$1 a Gallon Gasoline, Easily

Have you ever heard conservatives going hysterical over the fake charges of “climate change”?

No, we conservatives respond rationally because we don’t need hysteria. We know that the dire environmentalist version of “climate change” can be explained and debunked easily, that the earth has warmed and cooled naturally and repeatedly for thousands of years.

Yet imagine that you are a conservative and you are in an audience that is listening to an environmentalist speech, and you say during the question-and-answer period that “I believe that ‘climate change’ is a fraud”.

You can just imagine the frenzied cries from the crowd. You know exactly what they would sound like. Gasps! Shrieks! Murmuring! How could this be?! Who is this “climate change denier”?!

This happens since environmentalists are emotional people, and they always act on a superficial and extreme basis. ‘Green’ radicals like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. even have accused the oil companies of treason.

At the same time the “greenies” offer us windmills and solar panels, which are destroying our economy with inefficiency and high prices precisely as “fracking” and other traditional carbon energy technologies bring us low prices and abundance.

Do you hear gasps and hysterical cries from conservatives over the economic destruction of “clean” energy?

No, we conservatives can only explain what is happening. Because we have the facts on our side, and can only present them over and over and hope and pray that people understand the truth.

So how can we quickly and effectively address the energy and environmental challenges that we face?

Answer: End liberal behavior.


Yes, end liberal behavior. We can have $1 a gallon and dramatic reductions in air pollution easily overnight without one single law being passed and one single oil well being drilled. We simply should demand that anyone who votes the Democrat and environmentalist line should change their habits. In short, environmentalists and Democrats should show us by example with their own behavior how to save the planet according to their own recommendations.

How? Let’s say that 50% of Americans vote Democrat. And since Democrats support the enviro agenda wholeheartedly then 50% of Americans should reduce their energy use immediately and significantly in order to conserve fuel (which environmentalists demand of all of us); to reduce air pollution; and to cut “greenhouse gases” and “global warming” (the two fake theories that Democrats and environmentalists are warning us about).

But alas, friends, don’t ever expect that to happen. Ever. Because environmentalists and their political supporters are hypocrites who have one set of rules for everyone else and one set for themselves.

Just think – if half of Americans reduced their energy consumption significantly gasoline prices would fall to $1 a gallon because of the huge drop in demand, i.e., reduced demand equals lower prices under the natural economic Law of Supply and Demand. Here are some examples of how this should work:

*All liberals and Democrats should stop driving and traveling so much, like they want the rest of us to do. Unfortunately environmentalists are the biggest energy guzzlers of all. Just think about all of the rich people in our cities, and all of the environmentalists who support the most extremist “green” agenda, who travel constantly to go hiking and camping, to visit their vacation homes, to go to Europe, to go skiing in Colorado, to go hiking in Nepal, backpacking Alaska, etc. They never stop. They drive all over the place, covering more discretionary miles than anyone else. How about the 300,000 tons of air pollution produced by the people attending the recent “climate” conference in Paris?

*Liberals should lower their thermostats in Winter and live in smaller houses or apartments to save fuel.

*Democrats and environmentalists should stop using air conditioning in the Summer, which consumes large amounts of electricity. Man has survived for thousands of years without air conditioning.

*The offices of environmental groups should forego air conditioning in the Summer. It would be a great example for the rest of us on how to save the planet.

*All wilderness areas should be closed to hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, etc. so as to deter tree huggers and nature lovers from expending large amounts of fuel to get out to the wilderness and back.

Here are other ways to stop environmentalists from destroying the environment and keeping energy prices artificially high:

*Shut down all coal-fired power plants and replace them with nuclear power plants. Environmentalists have been preventing this with their 40-year war on nuclear power. Nuclear plants will save us burning more than 1 BILLION tons of coal annually from US mines in US power plants. Obviously this would be a huge plus for the environment in stopping the air pollution caused by mining, transporting and burning all of that coal.

*Convert that 1 billion tons in saved domestic US coal into gasoline, heating oil and other products. This would totally eliminate the need for US imports of oil and would even lead to extra fuel to export. This would cause the price of gasoline and heating oil to crash since it would drastically undercut world oil demand. It would cut global crude oil prices to $10 a barrel (in July 2008 it hit $128 a barrel).

These two steps alone would sink gasoline prices to $1 a gallon or lower.

*End wasteful and inefficient recycling programs favored by environmentalists, and burn ALL garbage (except things that won’t burn like cans and bottles) in efficient incinerators to generate electricity. This is done widely in Europe, and is very effective. Nikitas3.com estimates that burning all US garbage as fuel, including all paper, cardboard and plastic, would supplant the burning of 125 million tons of coal annually in power plants and would eliminate the need to establish 99% of all future landfills in America. Landfills established over the last 100 years even could be “mined” for fuel, returning the land to nature.

Here are other ways that environmentalists ruin the environment and keep energy prices artificially high:

*They support inefficient windmills and solar panels. Yet inefficiency is the greatest threat of all to the environment and to the economy.

*They support ‘organic’ farming which consumes vastly more fuel, labor, money and land than traditional farming methods. They oppose efficient crop technologies like GMOs and bio-engineering for food production. They oppose efficient, large-scale corporate farms and talk nostalgically about inefficient family farms.

*They support inefficient transportation systems like the cross-country trains run by Amtrak that burn millions of gallons of fuel every year but carry few passengers. These passengers easily could find alternatives.

*They support the production of ethanol alcohol fuel, distilled from Midwestern corn, that not only is extremely inefficient to produce but which causes just as much or more pollution and carbon dioxide emissions as fuel made from crude oil.

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