the co-op failures and other changes as simply “inevitable” in the health care industry. “Things change,” Counihan told Fox News. “There is a natural ebb and flow to this business. You see this in start-ups in all industries, and it’s also true in health care.” Nikitas3.com comment: No, this is not “business”. This is government-subsidized socialism, and even with the subsidies it is failing. As usual.

Foxnews.com reports: The most immediate question may be whether the (taxpayer) loan money – which was for start-up and reserve funds – will be repaid. Tarren Bragdon, CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability, said he doesn’t have high hopes for that. Nikitas3.com comment: Only a fool would have high hopes for repayment. Because every time that socialism fails – which is every time it is applied – the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill.

Foxnews.com reports: “As the dust settles, we see the people who are being hurt the most are those whose health care was being provided by these artificially affordable plans,” Bragdon told Fox News. “Now, they will have to face the nightmare of HealthCare.gov or one of the crumbling state exchanges for a new plan for which premiums are averaging double-digit increases.” Nikitas3.com comment: Those ‘people who are being hurt the most’ with ‘artificially affordable plans’ means “poor people”. This is classic socialism – destroy the people whom you claim to care about most. Remember Obama’s Big Lie, about how everyone was going to save $2,500 a year on their insurance? Instead it is going the exact other way.

Friends, this is just the latest manifestation of the failure of Obama and his agenda. And if you look at how socialism/communism works and always has worked you see the picture. First the leftist radicals decry the “inequities” in a particular nation, like over health care in the US. They then achieve political change through the ballot box, or impose it through violence or fraud (three of the Democrat US senators who made Obamacare possible were elected under very suspicious circumstances). Third, their “solutions” always make the problems much worse. Just look at how Obama and the Democrats whine every day about “income inequality” as they have for decades. Yet the problem has increased dramatically under Obama himself.

Here are more illustrations about the failure of socialism/communism:

*In America today the liberal states like Vermont, New York, California and Illinois are losing their younger, skilled and educated populations and their economies are withering as these young people flee to the conservative states like Texas, Georgia, Arizona and South Carolina.

*Economic depressions today in very left-wing nations like Greece and Spain show how socialism ruined the people with promises that it could never keep. We conservatives have warned about these policies for decades, but the majority never listened. Now the Greeks and Spanish are paying for it with permanent crises and crying endlessly about it. Yet they were supposed to be living in utopia.

*In Venezuela, once a relatively wealthy South American nation, 16 years of hard-left socialism have ruined the economy. The private-sector oil industry, which was enriching the nation over the last century, was ruined when the government took it over. It fell apart within just one year, according to news reports.

*South Korea is one of the freest, richest nations on earth making some of the best products available (cars, electronics, ships, etc.). It is a capitalist country that is allied with the US and with the West. Yet just across the border in communist North Korea, with the exact same people separated only by a border, millions are starving, and concentration camps hold hundreds of thousands of political prisoners in the most brutal conditions ever.

*In the early 20th century millions of people in Russia were suffering, particularly in the rural areas. So the communists took over with promises for a better life and, lo and behold, everything got vastly worse. Poverty increased. Political oppression multiplied. Russia had exported food before the communist takeover, but suddenly had to import food as malnutrition and starvation spread.

In the ensuing decades tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians, with Christians targeted specifically, were murdered by Lenin, Stalin and their marxist acolytes.

*In China the communists seized power in 1949 and over the next 30 years 60 million Chinese were murdered by the marxist regime.

*In India, after its 1947 independence from Britain, they followed a Soviet communist model whose static, bureaucratic economy caused nationwide poverty. Then in 1991 finance minister Manmohan Singh introduced a capitalist economy and over the next 15 years as many as 300 million Indians entered the middle class.

*After World War II East Germany became communist and West Germany remained free, increasingly wealthy and relatively capitalist. And over the next decades East Germany remained a grey, poor, oppressed and static nation that had to build the Berlin Wall in 1961 in order to keep the people inside, like a prison.

As East Germany gave its people the ratty Trabant, which was one of the worst automobiles in history, West Germany, just across the border, was producing world-class Mercedes-Benzes, Porsches and Audis and many of the finest manufactured products in the world.

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