SPECIAL: 2016 US Senate Outlook

While most of us are focused on the presidential race for 2016 there are congressional races too.

The US House of Representatives in Washington is expected to remain comfortably in Republican majority control – 246 Republicans to 188 Democrats today, a historically high 58-seat majority, with one seat currently vacant.

In the US Senate, however, some races could potentially alter the current balance of power with 54 Republicans in majority control.

Nikitas3.com warns: Don’t believe any media predictions or polls about who is going to win the Senate elections. These media skunks were totally wrong about the Senate elections of 2014. They just said over and over, “Republicans are going to lose, Republicans are going to lose…” Yet Republicans and conservatives won much more than expected.

At the same time Senate races will be strongly influenced by the presidential election. And while the media already are crowning Hillary as the winner Nikitas3.com has picked Donald Trump (or even Ted Cruz). Trump can bring many other races along with him, like US Senate races.

Now here are some of the US Senate races that are worth watching. Nikitas3.com predicts Republican victory in every election discussed here:

*In Illinois Republican US senator Mark Kirk was first elected in 2010 to take Obama’s own Senate seat given up almost two years earlier as Obama went to the White House. Kirk’s election was yet another blow to Obama’s sense of invincibility especially since Illinois is pretty strongly Democrat, with its political heart in ultra-corrupt Chicago. But even Illinois elected a conservative, reform-minded Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, in 2014.

Hillary Clinton is expected to win the electoral votes of Illinois handily since she is from Chicago. And this could bring along an Illinois Democrat US senator, like congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, although Duckworth is not sure to win the primary. But then again, don’t believe the media narrative that Hillary is even going to win the White House. Nikitas3.com picks Kirk for re-election.

*In Wisconsin Republican US senator Ron Johnson is facing the same politician whom he defeated in 2010, long-serving and very liberal US Senate Democrat Russ Feingold. This just goes to show how Democrats are obsessed with political power and always want it back, even after they lose. But Wisconsin has changed in the last 5 years. In a pretty liberal state conservative reformer Republican governor Scott Walker, also first elected in 2010, is very popular. He was re-elected easily in 2014 and he will support Johnson. Nikitas3.com predicts that Johnson will defeat Feingold.

*The sitting Ohio US senator is Republican Rob Portman. His opponent in 2016 will almost certainly be former Democrat Ohio governor Ted Strickland, who was voted out of office in 2010 after leaving the state with an $8 billion budget deficit and a lousy economy. So again we see a case where Democrats never want to give up political power even when they have been repudiated, as Strickland was.

The current and popular Ohio Republican governor and 2016 presidential candidate John Kasich will give Portman important support. The fact that Kasich was re-elected with a whopping 68% of the vote in 2014 after doing a great job fixing the economy shows that Portman can win. Chalk up another one for the GOP. Portman also is considered to possibly be a vice-presidential candidate in 2016. This would help the Republican presidential candidate to win the crucial electoral state of Ohio.

*The story in North Carolina again exposes a Democrat pattern. Democrats were trying desperately to get Kay Hagan to run against incumbent Republican US senator Richard Burr in 2016. Yet Hagan was just voted out of the Senate in 2014 after one term. See how these Democrats obsess about political power? Hagan has declined. Other Democrats under consideration include transportation secretary Anthony Foxx, state treasurer Janet Cowell, longtime University of North Carolina president Tom Ross, and state senate minority whip Josh Stein. Cowell is considered to be the favorite. Nikitas3.com picks Burr.

*In New Hampshire sitting Democrat governor Margaret Hassan is going to run against incumbent Republican US senator Kelly Ayotte, who was elected in the GOP tidal wave of 2010. Ayotte is an optimistic Republican with a good image and the right positions on important issues like the economy, illegal immigration and terrorism. Go Kelly! Nikitas3.com picks Ayotte, particularly when Trump or Cruz wins. Ayotte is being suggested as a potential vice presidential candidate in 2016.

*In Nevada former Democrat US Senate majority leader Harry Reid is retiring. Republican US congressman Joe Heck will run for the seat, and is considered to be a good candidate. Heck will be up against the corrupt Las Vegan labor unions, which have kept Reid in power with lots of money and political muscle, and which will support the Democrat. However Nevada’s popular Republican hispanic governor Brian Sandoval will give Heck good political support. Dean Heller, a Republican, is Nevada’s other US senator and so he also will help Heck to win.

*In Florida presidential candidate Marco Rubio is not – as of now – running for re-election to the Senate in 2016, although he still could change his mind. Today Florida has a Republican governor (Rick Scott) and lopsided Republican control of both the state House (81-39) and state Senate (26-14). The lunatic Democrat Alan Grayson may challenge US congressman Patrick Murphy in the Senate primaries, which worries Democrats. If Rubio finally elects not to run the Republican primary looks like it will come down to conservative US congressman Ron DeSantis, a strong military guy; and GOP Establishment choice Carlos Lopez-Cantera who is Scott’s lieutenant governor. Can you say “Senator DeSantis”?

*In Pennsylvania Democrats may get former congressman Joe Sestak as their nominee. Again. Sestak lost the US Senate race in 2010 to conservative Republican Pat Toomey, the incumbent in 2016. This again shows how Democrats keep coming back. Another possible Democrat is Katie McGinty, the chief of staff for Democrat governor Tom Wolf. Toomey kept his pledge not to run for more than three terms as a US congressman. This is typical of how conservatives keep their promises and don’t fixate on having power.

In 2010 Sestak won only 7 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, and they were all urban counties. Prediction: No matter who runs against him Toomey will win again, even in politically divided Pennsylvania. (The old joke is that Pennsylvania is made up of Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and Alabama in between. Central Pennsylvania is also known as Pennsyltucky.)

*In Colorado one-term Democrat US senator Michael Bennet was appointed in 2009, and elected to a full term in 2010 with a small 48-46 win. Republican candidates for 2016 include El Paso county commissioner Darryl Glenn and businessman Robert Blaha. Colorado has a liberal Democrat governor but almost elected a solid Republican governor in 2014. Colorado’s other US senator is Republican Cory Gardner, elected in the GOP tsunami of 2014. Nikitas3.com picks Bennet to lose.

*In Louisiana two-term Republican US senator David Vitter is retiring. This increasingly Republican state will surely elect a Republican to fill Vitter’s seat. Potential Republican candidates include state treasurer John Neely Kennedy, retired Air Force colonel Rob Maness, and US congressmen Charles Boustany and John Fleming. And don’t count out Bobby Jindal, the conservative superstar and departing governor of Louisiana after one term. Potential Democratic candidates include state legislator Karen Carter Peterson and Mitch Landrieu, mayor of New Orleans, the most corrupt city in America. Landrieu’s sister Mary was voted out of the US Senate from Louisiana in 2014. Nikitas3.com predicts that Mary Landrieu might run in 2016. Nikitas3.com picks Maness.

*In Washington state four-term incumbent Democrat US senator Patty Murray was re-elected with 52% of the vote in 2010, much less than expected. This liberal state has almost elected Republicans in two major cases including the 2004 gubernatorial election when the Republican Dino Rossi only lost after suspicious Democrat ballots showed up from Seattle. The only declared 2016 Republican candidate is Chris Vance, former state representative and former chairman of the Washington state Republican party. Nikitas3.com predicts that Vance will win. Murray is a leftist, like most Democrats today. She is out of step with the American trend towards Republicans.

*In Arizona Nikitas3.com predicts that Republican US senator John McCain will win re-election again. This is a pretty conservative state, although liberals are flocking there from all over America… you know, to get away from liberalism and to be in a conservative state that they say they hate but choose to live in like the hypocrites that they are. This is happening all over conservative America like Texas, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

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